Re-invent your
cold calling process with

Cloud predictive dialer

Predictive dialer is a smart automated telephone dialing system for managing outbound calls. It works best for teams of 10+ agents.

predictive dialer
Major benefits of Voiptime Cloud
predictive dialer software
Efficient predictive dialing

Your agents are not involved until the call is answered by a real person. This increases contact ratios and talk time up to 300%.

Optimized workflow

The auto dialer decreases wait time between calls, which leads to increased performance. Agent’s occupancy grows up to 80%.

Balanced performance

The predictive dialer in the cloud contact center triples the number of live calls. Intelligent algorithms optimize the call rate and control the target % of abandoned calls.

Predictive dialer in call center:
a guaranteed performance booster

Increase the performance of your call center by 70% with our SIP predictive dialer.

Essential solutions for seamless work
of your cloud call center
Call campaign

Provides campaign managers with current agents’ activity status, a progress report on each Predictive dialer campaign (the status of each call, the number of completed calls, the last call date), and a complete summary of call center productivity in real time. This is an essential feature for management, monitoring, and control within a cloud call center, and it is supported by predictive dialers.

Advanced call reporting

Predictive dialer software offers comprehensive outbound campaign reports which include detailed information about every call attempt, the duration and status, the agent who worked with the call, etc. Advanced reporting incorporates everything you need to know about each call point-by-point.

Voice call recording

The application records every single conversation, which is an important quality assurance feature in cloud contact center software. Predictive dialer enables you to listen to any dialogue between your agents and customers, to monitor the agents’ activity and control their performance, to check whether they meet the highest quality standards and whether they follow compliance regulations.

Flexible redialing rules

When working with a cold base, it is extremely important to reach as many contacts as possible. Predictive dialer software allows you to configure redialing intervals for failed dialing attempts. Thus, operators will be able to process up to 100% of contacts from the list.

Auto callbacks

This predictive dialer function enables sales reps to create auto callbacks during an outbound campaign. Predictive dialer will generate a callback and redirect the call to an agent who is not busy at the moment.

Easy switching
between dialing modes

Voiptime Cloud contact center software provides several dialing modes. Depending on your needs at any particular moment, it allows you to easily switch between the Predictive dialer, Preview dialer, Power dialer, and Progressive dialer systems.

DNC compliance

Outbound call campaigns are subject to serious legal regulations, and it is critical that the call center is compliant with DNC policies. Predictive dialer is designed to help your agents stay within the designated limits; it blocks blacklisted contacts and ones that have specifically asked not to be contacted.

Built-in CRM

Our call center software features built-in CRM, so there is no need to go through a complicated and time-consuming integration procedure. Also, agents can easily retrieve customer information and all call records from CRM for later review.

Local caller ID

Potential customers are less likely to respond to calls if the number is completely unfamiliar. The Local Caller ID feature in predictive dialer enables your outbound call center to increase contact rates. You can purchase DID number of any region with Voiptime Cloud platform and connect with more leads.


Our call center software constructs a flexible script that will be displayed on the agent’s screen next to the client card. Predictive dialer will create a helpful working environment for operators to be ready to deal with tough queries from their customers and assist them in following communication standards of the company and providing the best customer service.

Time zonessoon

This predictive dialing function will help you find the best time for communication across different regions. Our contact center application will display time zones of customers so that agents will be able to plan their communication in advance without worrying that they might cause their customers inconvenience with late-night calls.

API integration

A user-friendly, full-range application program interface (API) in predictive dialer is a great tool that enables you to integrate the Voiptime contact center solution with other business applications you use for your work.

Using predictive dialer software
is easy as one-two-three
Import or filter contacts for phone dialing
Check campaign settings
Make agents READY to handle calls
Just monitor the process and the auto dialer system will do the rest.
Why work with us
Fully cloud-based
This characteristic enables quick and easy auto dialer setup and allows you to save time on organizing the work of your agents regardless of their location.
Intuitive interface
No additional training or IT staff needed to install and maintain our call center software platform. Start calling immediately!
Remove or add a number of agents as needed. This function is especially great for seasonal contact centers.
Transparent pricing
No hidden fees or additional payment for outbound channels required. You always get what you pay for.
and professional services
We guarantee 99.5% uptime, great customer service and technical support to help you solve all contact center software-related problems.
Total security
Your data is stored in a certified data center. It is fully encrypted and protected by firewalls, so you can be sure of the highest level of safety.
Predictive dialer software solutions
are extremely effective for
  • Multiple outbound call center campaigns
  • Sales and telemarketing campaigns
  • Debt collection
  • Professional services in BPO
  • Mortgage and insurance dialing
  • HR and recruiting
  • Fundraising for non-profit organizations
  • Political predictive dialing
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