Sales reporting software

Sales analytics just click away at any time
Empower your managers with
Detailed sales call report
Dig into call metrics of your team. Track all calls history and see every call attempt in one report:

inbound and outbound calls

dialed numbers

call duration

every call attempt status

used phone line
Export required reports in PDF or CSV files for further analytics.
Control and forecast your sales with
Real-time dashboard
Forget about the fragmental and incomplete reports from your team. Get the necessary data on the number of new leads, successful calls and statuses of processed leads on a convenient dashboard in real-time mode.
sales reporting software
Monitor compliance and the work of sales reps with
Call records
Control accessibility to company call records. Provide head of sales with access to all records, sales manager – to records of everyone in assigned project and sales representatives – only to their own records.

Easily find any needed records at any time for managing troublesome cases.

Just check the example of
Call reportsales call report sotware
By using Call reporting tab, you can:
  • view all call data made by the sales representatives;
  • filter necessary information according to the required parameters;
  • track call duration and talking time;
  • see how quickly your sales reps respond to the calls;
  • understand why conversation with a client doesn’t take place
What do you need from sales reporting software?
Sales reporting software is an essential part of any sales process management. It gives comprehensive view of sales pipeline, financial data, etc. It helps to make better decisions in future and maximize long-term sales. Even thought there are different sales call reporting software on nowadays market, not all will help you to reach your sales goals and understand what’s happening from the sales representative level and across the entire team. Therefore, it is vitally important to go through research and set specific requirements that most fits your business. The main features, every sales report software should have, are:

User Friendly

A great sales call report software allows your company start using it ASAP. In addition, it should be easy to navigate and not require additional long-term training.

Real-time data

As sales move fast, your software should be able to keep up with everyday changes and offer real-time data reports.

Automatic reminders

It is very crucial that your software notifies you of uncoming events. By utilizing automatic reminders, you will be able to track your leads more effectively through each step of sales pipeline.
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Sales reporting software