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All-in-one solution for cold calling

Hitting ambitious sales goals has never been easier! Spend less time dialing and more time talking
with Voiptime Cloud hosted dialer.

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Don’t let inefficient software stand on your way

Say goodbye to: Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime

  • Low-performing outbound sales teams;
  • Lengthy time of software implementation;
  • Complicated integration with other business solutions.

We’ll simplify your outbound sales process!

Features of hosted dialer software

  • Flexible filtration of contacts;
  • Call campaigns with 3 dialing modes;
  • Customizable redialing rules and time zones settings;
  • More than 20 simultaneous call attempts per agent;
  • Call recording;
  • Autostart of campaigns;
  • Real-time monitoring of call center productivity;
  • Detailed reporting;
  • Incoming calls;
  • Built-in CRM.

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Key benefits of hosted dialer solutions from Voiptime Cloud
Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime

Enjoy professional services
from call center software experts

Designed especially for outbound calling

We have used all our expertise to develop the best hosted predictive dialer for cold calling. Voiptime Cloud solution is powerful yet simple enough to create a call campaign in minutes.

Increase your agents’ productivity

Automated routine tasks

Hosted dialer system combines all the necessary features required for smooth workflow. Average growth of user occupancy with Voiptime hosted dialer is 80%.

Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime
Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime

Process large databases quickly

All-in-one solution

Our hosted dialer software has a built-in CRM for better client management. Flexible filters can be used not only for everyday work of the manager but also for quick creation of call lists.

Have 3-4 times more live conversations

300% more live calls per day

Process telemarketing campaigns in shorter periods. Thanks to the decrease in idle time between calls and automatic adjustment of dialing speed, your team will become more efficient.

Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime
Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime

Make your outbound sales process
transparent and effective

Various reports for better management

Use agent activity reporting for full monitoring and control of agents’ work. Oversee the real-time dashboard to get a complete picture of what is going on in the sales department.

Comply with legal regulations
with our hosted dialer services

Alignment with telemarketing rules

Our dialer is compliant with legal regulations (FCC and Ofcom). Make sure that your agents don’t disturb your clients with silent calls or at night.

Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime
Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime

Don’t spend money
on things you don’t need

Cost-effective solution

Voiptime hosted dialer is a plug-and-play fully cloud-based solution. No IT staff is needed to implement it and no additional agent training is necessary to start working.

Ensure total security
and reliability for your customers

Powerful and secure call center software

With guaranteed 99,9% uptime, we ensure stable and reliable workflow for our clients. The team of cloud telephony experts is always there for you to provide consultation or fix any unexpected issue.

Hosted Dialer Solutions | Voiptime

What is a hosted dialer

A hosted dialer is a synonym to a cloud-based auto-dialer. Compared to traditional on-premise dialing solutions, such dialers bring much more advantages to any business. They are cost-effective, multifunctional, and easy to implement. Hosted predictive dialer systems can also integrate with other business software.

The benefits of hosted dialer:

  • It connects agents only to the live calls by skipping answering machines, disconnected lines, busy signals, and unanswered calls. All unanswered calls are redialed automatically which increases the chances to connect with a maximum number of leads from the list.
  • A hosted predictive dialer prognoses when a call is about to end and dials the next number. Thanks to predictive dialing algorithm, agent talking time increases up to 50 minutes per hour.
  • Besides predictive dialing, this software has lots of other features. For example, it allows managers to monitor agent performance during calls, which is very useful for coaching and supervision.
  • Hosted dialer pricing will be a pleasant surprise for you. It is the solution that dramatically reduces the cost of call center implementation. It doesn’t require any hardware and a dedicated IT department to start working.

Hosted dialers are often used by customer service agents, telemarketers, and inside sales representatives to automate dialing and maximize talking time.

Improve your business
with Voiptime Call Center Software!
Try out highly efficient hosted predictive dialer software and
get professional services from industry experts.

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