Re-invent your outbound calling process with

Cloud predictive dialer

Reach maximum agent efficiency, increase call center profitability, and eliminate the manual dialing process with the best predictive dialer software from Voiptime Cloud.
Works best for teams of 5-10+ agents.

Benefits of Cloud Predictive Dialer Software

The cloud-based predictive dialer solution from Voiptime Cloud is an easy-to-use, affordable and scalable solution for outbound calling campaigns. Cloud predictive dialer software filters busy signals, unanswered calls, disconnected calls, and routes only answered calls to agents. Advanced dialer algorithm predicts agent availability for the next call and places outbound calls to multiple contacts at the same time.
Reach the maximum agent productivity with the Voiptime predictive dialing platform:

  • Growth of agent talking time up to 300%
  • Running up to 20 concurrent call attempts per agent
  • Highest call quality and local caller IDs for more than 100 countries
  • Increased call contact rates
  • Steady call flow and reduced agent idle time between calls
  • FCC compliant Predictive dialing software
  • Easy start without any additional hardware or software installation
  • Increased sales conversion rates
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Main Features of Predictive Dialing System

Make your outbound call center more productive with Voiptime Cloud auto dialer software solutions!

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Call campaign

Create outbound call campaigns in a few minutes. You can easily add a call script, configure an autostart option, enable time zone settings or adjust the after-call time to make your campaigns even more efficient. Depending on your needs at any given time, the Voiptime outbound dialer solution allows you to easily switch between dialing modes: Predictive, Preview, Power and Progressive dialers. Our automated dialing technology controls the dialing rate every second, and increases or decreases the number of simultaneous calls accordingly.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Call blending

Our outbound dialing system allows you to assign inbound and outbound tasks to the same agent team and set different priorities for these tasks. In such a way, with priority-based blending, your blended call center team can process customer callbacks after missed campaign calls or help inbound agents manage high volumes of incoming calls.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Real-time reporting
and analytics

Outbound Predictive dialer software offers comprehensive outbound campaign reports that include detailed information about each call attempt, its duration and status, the agent who handled the call, and everything you need to know about each call point-by-point. Real-time monitoring incorporates a complete summary of call center productivity in real-time mode.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Live call monitoring

Outbound dialing system from Voiptime Cloud records every conversation, which is an important quality assurance feature in cloud contact center software. A Predictive dialer system enables you to whisper during any dialogue between your agents and customers to help them in difficult situations. So it is easy to monitor the agents' activity and control their performance, to check whether they meet the highest quality standards and whether they follow compliance regulations.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Redialing rules

When working with a cold base, it is extremely important to reach as many contacts as possible. Cloud-based Predictive dialer software allows you to configure redialing intervals for failed dialing attempts. Thus, with cloud dialer system agents will be able to process up to 100% of the customer database and not waste time on routine dialing.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Auto callback

This predictive dialer function enables call center agents to schedule calls to customers who are not ready to talk right now. Outbound dialer will generate an auto callback at the scheduled time during an outbound campaign and redirect this call to the available agent.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
DNC compliance

Outbound call campaigns are subject to serious legal regulations, and it is critical that the call centers are compliant with DNC policies. Our outbound dialing system is designed to help your agents stay within the designated limits; it blocks blacklisted contacts and ones that have specifically asked not to be contacted.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Built-in CRM

Our contact center software features built-in CRM, so there is no need to go through a complicated and time-consuming integration procedure. Using a predictive dialer system with CRM your agents can easily check the caller details and the previous interaction history on their agent screens during the call.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Local caller ID

Maintain the local presence with toll-free and local phone numbers in more than 100 countries. With the help of the Local Caller ID feature of Voiptime predictive dialing platform, you will dramatically increase contact rates. Just order the necessary phone numbers from us to stay in touch with your customers.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Call scripts

Voiptime cloud contact center software allows you to create flexible call scripts that will be displayed on the agent's screen during inbound and outbound calls. Include in them all the information necessary to address complex customer questions. As a result, your agents will be able to follow the company's communication standards and provide the best possible customer experience.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Time zones

This predictive dialing function will help you find the best time for communication across different regions. Our predictive dialing system allows you to specify outbound call campaign working times for time zones, so you don't have to worry that your agents might cause their customers inconvenience with late-night calls.

Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
API integration

Make seamless two-way API integration between Voiptime contact center solution with dialer and other business tools, like CRM, billing or helpdesk systems, that you use in your business. Update customer data between systems and keep your agents up-to-date with the latest customer information.

