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If you are looking for the versatile sales call reporting software that would provide you with contact management capabilities as well as enable the sales tracking at the same time, our solution is your go-to. Get valuable insights and sales intelligence from various sales reports, ensure the effectiveness of your sales process, and follow your leads through each stage of your sales pipelines.
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Benefits of Sales Reporting Software

Control all your sales operations easily, oversee what's happening in your sales funnel, and more!

Sales Reporting Software. Sales Reports | Voiptime

Control the lead conversion on each stage of the sales funnel

It’s important to follow the movement of leads through the pipeline stages. In our sales pipeline reports, you can oversee the performance of your managers. Find out whether someone is stuck in the early stages and whether they meet your sales goals.

Sales Reporting Software. Sales Reports | Voiptime

View the performance of your sales team in the real-time

Voiptime Cloud sales team reporting software allows you to monitor your sales department at all times, which is especially useful while working with the remote teammates. Observe the current statuses and tasks of your agents on the real-time sales dashboards to maximize your sales.

Sales Reporting Software. Sales Reports | Voiptime

Control KPIs and make data-driven decisions

Check how many leads are being processed by each member of your sales team, how many calls are made, and how many scheduled tasks are completed. Understand who performs better and why. Track the important call center KPIs in sales reports (Logged in time, Talking time, Not Ready time, Average talking time, Average working time, User occupancy, etc.).

Sales Reporting Software. Sales Reports | Voiptime

Track all call metrics and make communication transparent

With our sales call reporting software, you’ll have all the necessary business intelligence. Review the detailed information about all inbound, outbound, and transferred calls for any period, from the ultimate reporting to audio records of any call made by your sales representatives.

Sales Reporting Software. Sales Reports | Voiptime

Analyze the effectiveness of the call campaigns

Check if there are any issues with the call metrics of active campaigns on the real-time dashboard and sales reports (such as the abandon rate, average talking time, calls in the queue, maximum waiting time). React immediately if you notice any problem with the dialing progress or each of the aforementioned parameters.

Sales Reporting Software. Sales Reports | Voiptime

Share the custom reporting with your team *

Create custom reports and slice your data to receive the maximum insights from their comparison. Export the required report to share it with your teammates.

Sales Reporting Software. Sales Reports | Voiptime

Predict the best dialing time *

Based on the previous dialing experience, the system will make suggestions as to the most appropriate time for dialing the lead. Such sales forecasting insights can help you reach potential customers at the right moment and increase the conversion rate.

* The sales reporting software features are being developed at the moment.

Improve Your Sales Performance with

Voiptime Cloud Sales Pipeline Reporting Software

Use Voiptime Cloud sales reporting software to fill up your sales pipeline and make your entire sales department more productive. Our cloud-based solution is accessible from anywhere, which is more than useful if you have a remote team. Streamline your sales process, find the bottlenecks, and manage troublesome cases easily.

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