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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is an inbound call center tool that answers calls and distributes them between the specific groups of agents. ACD uses a voice menu to guide callers based on the specific criteria ‒ telephone number, geographic location, preferred language, agent skills, customer's selection, etc.
Optimize the workflow of your team and improve customer satisfaction with one simple but very effective tool.

Automatic Call
Distribution System Features

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Universal Queue for All Channels

Regardless of which channel your customers use to contact your company (call, email, webchat), their requests will be processed as quickly as possible. Distribute tasks between agent groups and determine the processing priorities for each channel.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Easy Integrations

Connect your ACD call center software with your favorite business systems to enhance customer experience and optimize your agents’ workflow. Our software seamlessly integrates with your CRM, IVR, and other external components.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime
ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Intelligent Call Routing

Identify the customer while still on the IVR and direct them to the queue processed by the agents with the required qualification. Advanced routing will allow you to significantly improve first call resolution and increase customer loyalty.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

"Our ACD feature allows you to create more complicated routing rules than just call blending. With the help of the ACD, you can route customer requests quickly regardless of the channel they used."

Voiptime Cloud

Ring Groups Feature for Your Call Center

Optimize call routing strategy and call distribution by ringing multiple agents simultaneously. This capability ensures that calls are distributed per the needs of your business. Ring groups are great when you need to ensure that customers are directed to the most skilled agents. Apply unique tags to phone numbers and agents and route clients to several agents at once to facilitate an immediate response and high-quality service.

How it works

It’s easy as 1 2 3. Literally.

Create Agent
Skill Groups
Use the parameters that matter for your organization to segment your workforce (e.g., skills, geographic location, specialized knowledge, etc).

Route Calls to the
Best Available Agent
Assign call queues to a corresponding agent ring group, and the call center system will connect callers with the most qualified agents.

Track & Analyze
Track metrics associated with each ring group and monitor the effectiveness of the system. Stay informed and adjust setting on-the-go.

Enjoy the Benefits
of Our Automatic Call Distribution Software

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Optimize service quality

Use the ACD system to route calls to the most skilled agent and solve your customers’ needs as efficiently as possible. With our software, you will not only increase first call resolution but enhance customer satisfaction. No more tedious transfers and frustrated callers. Get them to speak with the right professional from the very start.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Personalize customer experiences

The system collects relevant data to personalize routing and provides the best customer experience to your callers. Reinforce customer loyalty and strengthen relationships between your clients and your brand by assigning the preferred agent to each caller. Combine it with other Voiptime features, and you’ll be delivering five-star customer service routinely.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Boost agent productivity

ACD service minimizes repetitive work and lets your agents focus on addressing customers’ queries. With the help of this system, you’ll simplify the workflow of your agents by allowing them to jump right into the problem-solving mode. Your agents will be able to view all client information and interaction history during the call without the need to go to another software.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Get valuable insights

Voiptime Cloud is a versatile and feature-rich software that provides agents and call center managers with extensive call monitoring and reporting capabilities. Listen to call recordings and connect to live calls in the real-time mode, monitor the performance of a call center and each agent, and get a better picture of what is going on in your department.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Optimize every resource

Just like many other tools of Voiptime cloud-based software, ACD makes everything possible to make the most of your company’s assets and resources. Your clients get to connect with the right agent much faster no matter where your agents are located, which means that the interactions become short and efficient. With this tool, you can achieve more doing less.

ACD | Automatic Call Distribution Software | Ring Groups | Voiptime

Reduce costs

Every business will benefit from reasonable cost reduction. This is exactly the result your call center can expect after combining all of the benefits mentioned above. Sometimes, replacing one tech solution is all it takes to transform your customer service department into a thriving and efficient contact center.

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