Gather Website Leads Directly Into Your LMS

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How do you get information about prospects, which have filled out forms at your website?

Do you receive their contacts via email and then have to copy information into your database and LMS manually?

Save your time and get all lead data (contacts, email, phone etc) uploaded directly to the lead management system, ready to work with.

Concentrate on sales, not on routine tasks!

Get no limits in lead generation by sticking to the Voiptime Cloud system! We are glad to provide you with an online lead management system, where you can set lead groups and sources in accordance to your needs and desires. Do not waste a minute while copying, structuring, grouping, or adding new leads from the website to your system. Connect your website to Voiptime Cloud with an API key and just observe your leads successfully uploading right into your account. Call you leads within an hour and multiply the chance to close a deal by 60!

Sounds amazing, but is it for me?

Voiptime Web-to-lead feature is useful for sales representatives, who don’t want to lose any prospect, understand the importance of sales automation and have a lead capture form on the website.

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Things you can do with your web to lead:

  • Upload leads from the website directly into the system and enhance conversion rates.
  • Easily define web leads in the Voiptime LMS by setting a Group they will be saved to.
  • Give leads captured from different forms Source indicator to navigate through contacts faster.
  • Upload leads with the same Source into different Groups (e.g. if you want to obtain leads from different web sites) and store them in one Group of contacts.
  • Filter your leads in accordance with their Group, Source, or other markers.
  • Edit or delete your leads or move them from one Group to another.
  • Call your leads directly from the client card, which is created automatically after the lead is uploaded into the system.
  • Add notes about interaction result to contact.
  • Set callbacks for your leads in Voiptime Cloud calendar and get callback notifications when calls have to be made.


Let’s look how you business can benefit of API web to lead functionality:

  • The milestone of lead generating system is web to lead. What does the word system means? This is the combination of elements that work altogether to achieve business goals – to provide a better customer service and to close more deals. Your web to lead tool will help you not to miss a single lead. No more copying prospect data from email into the LMS. No more situations in which you can’t find a website lead in the system. No more missed opportunities when you forgot to contact a lead because of no callback feature in your lead management system.
  • Website leads are of a highest quality, as these are prospects, which are already interested in your product and have left their data in order to continue interaction with your business. Thus it is very important to contact each of such leads as soon as possible and to nurture them persistently. Voiptime Cloud Lead Management System helps you to identify new website leads as soon as they appear in the system and to identify them easily.
  • Gain maximum quantity of leads by applying as many forms at your website as you need. Do not limit yourself to the only one on the landing page. You can offer customers a discount or free relevant content in exchange for contact information.

To discover different forms that can help you generate leads from your website please read 6 Lead Gathering Forms For Your Website article.


Other benefits of our web to lead system

  • Unlimited quantity of requests. Some companies give you limited web to lead requests. After you exceed the limit you may get the notification and so on. We won’t bother you with such letters or else. We give you freedom to capture as many leads as you need!
  • Urgent notifications. We will notify you in case of any problems occurrence. If your settings are invalid, we will write you about it. So, you always will know the way the leads are gathered correctly or not.
  • Get leads from any types of forms you can integrate with your site. We support both long lead capture forms and short lead capture forms.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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