Why Work with Voiptime Cloud
Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
contact center software
Voiptime offers not just a Predictive dialer, but a full-featured cloud contact center platform. It has been designed by experts who have 11+ years of experience in telecommunications, so we know what works when it comes to call center operations.
Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Quick implementation
Start with your new fully configured predictive dialing software solution in 24 hours. It becomes so easy to create a remote call center now!
Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Scale up your cloud call center at any time when your seasonal demand changes. Your new agents can start easily without any additional hardware or software installation.
Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Affordable pricing
With Voiptime predictive dialer solutions you can really lower your operational costs. No contracts or long-term commitments, no hidden fees. You always get what you pay for.
Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
and professional services
We guarantee 99.9% uptime, great customer service and professional technical support to help you solve all contact center software-related problems and scale up your business.
Cloud predictive dialer | Predictive auto dialer software | Voiptime
Total security
Your data is stored in a certified data center. It is fully encrypted and protected by firewalls, so you can be sure of the highest level of safety.

Recognized by Professionals

Get the most out of your marketing dollars
while saving time and resources

Find out how the fastest predictive dialing software
from Voiptime Cloud can improve your results.

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Using VoIP Predictive Dialer Software
is Easy as One-two-three

Import contact lists or send data by API
Create and configure an outbound campaign, add a call script
Make agents READY to handle calls
Just monitor the outbound campaign dialing process and the best predictive dialing system will do the rest.

Which Businesses Should Use
Cloud-based Predictive Dialer Software?

The cloud-based predictive dialer software can be used as part of any marketing campaign or sales process in call centers. But it is extremely effective for:

  • Outbound sales and lead generation teams
  • Cold calling and telemarketing campaigns
  • Debt collection calls
  • Professional services in BPO
  • Mortgage and insurance dialing
  • HR and recruiting
  • Fundraising for non-profit organizations
  • Political predictive dialing

Key Features
of Our Contact Center Solution

Unified agent interface (voice, web chat, email)

Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

CTI Screen Pop

Intelligent call routing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

Call scripting

Predictive, Progressive, and Preview dialers

Call center management tools

Blacklist numbers

Call recording

Real-time dashboards & live call monitoring

Historical reporting

CRM integrations

Quality management

Workforce management

Local & Toll-Free numbers

BYOC option (bring your own carrier)

Frequently Asked Questions

+What is a cloud predictive dialer, and why does it triple the productivity?

+How many agents do you need for the predictive dialing system, and how does it work?

+How does predictive boost agent efficiency?

+What businesses are constantly using the predictive dialer and profit?

The predictive have a wide array of usage in niches such as debt collection, promotion, surveys, BPO, insurance, and any telemarketing activities and calling avenues with huge prospects and customers base.

+How to start a predictive dialer campaign?

+How do you know how many customers you can reach using cloud predictive dialer software?

+What to know before buying subscriptions for cloud predictive dialer software?

First of all, the main advantage is the capacity to work from any part of the world, in your office, home, you name it. And the reason why it’s economical and cost-effective is 100%-free from upfront investments.

You are paying for what you are achieving. The requirements for use are desktop/laptop; headsets with the micro and wired internet connection.

You can start to close sales and reach customers within 24 hours after achieving the necessary number of subscriptions.

The Voiptime Cloud's outbound calling software is a cloud-based system you can use from office, home, or any remote location that improves your agent's efficiency, resilience, and talking capacities.

+What are the KPI metrics of the cloud predictive dialer software you need to track to constantly profit?

Abandon rate (AR) is one of the most critical KPI metrics because it is regulated and monitored by the federal agencies in the US, the Ofcom in the UK, and most of the developed countries. The FCC and Ofcom restrict this metric by 3%.

And most of the agencies around the globe have between 3% and 5%. That’s why the Voiptime Сloud’s predictive dialing system instantly identifies the spikes of the ARs and slows the dialing pace, if necessary.

Average answer delay (AAD) is another metric you should constantly review. It shows in seconds how much time your potential customers wait for a connection with the live agent before hanging up.

Agents occupancy. Agent’s occupancy is the actual talking time agents spend (in minutes and seconds) during the overall working shift.

The agent idle time. The idle time is an unproductive activity, such as waiting for starting of the campaign, incoming calls, searching for additional information about potential customers, etc.

The average seizure ratio (ASR). The metric indicates the percentage of contacts with live prospects and customers versus failed dialing attempts.

+What is the key difference between predictive, power (progressive), and preview dialers?

There're significant differences between predictive and power dialing modes you must understand. The purpose of the predictive dialing system is to simultaneously dial the next phone number from the list when the conversation is expected to end. On the other hand, the power dialer connects agents with one consumer at a time until they're ready for the next call.

Now, the preview dialer delegates to an agent the option to choose relevant numbers from the list. After the evaluation and consideration, an agent makes a decision about calling or not. Additionally, it furnishes you with info about each consumer. For example, available account details, name, address, credit card, purchasing activity, etc

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Deliver more human connections
and increase the agent performance!

With our cloud-based predictive dialer software, you will customize every aspect
of your outbound call center experience.

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