Voiptime Cloud Scholarship Program for College and University Students

Get $500 for your idea

We are pleased to announce the first annual Voiptime Cloud Scholarship program 2019.

This is an educational grant for college and university students from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore who enjoy discovering new technologies and would like to become a part of an IT industry in the near future.

Interested? Then we are waiting for you!

Share your experience of working in a call center! Is there anything that made you less productive? Describe the productivity barriers that you or your colleagues faced and present your idea as to how it could be improved. The most interesting case will be granted a financial prize and featured in our company blog.

Scholarship amount: $500

Submission deadline: September 30, 2019, 11:59 pm

Why are we giving this scholarship?

Voiptime team is passionate about software development and call center technology. As this industry evolves, it desperately needs a touch of innovation and creativity, which could only be brought in by someone from the outside. This grant will help college or university students explore their talents and make the first step towards their dream career.

Our goal with this program is to support talented young people who have something to share with the tech world. What we are looking for is your fresh unbiased perspective. In other words, we want you to SHINE! And we want to show you that your ideas matter.

Let’s change this world together. Apply now!

Who can apply:

You can apply for Voiptime Cloud Scholarship program if:

  • You’re an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • You have a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (use the GPA calculator).
  • You have previous experience of working in a call center.

How to apply:

Please contact us by email scholarship@voiptimecloud.com and attach a short case on the topic
"The most significant barriers to the productivity of a call center".

We would appreciate if you described the real challenges you or your colleagues faced during your work in a call center.

How will the applications be reviewed:

Our scholarship will be granted to the most pro-active college and university student based on the careful review of each application. Voiptime Board will select the most driven person who is confident about their future career choice and willing to kick-start their journey in tech as soon as possible.

About us:

Voiptime Cloud is a software development company that has been working in call center industry for almost a decade. We are creating call centers from scratch (including the organization of infrastructure, selection of equipment, LAN and VoIP telephony configuration, etc.) and implementing our own call center software. Our goal is to help call center managers and sales reps to become more productive and achieve better results. The biggest reward for us is to see our clients succeed and hear about the benefits our software brings to their business.

Voiptime came a long way from serving on-premise facilities to developing our own cloud call center and sales automation software. And we know better than anyone that everything is possible if you follow your passion and put in the work. Voiptime is supporting young talents and our team is ready to share our expertise. That's why we are launching the scholarship program for students passionate about technology and software development.

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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