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Furnish remarkable client experience via any channel of communication (voice, web chat, email) to provide an incredible customer experience.

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Key Advantages
of Voiptime Contact Center software
for Insurance

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Close More Insurance Leads
with the Predictive Dialer

Forget about repetitious manual dialing processes and raise the number of live calls up to 3-4 times. Your operators will be able to complete more sales daily, without losing worktime on such things as click-to-call, manual redialing, etc. This dialer for insurance agents can automate a cold calling list and preserve up to 50% of the agent’s work time. Perform up to 3 times more outbound calls per day and avoid busy signals operating a predictive dialer solution.
If you need another solution of an auto dialer, like a power dialer to reduce to zero the delay between calls, or a preview dialer to provide agents with detailed data about every lead by showing his client account before a call, we can propose to you such solutions. Each of them will fit any insurance prospecting strategy.

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Increase Agent’s Efficiency

Drive your call flow steady and keep every agent concentrated. Regulate the dialing pace and boost employees' motivation, linking them just with live calls, while auto dialer for the insurance industry will tackle other issues. Automated insurance dialer deals with repetitive tasks to save agents’ time for real conversations. Let the insurance call center agents perform their direct responsibilities while routine tasks will be done by an insurance dialer. This also increases the insurance prospecting speed and quality by focusing agents on real cases instead of routine work.

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud
Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Leave Targeted Messages
to Customers

Plan voice promoting campaigns and notify the customers about upgrades, advancements, loyalty agendas, etc. Shoot your target audience without substantial upfront acquisitions. The insurance dialing software contains all necessary options to send targeted messages to all leads from contact lists.

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Be in Touch With Clients
No Matter the Location

Contact with your customers using international numbers from 100+ countries and save costs with affordable call rates. Upgrade your contact rate by buying a DID phone number in any area. The insurance contact center is the ideal business solution to scale up to new markets or provide a really personalized service for existing customers from abroad. Thanks to the Caller ID option, the insurance dialer can select the local phone numbers depending on the lead’s location.

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud
Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Furnish Customers with First-Class
Self-Servicing Options

Assign your customers to resolve their easy queries fast and unassisted with an interactive voice (IVR) menu. Unleash the operators up to more demanding duties. Researchers state that clients of insurance agencies prefer to use several digital channels of communication, and IVR menu is one of the most essential ones with its ability to provide self-service through pre-recorded messages. Let your clients discover outstanding service experiences across channels.

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Control the Team Productivity

Monitor average call handling time, average answering time, customer experience, customer satisfaction, first resolution rate, contact details as well as other KPIs easily. Monitor the effectiveness of all your inbound and outbound activities on real-time dashboards.

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud
Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Personalize Your Communication

Route every single client to their individual insurance operator and furnish the most satisfactory customer service fast and effectively. Your operators will be able to see all contact details and previous customer interactions and guess the reason why they are calling.

Insurance Call Center Software | Voiptime Cloud

Close more leads

with call center software for insurance from Voiptime Cloud

Key Features
of Our Insurance Call Center Solution

Unified Agent Desktop

Keep all the crucial client data at hand and view the whole description of every client contact for more acceptable call outcomes. Your operators will be able to handle all contact channels from an all-in-one interface, including integration with third-party software. Additionally, managers have total access to all call center analytics and reports via their accounts.

Intelligent Routing
of Inbound Calls

Identify the caller from the first seconds and route them to the right department of your insurance firm based on multiple parameters including data from external databases or CRM systems. Automatic call distribution is another significant feature of the dialer for insurance agents.

Flexible and Easy
Campaign Configurations

Begin autodialing campaigns (in Power, Predictive, or Preview mode) or robo dialer and get more leads daily with no efforts from the operators. Reach leads at the proper moment and do not neglect any follow-up calls. All unsuccessful dialings, such as busy signals, unanswered calls, and out-of-zone calls don’t connect to the agent, - they will be redialed automatically according to flexible redialing rules.

Quick Script Construction

Collect information quickly by creating insurance call scripts. Build distinct types of scripts with our contact center software, using your criteria. Take edge of questionnaires, knowledge bases, and offers to lessen the agent training time and enhance their performance.

Effective Quality Management

Manage your operators’ live conversations with call whispering and call barging features. Coach them to operate the best examples of the conversations from the call recording. Evaluate your agents' work using configurable scorecards and keep track of their progress.

Agent Teams and Task Priority

Set the priority of outbound and inbound calls for the agent groups and handle requests more effectively during traffic volume peaks and slow periods. Create combined teams to handle all types of interactions and set priorities for dissimilar actions or operators.

Auto Callback

Set reminders for those clients who are not ready to decide at the moment. Demonstrate to them that you value their time. Follow personal callbacks or assemble automated callbacks that will be routed to an available representative from the same team.

Web Chat

Use a webchat option from our omnichannel contact center to reach the website visitors and turn them into customers. Your operators will be able to handle more than one live chat at the same moment, save a talk transcript and mail it to a client’s email, transfer chats to other agents, and so on.

Local Caller ID

Your leads have to entrust the service provided, and the most suitable method to do so in the outbound campaign is to use the local presence option - the function of displaying your contact center numbers as located in the client’s area during the outbound call. One more feature of this option is the Dynamic routing - the ability to change the caller ID (from the pull of your existing numbers) for each attempt during the cold calling campaign.

Your Business Deserves the Best


Professional team with huge experience in VoIP & telecommunication. We assure 99.5% uptime, excellent client assistance, and technical support to make all required modifications if demanded.


Your data is stored in a certified data center. It is completely encrypted and safeguarded by firewalls, so you can stay ensured knowing that everything is beneath the absolute level of protection.


Meet boosted demand without unneeded hustle. Set up the remote agents less than in the daytime. Evolve more adjustable with our cloud contact center solution.


Be up to date with our multichannel call center solution. We are continually designing new functionality and making diverse modifications to our call center solution.
Achieve monthly software upgrades automatically without additional payings.


Move from an ancient business phone system to a cloud-based multichannel contact center solution. Manage the work of remote agents in the insurance niche regardless of geolocation.


We collaborate with the top-tier VoIP carriers to furnish the most increased call quality.

We are willing to give you proficient consulting concerning your IT infrastructure to assist you to acquire the most out of the contact center.


You don't require IT staff to configure our insurance call center software. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Your rookies can rely on default settings, whereas experienced specialists may make use of additionally masterful campaign settings.

Do you want to discover how
your insurance business can benefit
from our call center solution?

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