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Key Benefits

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Know Your Customer

Reduce resolution time of order or complaint using client cards with a complete customer’s history of orders and knowledge bases. Your agents will always have enough information for unforgettable customer service.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Provide Consistent Customer Experience

Deliver equally high customer service through all communication channels (calls, web chats, emails, etc) on a single multichannel platform. Create unified contact center standards for geographically distributed teams.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud
Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Decrease the Waiting Time for Any Type of Request

Connect the customer with the most qualified agent with the help of the omnichannel routing. Set up priorities for different communication channels or agents and meet the service levels without involving additional workforce. Your customers will always be satisfied with e-Commerce call center services.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Don’t Miss a Single Opportunity

Be available 24/7 and provide the best service for clients all over the world with a self-service IVR menu, web chats, and instant web callback after getting orders.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud
Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Increase Sales Conversion Rate

Allow your agents to focus on making sales instead of manual dialing. Improve your NPS and customer satisfaction by delivering the necessary information to clients more quickly.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Personalize Upsell Marketing

Launch outbound calling campaigns for loyalty programs or contact customers who haven’t bought anything in your shop for a long time. With the Predictive dialer, your agents will be able to close more sales per day instead of wasting time on monotonous dialing.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

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Key Features
of Our E-Commerce Call Center Software

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Integration With Any CRM System

Identify the customer without any efforts with data on a customer’s recent orders from your CRM in the Voiptime Cloud Contact Center interface. With our call center software for eCommerce, you will have enough context behind every call to cross-sell and upsell. Increase your customers’ loyalty through the full-fledged integration with your CRM system. Your operators will be able to provide personalized service with the help of up-to-the-minute information about every client.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Predictive Dialer

Deliver relevant notifications to your customers with the help of outbound campaigns in your eCommerce call center. Your agents won’t have to hear beeping since the system dials clients automatically and connects operators only with live calls at the first hello. It is a great way to reduce your agents’ idle time and skyrocket their performance.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Easy Script Construction

Our handy script constructor allows you to set call scripts for any need and every product. Use questionnaires, knowledge bases, and offers to improve an agent’s performance. Reduce time an operator spends for search by displaying a web page or web interface of your CRM system as a script block.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Call Monitoring

Join the live conversation in three different modes (call center barging, hidden mode, call whispering). Choose how to join the call, from silent monitoring to jumping in a dialogue. Our call monitoring feature will be very helpful for agent training, coaching, and resolving disputes.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Quality Management

Assess agent-customer interaction with our call center solution for eCommerce, creating scoring cards with your own criteria and attach a relevant call recording. This feature allows you to track an agent’s performance over time, identify opportunities for coaching, and much more.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Online Monitoring and Detailed Statistics

To work successfully, a contact center for eCommerce needs constant performance tracking both for individual and team level. Voiptime Contact Center will give you detailed real-time analytics on all the interactions as well as summarized reporting.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

IVR (Interactive voice response system)

Provide high-quality self-service outside business hours, giving to your customers the information that does not require an agent’s involvement (order status, delivery check, etc). Identify callers based on data from CRM and route them to the appropriate agents. Don’t miss a single opportunity offering a callback from the queue option at peak hours. Our IVR software will help you significantly reduce the cost of running call centers.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Web Callback

Contact your website visitors as quickly as possible! Call back almost immediately after they filled out the forms, left a callback request, or bought something through a shopping cart on your e-commerce site. Identify customer data gathered via an online form, verify order details, and sell while the client is still interested in your products. Our software dials numbers automatically at a given time and connects available agents to the “live” clients.

Call Center Software for E-Сommerce | Voiptime Cloud

Web Chat

Install a web chat widget on your website and start handling clients’ requests. Your agents can initiate conversations with website visitors, route them to more qualified agents, send the correspondence history to the customer’s email address, and exchange files if necessary.

Your Business Deserves the Best

See the benefits of Voiptime Contact Center


Professional team with huge experience in VoIP & telecommunication. We guarantee 99.5% uptime, great customer service, and technical support to help you solve all contact center software-related problems.


Your data is stored in a certified data center. It is fully encrypted and protected by firewalls, so you can rest assured knowing that everything is under the highest level of safety.


Adjust to the business needs without unnecessary hustle. Remove or add agents whenever you need. This function is especially useful for seasonal contact centers.


We are constantly developing new functionality and making various improvements to our call center solution.

Get monthly software updates automatically at no extra cost.


This technology enables quick and easy auto dialer setup and allows you to save time organizing the work of your agents regardless of their location.

Simply plug and play!


We cooperate with the top-tier VoIP carriers to provide the highest call quality.

We are also ready to give you a professional consultation regarding your IT infrastructure to help you get the most of your call center.


No IT staff is required to configure our software. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Call center newbies can rely on default settings, whereas seasoned experts can make use of more proficient campaign settings.

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