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What Is Call Center Quality Monitoring Software?

Call center monitoring and management software is a set of tools designed to help call center managers enhance the performance of agent teams and therefore improve customer experience. Such solutions include various management features for call center quality assurance and monitoring performance of each individual agent.

Voiptime Cloud call monitoring and management software is your go-to solution for tracking ongoing interactions, train agents and gather feedback from your customers in real-time. Our cloud-based solution is available virtually from any place with solid internet access. Make sure your team provides great support by leveraging our call center online monitoring features.

The more time and effort you dedicate to the service quality, the more positive customer experience you’ll be able to ensure. Use our tool for real-time agent monitoring, coaching and training, and gathering more insightful data from agent-customer interactions.

Our Call Center Quality Monitoring Features

Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software

Call monitoring

Join the live dialogue in three different modes (call center barging, hidden mode, call whispering). Choose the degree of involvement depending on the situation, from silent monitoring to jumping in a conversation. This feature is perfect for agent training, coaching, and resolving disputes.

Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software

Call quality scoring

Grade agent’s performance after listening to the call. Create a scoring card with the desired parameters for assessing the quality of agent-customer interaction and attach a relevant call recording. This feature allows you to track an agent’s performance over time, identify opportunities for coaching and much more.

Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software
Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software

Call recording

Listening to all the calls in real-time is impossible. Your call center team can benefit from the call recording feature in our software. Play back the conversations of your agents to make sure they follow compliance and discuss the weak points during your feedback session.

Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software

Why Choose Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software

Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software
Easy quality assurance

Voiptime Cloud software is a plug-and-play solution. All the features are readily available without any additional setup. Start working with your agents right away!

Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software
Instant feedback

Hear your happy and frustrated customers in real-time. Use some of our features to help less experienced agents increase customer satisfaction.

Voiptime Call Center Monitoring Software
Intuitive interface

Voiptime Cloud software was designed with efficiency in mind. Your agents will love our UI for its simplicity and minimalism. No clutter, no confusion, only the things you really need.

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