Lead management system

Manage your leads with ease. Boost the productivity of your phone sales.

6 Reasons to Choose Voiptime Cloud

Organize your contacts and sales
with our software:

Make Phone Sales More Effective
Organize your contacts and sales with our online lead management system.
Manage Callbacks
Set up callbacks in Voiptime sales lead management system calendars (personal, group and individual user calendars).
Track Lead Status
Change the status and source of the lead anytime. Lead source and status information are accessible and available to be edited any time.
Design Client Cards
Customize card fields for different projects in cloud based lead management according to needed features. Import and export client data easily.
Integrate LMS with Email
Track and read your emails from the LMS. Store communication history in one place for better sales and communication.
Keep Documents Organized
Attach relevant files (contracts, commercial offers, bills etc.) to your LMS. We keep your files safe and secure.

Meet the new LMS

Easy to work with, accessible from any computer with internet access, the Voiptime Cloud Lead Management System project will help you to store all of your contacts in one place and manage them properly. Improve your customer experience and increase retention and sales conversion rates.

Designate access to the client information and telephone numbers as an administrator. Control campaigns as a manager of sales lead management software. Add comments, contacts, and initiate callbacks as an agent.


What is a Lead Management Software?

Lead Management Software helps to acquire and manage potential customers till the moment they become customers.

Voiptime Cloud online LMS enables

  • capturing leads through website forms or by database import
  • tracking potential customers’ activities and behavior in the feed
  • calling prospects with online dialer
  • qualifying leads with statuses
  • nurturing leads by setting callbacks and meetings
  • converting prospects to customers

Lead Management Software helps to automate sales processes and convert a lead into customer easier.

How do you generate new business?

In order to have customers you need to generate a stable flow of leads – prospective customers. Leads can be gained through the advertising, marketing, website (forms), and referrals. All leads need to be qualified and led through the sales pipeline by relevant sales agent.

Voiptime Cloud helps to generate new business by enabling making online calls, helping to qualify and distribute leads, scheduling callbacks.

What is a lead in a LMS or CRM?

Lead is a prospective customer who showed interest in the product and provided contact information. Leads are not prospects yet – they need to be qualified and nurtured. Sales agents gain leads through website forms, marketing efforts, advertising, tradeshows etc.

Voiptime Cloud helps to do that through online calls, call recording, follow-up and call-back scheduling as well as through lead status changing as the prospect moves through the sales pipeline.

What is a lead distribution?

After capturing and qualifying leads it is important to pass them to relevant sales agents who will initiate a contact as soon as possible and turn them into customers.

With Voiptime Cloud you can assign

  • a list of contacts while importing it,
  • leads one by one manually,
  • contacts captured from the website through API settings

Usually the client that filled in your inquiry form also contacted 3-4 similar product providers; the company that contacts him first gets a sales advantage. Lead distribution helps to reduce the response time and to call prospects faster.

Task reminders

You’ll never worry about forgetting your to-do’s again with our business lead management system. Get notifications, call on schedule, and manage your leads. Nurture your clients more effectively with our best lead management system.

Boost revenue and enhance the customer experience. Notifications will not only be displayed in our sales leads software but also will be sent to your email address. With internet lead management system staying organized is easy.

Business Lead Management System

Register your number

Register your SIP-number and make cheap calls with Voiptime Cloud lead management systems. After you activate it, click on the client's card to initiate the call automatically. Save on long and short distance calls by using lead management in CRM. Achieve a high ROI with a relatively small investment.

The quality of calls from Voiptime lead management solution dialer is excellent. You can record your phone conversation and listen to it later or download recordings and send it to your clients. Head of sales could easily supervise his subordinates and listen to their calls in our lead management phone system.

Know everything about your lead

Lead tracking for sales agents is very important. When making a call, your agents may view all communication history with the client and, by knowing lead’s preferences and needs, can offer better service.

Voiptime Cloud lead generation management system enables email integration, call recordings, and notes. You can also store all related offers and agreements in the client card.

lead management crm

Capture leads from your website

Voiptime Cloud's web to lead feature collects data, submitted by your website visitors such as email, phone or product of interest and loads it directly into the system. You can start working with new contacts right away through a web-based lead management system. To use the web to lead dynamics CRM, use Voiptime Cloud API.

Mark a website as a source for potential contacts, generated from your webpage and set a special status to navigate through prospects easily. Automate your sales with an easy lead tracking system. Let your agents work on negotiations, not routine tasks.

Why LMS helps businesses?

Campaigns for Business & Professional Services

Online lead management system with a dialer

25% new leads
are ready to buy!
Capture prospects when they are searching for your service.
Suit both for front end and back end sales
Convert traffic of website
Prospecting for Education

Miss no prospect because of Statuses and Users’ comments about the lead

Apply cold calling effectively with the help of Predictive Dialer

Track activity in dashboard

Increase sales motivation of the reps up to


Due to ability to set correct goals via LMS


Lead Management for Home Improvement


Your company is not engaged with office

Contact the lead within 1 hour — it will raise the probability of your success

Organize new contacts automatically

Sales for Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

24/7 ability to enter the system and use the data for the updated data in real time

Every action is recorded on the ticket with the author

Increase your
FCR up to

Let LeadManagement Cloud help your business right now (for free)
Voiptime Cloud Small Business Big Business
Easy SIP manager for Outbound calls + +
Convert Internet users who filled your web forms into qualified leads + +
Recognize the leads ready for purchases on your sites + +
Call your leads within 10 minutes or less after they generated by obtaining the immediate notifications + +
Call the leads when they want and increase the client’s loyalty + +
Get notifications about upcoming meeting and never miss opportunity to see + +
Pass the actual base of the leads into the system with all needed parameters + +
Get the full picture of the lead nurturing process in dashboard + +
Use flexible calendar and set up the working hours for maximum outcome and clever planning + +
Leave comments about lead’s actions in client card and set up the visibility of these data for every user + +
Add all your coworkers to the system and share the advantages of the LMS with them + +

Make customers happier

Check interaction history details (email, phone, notes, and documents) in the client card before talking to customer and provide a better service. Understand client needs and offer only relevant services with our sales lead tracking software.

Improve sales productivity

Assign leads and move clients from one sales agent to another with a few clicks in lead management platform. Check client card notes and easily catch up on communication. Access the best lead tracking software from any computer connected to the web while on business trips or in meetings.

Boost revenue

With leads organized and managed persistently in lead management crm you will catch all sales opportunities available and will reach revenue targets easier. Automate routine communication and save time on closing sales deals with lead selling software.

With our web based business lead software solution you will have a possibility to estimate the correct call routing and to embrace the basic channel for contact establishment - calling. Communication functions are dedicated to written or oral methods (techniques) that enable generating, qualifying, distributing, assessing, and converting leads.