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Drive your outbound sales and reach the highest targets with Voiptime Cloud-based automated calling software.

Select the auto dialing mode that will match your business needs: Preview dialer, Power dialer, Predictive dialer systems.

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Automated Phone Call System

Everything in one bundle

Voiptime automated phone dialer software will help you grow and sustain your business.

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
Three auto dialers

(Predictive, Power, Preview)
with a unique dialing logic

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
Webhooks and API

for seamless two-way integration

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
Local DID phone numbers

for the United States
and 100 other countries

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
Real-time dashboard

showing current agent activity
and call campaign progress

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
Built-in CRM

with complete client cards
that requires no CRM integrations

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
All-encompassing reporting

and analytics: sales pipeline, agents’ KPI,
campaign report, etc

The Best Automated Cold Calling Software

Feel the difference!

Voiptime Cloud call center is a versatile automated calling software for sales & marketing departments and call centers. Our software is designed to keep your agents fully engaged and help your sales managers facilitate better results.

Trusted by 1000+ users

We help your business succeed:

Help your agents work smarter, not harder

  • Concentrate on sales, not on struggling with your phone system.
  • Reach more potential clients in less time (effortless cold calling, make 5 times more effective phone calls).
  • Have more live conversations and convert more leads.
  • Easily schedule appointments and follow-ups.
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution (CRM, calendar, auto-dialer, click to call, and other features).
  • View detailed client cards with interaction history, call recordings, attachments, and everything you need for a conversation.

Hit and exceed your sales targets

Smooth workflow and transparency:
  • Easy start without any additional hardware or software installation.
  • Basic auto-dialer software setup that requires minimal time.
  • Flexible automated phone call system with advanced settings.
  • Intuitive interface that requires no special training.
  • Effortless integration with your favorite tools.
  • Transparent pricing and quick upgradability to a higher plan at any time.
  • New features are released every two weeks.
  • Professional call center software support team.

Hit and exceed your sales targets

Greater sales productivity:
  • Dial more contacts with fewer call center agents.
  • Increase contact rates and decrease idle time.
  • Improve the first response time for new contacts.
Full management and control:
  • Get full control over the remote teams.
  • Track critical KPIs on the real-time dashboard.
  • Apply smart lead distribution and get full control over access to projects.
  • Get comprehensive reports to make data-driven decisions.
  • Obtain quick access to call recordings in your phone system.

Hit and exceed your sales targets

Secure and stable IT support
  • Highest VOIP quality.
  • Reduced operational costs with a fully cloud-based call center solution.
  • Guaranteed uptime 99.9%.
  • Secure auto-dialer system and protected data servers.
  • Systematic network monitoring.

Professional Automated Phone Call System Solutions

Power Dialer software

Keeps your agents focused on the target

  • Use time efficiently - Avoid busy signals and answering machines, and connect agent with a live person only.
  • Control maximum working time - give your agents enough time between calls to finish the post-call work without sacrificing productivity.
  • Reach maximum connect rate - configure redialing rules for unsuccessful attempts and process all contacts in the list.
Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
Predictive Dialer software

Increases talk time up to 300%

  • Reach more prospects - make the best use of the predictive dialer algorithm; this system automatically calculates optimal dialing speed.
  • Minimize downtime - use this outbound dialer to ensure a steady flow of calls without the idle time and keep every agent focused during the shift.
  • Obey regulations - help your company stay within the designated limits: don’t go over the configured abandoned call rate, and comply with DNC policies.
Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime
Preview Dialer software

Gives your agents more control

  • Provide flexibility - let your agents choose from the list of contacts whom they should call first.
  • Personalize your conversations - have all the client-related information placed on the agent screen to help them communicate a more effective sales pitch.
  • Streamline your sales - view sales pipeline report and monitor the movement of leads in the pipeline.
Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

How Will Automated Phone Dialing Software
Increase Efficiency?

Voiptime automated phone dialing software is the answer to your business needs. Our cloud call center system tremendously increases the productivity of your call center and enables you to customize outbound calling campaigns in order to reach your sales targets.

Voiptime Cloud automated calling software was designed to minimize agent waiting time. Choose the most suitable dialing mode for your campaigns, make more automated phone calls, and easily reach hundreds and even thousands of contacts. Use our solution to educate, inform, survey, and sell. Depending on the required business logic, you can select the most suitable dialing mode:

  • view the client card and prepare for the upcoming call (Preview dialer);
  • quickly process databases of existing clients (Power dialer);
  • reach maximum prospects by reducing idle time (Predictive dialer).

Our system allows you to decrease the number of dropped calls and help your team comply with existing telemarketing regulations.

Using SIP phone lines is generally cheaper than traditional telephony, but with our auto dialer software, you’ll be able to make outbound calls even more cost-effective. Voiptime Cloud automated calling system will help you to easily process large databases in smaller teams of agents, so you’ll manage to increase the productivity of your contact center and minimize operational costs at the same time.

Features such as call recording and agent’s KPI reporting will be especially useful for companies working with remote teams of agents. Thanks to the built-in CRM system, all client information will be stored in one place without tedious CRM integrations. As a result, your agents will respond to customer queries faster and provide truly high-quality service with Voiptime auto dialer software.

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Tired of unproductive call system?
Switch gears easily!

Move to the Voiptime Cloud call center and get a reliable auto dialer for your business

Getting your data into Voiptime Cloud is very easy. Simply export all of your contacts from your current software into a single file with .CSV, .DSV, or .TSV extension, and import this file into Voiptime automated calling system. No fancy data manipulation needed. The whole process can be completed in just a few clicks.

Once you import your contacts and change settings, you can customize our automated dialing software even more. Integrate your favorite business tools using API and create the most comfortable working environment for your agents. Our team is ready to help you at every stage of the switching process.

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

Prepare .CSV file
with contact base

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

Create users
in Voiptime Cloud

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

Connect your SIP line
or use our line

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

Customize the project
if required

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

Create the first
call campaign

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

Import .CSV file
with contact base
into the project

Automated Calling Software | Online Cold Calling - Voiptime

Customize the project
if required

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