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Voiptime inbound call center solution features

Every inbound call center wants to deliver amazing customer service. Whether it is answering a customer’s query on time, completing a reservation, or closing a sale, the agents can achieve a positive outcome only if a call center provides them with the necessary range of capabilities for successful conversations.

Looking for a versatile application but cannot choose from an abundance of call center solutions? Want to maximize the talk time?
Check out our Voiptime Cloud inbound contact center software! It incorporates various useful elements and communication channels to ensure a smooth workflow of a call center and turn every interaction between agents and customers into an enjoyable experience. Voiptime Cloud is the winner among contact center solutions and automated phone systems.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime
Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Distributes calls between teams to make sure that the queries are transferred only to those agents who are competent in this area and who are free to take a call. Automatic call distribution feature puts a customer in a queue if required.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime
Interactive voice response (IVR) system

Provides each caller with self-service and links them with the right department or agent via automatic call routing. IVR reduces the callers’ wait time and decreases the number of transfers, which improves customer satisfaction.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime
Intelligent call routing & call stickiness

Establishes an intelligent skill-based routing and connects the customer with the most skilled call center rep. Also, it ensures that the call from a certain customer reaches the same agent who spoke with him/her for the last time.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime
Live call monitoring

Enables you to listen to active calls in real-time. Use silent call monitoring to oversee your contact center reps or apply call whispering and call barging during the conversations for coaching and training.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime
Real-time & historical reporting

Enables you to filter and customize your call center data and measure performance indicators. Get a complete call (CDR) report with detailed information about all inbound and outbound calls, abandoned calls, internal and external transfers, etc.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime
Call recording

Helps you to preserve high-quality standards across teams. Call recording is an essential tool to apply in call centers for checking the compliance, quality assurance, and agents training.

Customer satisfaction can become your competitive advantage with
Voiptime Cloud inbound call center software

you’ll get with Voiptime inbound call center software features

Running a small business or governing a large enterprise? Our solution will help you contribute to customer success by enabling a high-quality customer experience during each phone call regardless of the size of your company.

Voiptime Cloud contact center solution will help you to:

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime

Everyone should do what they are good at. Don’t send your customers and prospects to a jack-of-all-trades department.

Voiptime Cloud call center software provides a skill-based routing, which leads to a much faster call resolution. You get access to a built-in CRM and essential customer information without complicated and time-consuming CRM integrations. View a client card with interaction notes, and call scripts to facilitate truly great customer service. With Voiptime Cloud call center software, your agents don’t need to put a phone call on hold to find the required information. They already have everything they need in the CRM to deliver personalized customer experience during each interaction.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime

Time is the most important asset. Show your customers that you value every minute.

Your clients can interact with your company through touchtone and select the professional services that they want, whereas a smart IVR call center technology routes the phone call to the appropriate team automatically. The most capable customer support representative then handles the query with ease. Callers won’t have to wait until agents transfer the phone call to the right professional who can solve the problem. Also, Voiptime inbound call center software offers a callback if there are no available agents to handle a phone call at the moment instead of playing annoying on-hold music and wasting customers’ time.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime

Customer queries are sometimes tricky. If more than one person is needed to solve the problem, direct a customer to the corresponding expert.

Many virtual call centers do not prop external call forwarding. Therefore, to reach the needed support representative, customers often have to disconnect and call back again. This is a major inconvenience for the company which you won’t experience with Voiptime Cloud inbound contact center solution. Apply the right tool and easily transfer calls within the system or connect them with an outside phone number. Build the best infrastructure with our software.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime

The workload through the year may be different. Prepare your call center for peak season by using your business resources smartly.

The opportunity to scale easily is very important for seasonal call centers, BPOs, and marketing companies, etc. If the company needs to stay effective at all times, Voiptime Cloud inbound call center solution makes it happen. Add inbound lines and call campaigns to your virtual call center whenever you need it without the need for an IT team. Create events in the calendar, such as automatic and personalized callbacks, and reach more clients easily. Expand or shorten the number of contact center reps without compromising the quality of service or efficiency of the contact center. Also, you can always get additional functionality by simply upgrading the service plan.

Inbound Call Center Software For Teams. Inbound Call Solutions from Voiptime

Reporting can fundamentally change the workforce management within a call center. Get all the necessary information on a variety of metrics.

Voiptime call center (inbound, outbound, and blended) software simplifies routine operations and enables advanced reporting on calls, campaigns, and user’s KPI to track agent productivity. Various kinds of comprehensive reports provide detailed monitoring of the statistics of each agent, control of the Service Level for each inbound line and make quality assurance. Managers can get detailed information about the status and duration of each call, create campaigns and track their progress in your inbound call center app. Monitor the number of abandoned calls and average phone call duration to know whether your company needs more agents. Reporting feature also helps you identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions.

Voiptime Cloud contact center solution

Does your current software help your agents
do their job?

Unlike the outbound call center, an inbound contact center is specifically designed to receive calls from the customers. Agents constantly deal with all sorts of requests, and they need to be prepared to deliver excellent customer service no matter what assistance the person needs at any given time.

Whenever people call you and whatever problem they have, the bottom line is that their expectations are always the same. People need:

  • Timely response
  • Personalized customer interactions
  • Solution to their problem

To some extent, the quality of customer service depends upon your agents, so human resources are extremely important. Agents obviously need to be trained to handle customer’s issues over the phone, and they must possess all the essential soft skills. However, even the most professional support teams don’t have to suffer from incapable contact center software product, and it can be really hard to find a compelling option in a variety of call center solutions.

Voiptime Cloud for inbound call centers was created with great customer experience in mind. This powerful software with built-in CRM provides access to all the client information and ensures smooth telephone connection. Its advanced features like skills-based routing, ACD, IVR, call scripts, software integrations and other tools give your customer support or sales teams the context necessary to handle all inbound calls with ease. You can stay connected with your favorite business tools. Simply integrate Voiptime Cloud with your help desk software (including Zendesk, Salesforce, and many similar apps).

As the best service providers, we are always ready to answer all your questions in live chat. We are your reliable and trustworthy partner with more than a decade of industry experience. Visit Voiptime Cloud resources blog to read customer stories and learn more about our call center platform news and software updates.

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