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Lead management system for SMB and startups

Easy-to-use solution for lead tracking, nurturing and converting leads into customers
lead management system

Take your business to the next level

lead management system

Quick start

Forget about complicated and time-consuming installation of CRM software. This solution is fully cloud-based, and you don’t need IT staff to maintain it. Even first-time users can start working with our cloud lead management software in minutes. We also provide you with great customer support.

lead management system


It is easy to manage access to information. Functions differ between user and owner, making this possible. Any user that is not assigned to a project will not be able to see leads from it.

lead management system

Designed especially for b2b sales calling

Our lead management system is able to automate the calling process so sales representatives can focus more on following up with potential customers and closing deals. Provide your team with helpful tools they will use on a daily basis.

lead management system

SIP provider

Start calling today with our SIP lines. Outbound calls are charged according to such call rates.

Stay focused on what really matters –
sales communication

lead management system
Easily distribute leads to your team
With our lead management system, you can distribute leads between different projects. All you need is to set up access to the project and leads for sales representatives. Thus, when a new lead appears, everyone who is assigned to the project will receive a notification in their mail. Therefore, one of them can contact and engage a lead right away.
lead management system
Increase lead conversion with 360 customer info
Our free online lead management tool allows your agents to view all information and previous communication in the client’s card and also store all related offers and agreements there. Therefore, by knowing the lead’s preferences and needs, and being able to refer to prior communication regarding any deals, the agents make more productive follow-up calls and convert opportunities into customers.
lead management system
Call inside LMS
With the Click-to-call feature, sales representatives can make outbound calls directly from our CRM system, while seeing all of the information about a qualified lead. They also possess the ability to change data and enter notes in the client’s card during or after the call.
lead management system
Don't lose any prospect
You don’t have to worry about forgetting your to-dos again with our lead management system. Schedule callbacks and meetings with potential customers in our sales leads software. All notifications will not only be displayed in the interface but also will be sent to your email address.
lead management system
Monitor your team activity
For effective lead management, you can compare your sales representatives’ call performance and make more educated decisions based on up-to-date information from detailed reporting. With the help of the real-time dashboard, a sales representative can see the status of every lead, the movement of contacts through the pipeline, and any scheduled events. Moreover, in our lead management software, each call is shown in a detailed CDR report, which helps you to understand the reason for every failed call attempt.

Other features
to optimize your sales process:

lead management system

Local Caller ID

Increase contact rate by automatically displaying the same local area or country code as the number you dial and get more connections. You can buy the DID number of any country and area via our service and, thus, reach more leads.

lead management system

client card

Customize card fields for different projects in cloud-based management software according to the data requirements of your business. Easily import client data from a CSV file.

lead management system

call logging

All call records are attached to the client’s card in the CRM system for later review. It is not only helpful for sales representatives to be able to refer to previous records before calling the client, but also for managers when performing further training and quality assurance.

lead management system

Flexible filters

Manage your filter views right on the Contacts tab. You can easily create filter views for daily usage, edit filtration criteria and delete unused presets.

Empowering growth with sales automation software

We don't overcomplete our software.
Use what you really need for lead management at this stage
for free, and scale easily.

Why do you really need
a lead management system
to boost your growth

It is well known that most of B2B sales are made over the phone and, the more calls you make, the better the chances of increasing revenue. Therefore, sales representatives’ time must be used wisely and effectively.

Regardless the stage your business is in, lead management software is absolutely must-have if:

  • you have more than 1 sales representative and more than 10 leads per month, with sales representatives contacting a lead more than once;
  • sales representatives have to create leads individually, copying data from email and then dialing manually;
  • you want to make the sales process more transparent and organize lead tracking and nurturing;
  • you need to share the best sales techniques with your team;
  • you don’t have any objective / unbiased analytics to understand real lead conversion.
Free online lead management system from Voiptime Cloud helps to streamline sales processes and lead generation as well as manage leads and convert opportunities into customers.

Our software allows you to:

  • organize an effective lead tracking process
  • capture leads through website forms and dial them as soon as possible
  • distribute leads and opportunities to your team
  • call prospects from an online dialer
  • qualify, engage and manage leads
  • nurture leads by setting callbacks and meetings
  • receive unbiased data on lead conversion and compare personal results
  • share effective lead management practices
  • control usage of sales scripts
  • analyze sales representatives’ productivity
  • monitor work of home-based agents


Online lead management system for small and medium business - Voiptime Cloud Dmitry Ahapov
User Acquisition Manager,

The best solution for SMBs

Pros: VoiptimeCloud has helped us to become better organized and procedural about our business development, lead management and sales. It automates the work of our sales reps and they now can focus on working with leads and developing opportunities, not on data entry.
The speed and flexibility of the tool are impressive - managing leads, creating views, calling directly from the client's card, and updating information have become much faster and more effective.
The user interface is well designed and friendly.

Cons: I dislike nothing. However, it would be good to be able to make internal calls between managers for solving some urgent issues.

Online lead management system for small and medium business - Voiptime Cloud Nazar Balych
Project manager,
Technic for Business (TDB)

Makes sales more effective

Pros: This lead management software is a lifesaver to my day-to-day sales functions. It helps me to organize my performance and to be super productive. Now I can easily track a lead's status, see all client's communication and listen to my previous calls. With the help of click-to-call functionality, I can reach my clients just with one click.

Cons: I don't have any urgent minuses. Completely satisfied with it. In the future, it will be great to be able to create email templates.

Online lead management system for small and medium business - Voiptime Cloud Oleksandr

Most useful lead tracking software for my business

I compared multiple lead management software solutions, but Voiptime Cloud meets my requirements in the best way. I’ve been using this product for almost a year. All processes of sales lead tracking, following-up and closing deals has become more transparent. I deployed the all-in-one solution for my sales team and can monitor their productivity. Now I understand conversion better so can formulate the requirements for my marketing team to constantly improve lead generation.

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