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Let’s get them captured! Work with prospects easier!
What is possible with the best lead capture software?
Voiptime Cloud’s advantages and facilities:

Get full data

Web-to-lead gives you the full range of contact information for further nurturing.

Contact immediately

Call leads immediately after they’re placed into your system through web-to-lead.


It doesn't matter if you have 10 sites or 100. Embrace them all!


API-key helps us identify you and gives you security.

Easy to find

New leads appear at the beginning of the contact list with all necessary data to proceed.

Be dynamic

Add dynamic fields to the body code and set up extra fields, such as country, etc.
Voiptime Cloud’s
website lead capture software suits any type
of form.
Broaden your lead horizons with our web lead capture functionality!
Login Form

Enter the user’s account on your site to register and start using the product.
Subscription Form

Appear in contact list and receive newsletters and other email marketing materials.
Job Application Form

This type of form usually contains a field for file attachment.
Event Registration Form

Register, track and manage customers for events by getting their data to LMS.
Feedback Form

Includes a field for a feedback request, or a survey for evaluating the site.
Order Form

Sell goods without a shopping cart and integrate with online payment systems.
6 reasons to do business with us
Voiptime’s online lead capture software is ready to integrate with your system. Our technical support will consult you on the usage of API-key header and its advantages.
Voiptime company is the supplier of cloud-based contact management software for different spheres: information technology and services, logistics, real estate, and more.
Our team understands that you already have a communication history with clients. We’ve designed the easiest and best personal contact management software for taking all dialogs with your leads directly to the LMS.
While creating the solution for sales lead capture software, we studied more than 200 US businesses and their main requirements for lead management software and business lead capture programs.
Voiptime understands the importance of a convenient and easy client card. Seven years of experience allows us to derive a software formula and the most flexible client card.
Never lose data or information about your lead or docs you've sent them: attach every piece of information to the client card in different formats. Add text files and documents in .doc, .pdf format. Enrich the client card with .zip files or charts in .xlsx.

How to capture leads with us
And the award goes to… Voiptime!
The experienced and well-known software solutions reviewer FinancesOnline awarded our company with The Rising Star and Great User Experience awards. Our business lead capture software caught the attention not only the clients in USA and Canada, but also the experts. Voiptime product received 8 points and appeared in the top 200 Sales Software products
Rising star
2017 Award
Award by FinancesOnline
Great User Experience
2017 Award
Award by FinancesOnline
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