Sales Dialer

Perfect dialing software
for sales teams.
Boost your sales team productivity and increase sales conversion dramatically with our inside sales dialer.

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All you need for sales

Our online phone dialer has all necessary features needed for organizing an effective sales process in your company:

Lead management

Manage your potential leads more effectively:

  • capture leads through website forms or by database import
  • track lead statuses and change them whenever needed
  • create filters for daily usage
  • schedule callbacks or meetings right from the telephone dialer and receive reminders both in the system interface and in your email

Don't lose any sales opportunity.


All captured leads can be added into outbound call campaign automatically and will be dialed ASAP. Make more calls and reach more prospects without any efforts.

Inbound calls

Receive inbound calls in our system (no additional setup needed). See all client information in their cards or create new ones during or after the call. Automatically route leads' calls to the lead owners or, if they are busy, to any other agent who is assigned to this project.

Tools for your effectiveness

Customize client card fields, lead statuses according to your process. Distribute different leads between projects and assign the most skillful sales reps to them.

Reach more leads by automatically displaying the same local code as the number you call to. You can buy SIP number of any country and area via our service and, thus, increase your connect rate. Try our cloud based dialer and make outbound calls according to the following call rates:

USA - $0.012 per min.
UK - $0.032 per min.

Reach your client just in one click, automatically log call directly to the CRM, enter notes and change data in a client's card during or after the call. You don't need any external softphone or even telephony provider – we already have all you need in our call dialler.

Visualize your data in our real-time monitoring dashboard. Control the number of new leads and planned events according to the preset period. View the movement of your clients through the pipeline and activity of your sales reps.

Monitor your sales team activity and track performance indicators. Manage your pipeline and see on what stage the prospects are freezing.

How to make calls

What is Sales Dialer?

Sales Dialer is a highly effective web based system that optimizes your team performance. It streamlines the entire sales process starting from qualifying leads to following them up. By using telephone dialer system, you get the access to highly beneficial features like web-to-lead, inbound calls, autodialer, call recording and detailed sales reporting. Therefore you receive the opportunity to organize client information in one place, call clients in seconds and improve the overall sales operation.

Discover the full potential of your sales department by providing your team with such a powerful but yet simple call dialer. Choose the package with the sales dialers features needed for your business and let your lead generation and sales conversion experience a boost like never before.

no credit card required

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