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Voiptime Cloud call center agent scripting software is perfect for ensuring a smooth call flow and guiding agents through any interactions. Simplify the work of your team by giving them access to all the necessary information when they need it.

Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud

Increase customer satisfaction

With call center scripting software, your agents always have all the necessary information to answer even the most difficult questions. Voiptime enables you to choose different scripts for processing inbound and outbound agent calls, as well as web chats. Each scenario may contain different blocks for performing specific tasks (poll, knowledge base, proposal, HTML iframe).

Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud

Create scripts in 15 minutes

Your call center managers will love our script software. With our script builder, creating and configuring scripts of any complexity takes a minimum of time. Adding questions is easy and requires no special knowledge. Edited scripts become immediately available to agents.

Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud
Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud

Reduce waiting time

As agents have access to a systematic knowledge base with a quick search, they can promptly answer customer questions. Add the best answers to complex queries to the knowledge base, and even beginners will be able to provide high-quality service to your customers.

Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud

Send messages during the call

Make sure everybody is on the same page regarding your customers’ issues. Enable your agents to send a standard proposal or SMS with the outcome of a conversation to the customer in two clicks. It will remind them of the agreed meeting, order confirmation, etc.

Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud
Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud

View data from your CRM

Open your current CRM system in a separate script iFrame block and view client data and order details during the conversation. Your agents won’t need to juggle between tabs and look for information, which will greatly simplify their workflow.

Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud

Analyze the information you receive

View the completed scenarios in the appropriate statistical report and upload them from the call center system for further analysis. Gather information received from the customer to plan further collaboration and make additional sales using our agent scripting software.

Call Center Agent Scripting Software | Voiptime Cloud

„We were able to reduce the agents' training time with the help of call scripts. And after the implementation of the best-performing practices into our scripts even our newbies can provide the best customer service.”


Increase Efficiency and Agent Productivity with Voiptime

Give your agents the flexibility they need to provide top-class customer service and close sales. Try Voiptime Cloud contact center software and forget about frustrated customers and missed upsell opportunities, or compliance violations.

Use our call center system to:

  • Reduce hold time
  • Minimize transfers
  • Upsell & cross-sell
  • Ensure compliance
  • Save on agent training
  • Integrate with other tools, and more!

Our dynamic & intelligent scripts will help your agents improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and minimize escalations.
At the same time, you will dramatically reduce agent training time with the help of our professional services. The result? Your business will get to the whole new level of customer service in no time.

Are you ready to maximize
the performance of your call center?

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