automation software

Online Lead Management System
with a Dialer
and Call Recording

all your client data in one place for further analysis with business automation software.

right away from the client card within our system with Voiptime sales call tracking software.

by setting callbacks and notifications.
So your sales effectiveness increases up to 60%.

sales effectiveness by contacting leads that fall directly from your sites by using web-to-lead.
Call leads with cost-efficient online dialer

Register a SIP number in the system and start calling your clients immediately

Click on the phone icon in client card or at the calendar notification and the system will connect you to your customers. Our online dialer ensures the high quality of call for a reasonable price. All calls are recorded and can be saved with different statuses. Listen to call history at any time you need to check details or monitor your agents’ performance. Reach leads smarter and faster with the sales productivity software of your dreams.

Check data in the Client Card
Know your customer and succeed. Check all lead data in the client card: not only contact information, but interaction history in chronological order: emails, phone calls, meeting notes and related documents. So, you always know the wants, wishes and buying behavior of your clients. Stay on top and impress.

Online cold calling software

Call clients directly from the system with the Voiptime Cloud dialer and sales automation call software. Reach clients with a single click from client card, calendar or notifications and save time.

To start calling, you just need to add the SIP-number, connect a headset and initiate unstoppable dialing. Use cost-effective online telephony from Voiptime Cloud cold calling software and save time and money.

Enjoy high call quality and quick connections with the cold calling system and programs for sales.

Your leads are one click far from you!

Nurture leads persistently with callbacks and notifications

Don’t lose sales opportunities by forgetting to make a callback or a follow-up call. Persistence is good when working with clients.

Set notifications and callbacks in the calendar, get task reminders from the system and sent to your email even if you are logged out. Make notes about meetings and calls to remember the most important deal points.

Enjoy Voiptime Cloud

  • Callbacks
  • Calendar
  • Scripts constructor

Gather leads from your website to the system

Our web to lead dynamics crm will forward lead data from website forms to the system. Name, Surname and Contact information will be uploaded and ready to work with. Assign special Group and Source statuses to web leads and filter them easily.

Connect your website forms to the system with an API key.

Save time and automatize leads flow. Use your website forms in the most productive way!

What is a sales pipeline?

New - web-to-lead service helps to get 100% leads from web-forms without searching, coping, adjusting. All new leads appear needed Project in your account with Status, Source.

Open - With structured tracked leads it is easy to filter and group them as well as qualify by changing the Statuses, adding the needed fields to the Client Card and making notes.

Potential - call the lead by click-to-call functionality from Card, Notifications and add the callbacks to Calendar. Initiate the best lead nurturing and recognize the prospects with potential to make purchase.

Customer - enter the dashboard and create the close-loop analysis to see the perfect for sales reps leads and find out the leads that need to contact urgently.

Is it for me?

Industries Voiptime Cloud lead selling software is designed for:

& Professional Services


Home Improvement

Travel & Tourism


& Product Sales



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"Voiptime Cloud helps to make our sales more structured and organized. We store all client data in the system and always know where to find it. We also make our scheduling in the calendar and call clients from the system. Voiptime solution guides my company in the right direction and helps my business immensely".
Sean, Call Center, Washington DC
"Our department is making a lot of phone sales, including cold calling. Voiptime Cloud not only helps us to manage client data, but also has an efficient online dialer. We registerd SIP numbers and could start making calls within minutes after loggin in. Online rates are relatively low and the call quality is excellent. Our agents easily follow the instructions for making calls. And I’m looking forward to seeing the monthly statistics".
Brooks, Real Estate, Texas
"I’m the head of a sales department, and I’m always in search of the best LMS. There are many companies based in the United States that don’t have high standards for managing leads. With the Voiptime Cloud contact center technologies, I don’t waste time pursuing weak leads. Voiptime gives you the most effective lead managing model".
Fred, Financial Services, California
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