Contact Management Software

Work with customers professionally using better organization. Make online calls
and save recordings.
Manage Leads Easily with Voiptime Cloud
Use powerful tools to nurture your prospects smarter.
Store contacts in one place
Import your database into the system and manage your information online with Voiptime customer contact management software. Set client cards according to your company’s needs
Track communication history
Store information from all client interactions in their respective profile card: emails, phone calls, meetings, callbacks, notes, etc.
Plan activities and follow-ups
Plan your tasks and daily activities at the calendar. Ensure follow-ups and callbacks with the system of notifications. Keep track of all interactions at the client card log.
Call from the system
Set a SIP number and make cost-efficient calls to different states or countries directly from the client card. Save and download recordings for later listening and analyzing.
Rate clients
Set client status according to their stage in the sales lifecycle. Easily filter leads according to diverse criteria. Use default statuses or add new, tailored to your business needs.
Analyze performance
Check the dashboard to understand your daily plan and team operations. Track new leads and make forecasts based on the lifecycle stage of leads in your database.
Manage your contacts without limits
Voiptime is a cloud-based contact management software for online and personal sales. It helps to organize all contacts, tasks and client’s documentation in one place. With Voiptime online contact management software, you can automate the routine tasks so that you will close more deals and need less data entry. Our software is suitable for different industries: information technology and services, logistics, real estate, insurance, mortgage and so on. To create a contact management solution, we analyzed feedback from over 200 US and European businesses on their main requirements of a lead management software. We combined that feedback with innovative technologies and modern tools to empower businesses to manage their contacts more effectively and to develop Voiptime Lead Management System with a dialing tool.
Accumulate customer information in the client card

7+ years of experience has given us the ability to derive a formula for the best cloud based contact management software and the most flexible client card capabilities. You are able to add as many fields and numbers and as much text as you need. Create your own lead statuses and sources to easily filter leads.

Leave important client information as a note in the client card and establish a perfect relationship with leads by not missing any details.

Connect the system to your email and track email communication. Make calls from the client card and save phone conversation recordings with Voiptime contact relationship management software.

Manage daily tasks with the calendar

Try our contact center workforce management software calendar to set meetings and callbacks. Ensure follow-ups by setting reminder notifications that will be displayed in the system and sent to your email.

To set a callback, just click the ‘Add Task’ button on the client card and choose the right date and time. Edit and delete existing tasks: change time, day, duration, and contact phone in the calendar. Contact list management software enables you to contact leads according the schedule and never miss a sales opportunity.

Call leads with one click

Add an IP-based replacement to phone lines (SIP-number) and call your leads directly through business contact resource management software. Enjoy great connection quality at agreeable prices for best sales call management software on the market. Call users directly from the card by activating and clicking the appropriate number, through the notifications on the right-hand side of the screen, or by entering the number in the soft phone. Press digits required to get through client's IVR.

Save a recording of the conversation in the client card and assign it a status depending on the call’s result. Check the recording later in the call history tab. With our small business contact management software your sales managers will save time and efforts.

Add team members to the system

Add other users to the LMS. Our web-based contact management software for small businesses is perfect for teams. After creating a company, the account manager can add staff members to the system. Staff members will receive an email notification with their login and password information.

Set different access rights to different team members. Assign groups and leads to sales representatives. Pass contacts from one employee to another in the event of vacations or staff changes with a few clicks.

"Helps us to operate more productive Since we started using Voiptime Cloud for lead management and nurturing, we reach our revenue targets easier. We don’t work more, we are just more organized. We always know where to look if we need customer information – any of it - and understand our clients better. We highly recommend this best personal contact management software if you want to improve client management in your company".
Conrad Miller, Evergreen, Arizona
"This system is exactly what I needed. I was looking for a simple and easy-to-use system (or voip management software) to manage my contacts and sales process. The customer database was growing and I kept it partly in Outlook, partly in my phone contacts, partly in notes. I was often lost in information and missed follow-ups and important details. My friends recommended trying Voiptime Cloud. I uploaded my contact list and keep all client information here".
Sarah Chen, Mamba Media, Colorado
"We use this cloud based client management software to organize leads and make sales calls. It’s great for teams. Voiptime Cloud helps our agents sell and manage customers professionally and more easily. And it gives managers opportunity to observe and check the process. We do our scheduling and monitor our staff performance with the calendar and dashboard features. The dialing tool of this phone contact management software is easy to use and provides an excellent call quality and is quite cost-efficient".
Dawn Gordon, Brynn-Moritz Group, Texas
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