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Voiptime blended call center software

Voiptime blended call center software is a powerful business tool that enables you to set the priority outbound and inbound calls and handle requests more effectively during traffic volume peaks and slow periods.
Our cloud-based software is designed to help you enhance agent productivity, decrease idle time, and grow revenues by combining tasks for outbound sales and inbound customer service teams.

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Key features
of Voiptime blended inbound and outbound call center solutions

Our virtual cloud-based solution with CRM enables you to control call flow and call volumes using an active blending of predictive dialing campaigns and incoming calls, view real-time statistics, control the workflow of your agents automatically, set tasks priorities, and more…

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Multiple dialing modes

Provides various dialing modes to profit your business and suit your needs. Implement cloud-based Power Dialer, Preview Dialer, or Predictive Dialer and customize your campaign settings accordingly. A variety of dialing modes combined with automatic call feature will foster maximum productivity.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Intelligent call routing
& call stickiness

An intelligent skill-based routing feature helps your clients connect with the most qualified agent. Also, call routing redirects incoming calls from a certain person to the call center representative to whom they are assigned.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Blending of inbound and outbound calls

Your call center representatives will be able to take care of both inbound and outbound campaigns in a single interface, which will increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Agent teams and task priority

Our blended call center software gives the ability to prioritize tasks, which helps a call center manager to handle call volumes during inbound and outbound call campaigns and distribute phone calls between agents both within and across the groups of users.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Automatic call distribution feature in our blended call center transfers calls to agents based on different rules (like business hours, IVR selection, the longest available agent, etc.) and puts a customer in the queue if no agent is available at the moment.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Interactive voice response (IVR) system

This call center software feature enables clients to interact with your company, i.e. receive self-service or choose the right department without the involvement of agents. Interactive voice response (IVR) decreases the number of transfers and reduces the wait time in your cloud contact center.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Live call monitoring

As a call center manager, you are able to listen to active calls of your team in real-time. Our software will help you to coach and train agents, as well as oversee their performance during voice interaction using silent call monitoring, call whispering, and call barging.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Built-in CRM

A comprehensive built-in customer relationship management software (CRM system) provides your agent with a 360 customer overview and detailed interaction history in one interface. Customizable client cards give agents in your cloud contact center the information about all customer interactions and voice call recording so that they can offer the top-quality support and customer service.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Detailed call center reporting

Our efficient cold calling software can grant a call center manager with easy data overview due to extensive historical reporting and analytics: agent’s KPI, detailed campaign monitoring, inbound and outbound call metrics, and user’s activity reporting, etc. Voiptime reports will help you get total control over your business in real-time and make better decisions.

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Webhooks and API

Webhook enables easy integration of Voiptime Cloud contact center with your business system and signals the occurrence of various events, e.g. transferred calls, created or updated lead. API assists in two-way CRM integration and other tasks (like capturing leads from a website or transferring them into the Voiptime Cloud call center software from another system).

Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Call scripts

Construct a flexible call script for your outbound agents to improve their sales communication strategy, help them run surveys and give them the knowledge base to answer any client's question using our cold calling software. The script will be shown on the agent’s screen next to the client card. It is a perfect addition to your cloud contact center.

Ready to set your cloud-based blended call center
in motion?

of our blended call center solutions

For your company:

  • Prioritize inbound or outbound calling lines according to business needs.
  • Decrease idle time and improve agent productivity by running multiple inbound/outbound calls within the same team of agents using predictive dialing.
  • Reduce operational costs for smaller call centers by implementing a single universal solution for managing a client base and handling inbound and outbound calls.
  • Get all-encompassing statistics on outbound and inbound calls and forecast future trends better.
  • Provide great customer service through all channels in your cloud contact center.
  • Enjoy convenient pay-as-you-go pricing with no hidden charges.

For your clients:

  • No need to recall previous interactions every time a client contacts the company
  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of precise monitoring and training of outbound and inbound agents.
  • Reduced hold time since agents can quickly access full customer information.
  • Routing to the most skilled agent or the right department.
  • Better customer service and reduced hold time.
  • Ability to order a Web / IVR callback and not to wait in a call queue.
What companies need blended contact center?
Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
BPO Companies
Blended call centers can bring numerous benefits for BPOs. They give an opportunity to handle outbound and inbound calls by one team with different priorities, which means more available services for customers. This allows to smooth out the peaks of calls and enables BPOs to simultaneously handle several clients with different volume of calls. BPOs can significantly cut down on their expenses and save resources by reducing the number of employees as blended call center software helps to manage a larger number of callers with fewer agents.
Another significant advantage is monitoring and quick switching between automated dialing modes in outbound campaigns to ensure a better dialing quality. On the whole, a powerful blended call center with CRM and other tools is a functional and cost-effective solution that can strike the right balance between sales and customer support. It simplifies the working process of BPOs and ensures a reasonable degree of productivity at a lower cost.
Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Sales & Marketing
Blended contact center software with CRM and other features is as a set of tools, which allows working on outbound sales and receive incoming calls simultaneously. Blending technology can be very helpful for sales and marketing teams as it simplifies many operations. Clients get all-round customer service and support throughout the entire buying cycle and long after the deal is closed. Also, customers will appreciate an opportunity to have the same agent answering their queries and providing support every time they connect with the company.
It provides clarity of communication and mutual understanding between the caller and sales rep. The agent-customer relationship eventually transforms into the brand-agent one, so the business benefits from increasing the number of loyal customers. The better the software your agents use, the more services they are able to provide.
Blended call center software. Blended calling solution from Voiptime
Small & Midsize Businesses
& Enterprises
Smaller call centers that need to provide inbound/outbound services don’t always want to splurge on inbound or outbound call center solution separately. Blended call center with convenient pricing helps companies obtain a greater knowledge of their customers. Organizations can improve customer service delivery and boost the productivity of their clients’ businesses. Also, as numerous case studies and white papers show, such an arrangement of solutions enables the agents in call centers to gain versatile experience of working with diverse customers and brush up the skills of handling both inbound and outbound calling.
Blended contact center tools for automated dialing such as Power Dialer, Preview Dialer, Predictive Dialer, and ACD were specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of contact centers by ensuring that each agent is engaged in a live call and to help agents prioritize between calls.
On the whole, blended solution for call center provides organizations with greater flexibility. The companies that get a real opportunity to process both inbound and outbound customer base have twice as much potential to increase their presence on the market and expand their operation regardless of the industry. Blended inbound and outbound call center with built-in CRM and easy software integrations is an especially useful benefit for newly emerging organizations or the ones that envisage further growth.
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