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Features of online contact management software

Voiptime Cloud provides a customer relationship management tool for small- and medium-sized businesses with a focus on outbound sales and cold calling. Track and engage sales leads, manage customers, schedule appointments, and monitor the performance of each salesperson using our best contact management software with a built-in CRM system.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Voiptime Cloud contact management solution allows you to choose which projects your sales representatives will have access to and help them organize the sales process in a more efficient way.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Client card can be easily set up according to your specific requirements - just create custom fields in project settings and they will be visible to the whole project.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Engage your contacts easily without leaving the CRM system. Use click-to-call feature for a quick callback or create a call campaign to contact large client database in the shortest time.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Store full customer information and track interactions history in one place. Every call and email are logged automatically into online contact management software and can be reached anytime.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Create call campaigns for specific needs (like all contacts from the USA/ created last month/ interested in special service) with the help of advanced filtering options.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Use our customer relationship management platform to track your scheduled tasks and the occupancy of your agents. Assign callbacks and make appointments with personal and team calendars.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Integrate Voiptime Cloud sales software with your favorite business solutions and create a smooth workflow with no slippage.

Power Dialer Software Solution - best power dialer app Voiptime

Check the KPI achieved and find valuable insights from the comprehensive sales reporting and the real-time dashboard. Use the sales pipeline management tool capabilities to see the real situation in your sales funnel.

Contact Management Software | Voiptime Ivanna Kapitsa
QA Engineer

Pros: This autodialer software is easy to use and has a great interface. We can utilize follow-up tasks, track activity and have the quick insight into outbound and inbound calls. Far better in comparison to our previous solution.

Cons: Our sales department team would like to have the possibility to integrate it with other solutions: Google analytics, Office 365 suite.

Contact Management Software | Voiptime Vladimir Lisovskiy
BI Coordinator
Prinzhorn Group - Dunapack

Pros: It's really great software that helps to lead and manage our customers. It helps to organize our sales in a more productive way so that we don't miss any opportunity. Thanks to the real-time dashboard, I can now analyze and control data and monitor my team's work. In addition, while working with a big amount of customers, I can customize fields for client's card and import data easily...we don't worry about forgetting our planned events and meetings...

Contact Management Software | Voiptime Ahsan Bilal
NuAxis Innovations

Pros: I think the ease of use and call quality is excellent as well as the recordings available right away. While setting up different list for different kind of clients to ensure work is not interrupted. Also the customer service has been on point and have gone an extra mile to help me out when they can in anything that I had trouble with. I am pretty satisfied for the value it provides compared to other sales call tracking software.

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Customer relationship management platform

Automation software your sales representatives will use on a daily basis and a built-in CRM system they will love.

Voiptime Cloud contact management system is your go-to if you’re looking for both efficient sales software and customer relationship management app in a single place. Due to the abundance of useful functions (sales pipeline management, customer relationship management (CRM), etc.), our system considerably simplifies the work of your team by taking over routine tasks and giving your agents more time for actual conversations.

This is not only a convenient contact management solution but also a powerful customer service platform. Your agents won’t overlook a single client and they will always have all the necessary information at hand to provide the first-class customer service.

Why choose Voiptime Cloud solution?

Our online contact management software has a number of compelling advantages that will help you grow your business hands down.

Here’s what you get once you sign up:

  • Simple pricing

    No hidden fees. Choose the most suitable pricing plan and upgrade easily whenever you need it.

  • Versatility

    Have all the necessary sales tools gathered in one place. No need to juggle with several apps.

  • Easy-to-use

    Start in minutes. You only need to create an account and go through a few simple steps to start working.

  • Fully cloud-based software

    Forget about your old bulky on-premise equipment and its maintenance issues. Leave all this to the vendor.

  • Great reliability and performance

    No updates or maintenance processes will cause system crashes. Your team will keep working no matter what.

  • Security

    You don’t have to worry about data protection as all the information is stored on the secure servers provided by us.

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