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Your website lead form can be a powerful instrument when used as a part of a smarter marketing strategy. Help your website visitors get in touch with you!

Countless opportunities within a single app with an intuitive interface!

  • gather contact details of your leads with Web-to-lead API,
  • reach out to them in the shortest time possible,
  • store agent-customer interactions in history, and
  • collect all the necessary data about your target audience.
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Features of the Best Lead Capture Software

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 Lead Capture Software | Voiptime

Website lead capturing

Collect website visitors data and add them to configured projects in Voiptime Cloud. Transfer all the details you need (e.g. what website your prospects comes from) into the previously added fields in the client card.

 Lead Capture Software | Voiptime

Phone lead capturing

Add contact details as soon as you receive a phone call from them. All the subsequent call records will be attached to this client card automatically.

 Lead Capture Software | Voiptime

Import/export via .CSV file

Upload big databases easily! Our automation software allows you to import and export large bits of data with the custom fields quickly. Timezones for each potential customer will be added automatically.

 Lead Capture Software | Voiptime

Email lead capturing*

Save time on manually entering the data of potential customers who sent you an email into CRM. All email addresses that aren’t in your database will also be captured in a blink of an eye.

 Lead Capture Software | Voiptime

Manual data entry

Save new data at any time from any device. Such leads are automatically assigned to the sales rep who created them.

* This lead capture software feature is being developed at the moment.

Basic Benefits
of Voiptime Cloud lead capture software for your sales pipeline

Organize all information about your potential clients using our sales automation solution with lead management, appointment scheduling, call campaigns, real-time dashboards, and detailed reporting. Automate your sales workflow and make the best use of each opportunity.

  • Call back to your leads almost immediately after they have submitted their contact information in the form.
  • Make custom integrations with any used web capture forms by API.
  • Add potential customers to your database if they call from the unknown phone number just in two clicks.
  • Distribute leads between projects for each of your B2B or B2C websites.
  • Automate your calls using call campaigns with the time zone dialing option.
  • Check the whole communication history with each customer in the client card.
  • Create appointments and schedule tasks in personal and team calendar.
  • Track KPIs using the real-time dashboard and other comprehensive reports.
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Stay Ahead of your Competitors

Capture leads and engage with them while they are interested in your services! But things don’t stop there. Here’s what else you can do with Voiptime Cloud solution.

Receive full data

Use web-to-lead requests for tracking as much information about your leads as possible so that you could work with it in further nurturing. You can add any important information to this request (e.g. website address, IP, source ‒ desktop or mobile, etc).

Contact leads on the spot

Call your leads immediately after they have submitted their contact information into your system. The longer you wait, the more you lose.

Stay in total control

It doesn't matter how many websites you have. Our solution enables you to easily manage data captured through them all!

Be confident in your security

Control access to leads in projects for different members of your teams. Conversation records are readily available to team members only. All information on our servers is encrypted and thus not accessible from the outside.

Remain flexible

Take all the notes you need easily. Just add extra client card fields in the project settings and save the country where your potential customer resides or any other useful information.

Be more productive

Integrate Voiptime Cloud with your favorite business apps, such as your marketing automation software, CRM or anything else.

Facilitate collaboration

Your sales reps can add notes to the customizable client cards and save interactions history with each potential customer as a reference for the colleagues.

The Most Efficient Lead Generation

Why us?

When creating our product, we have analyzed the needs and requirements of more than 200 US businesses. Our clients represent a variety of industries. Real estate, IT and services, logistics, and many other companies can boost the productivity of their business with the help of a single app that easily integrates with other solutions.

We realize that having a communication history with your prospect at hand can make a significant difference. That is why we’ve developed the most reliable and user-friendly contact management automation software that keeps the record of all the agent-customer interactions. Find every piece of data attached to a comprehensive client card. Also, with our built-in CRM, you can forget about time-consuming CRM integrations.

Adding a new tool into business is never easy. We don’t want you to disrupt any processes and we are ready to help you with the implementation, give consultation, or provide training for your staff. At the same time, we don’t encourage you to drop everything in lieu of Voiptime if you are not ready. Instead, we provide easy integrations with other solutions. Our technical support will consult you on how to set up API-integration and will be ready to help you with all your questions.

Voiptime Cloud is one of the best software development and telecommunications companies with almost a decade of professional experience. We never stop growing. Our customers are our priority and we will go the extra mile to provide you with what you need. Is there anything you’d like to add to our product? Just let us know.

Closing sale has never been so easy!

Fill up your sales pipeline and triple your revenue.
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