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Why Voiptime hosted dialer software
All-in-one solution
You don't have to search for any CRM or hosted auto dialer in addition. All you need for sales is readily available in our sales dialer solution.
Optimization of outbound dialing
You can configure dialing speed to reach the maximum agents productivity during cold calling.
Flexible filters
Our filters can be used not only for everyday work of the manager but also for quick creation of call lists.
Easy campaign set up
Our system is designed in such a way that you can use minimum settings for launching your campaign. Advanced settings for experts are also available.
Real time monitoring dashboard
This feature keeps you on track with the overview of campaign progress including average and maximum talking time, average and maximum waiting time, and detailed dialing statuses.
Redialing rules for unsuccessful calls
Only live calls are delivered to agents, all unsuccessful calls are redialed automatically. You can flexibly setup an automatical redialing for a certain period of time.
Time zones
You can adjust call time automatically based on area code, therefore you don’t need to worry about calling to customers who live in different time zones.
No additional trainings needed
The interface of our dialer is simple enough so you don’t have to spend time on training. Just start calling leads right away.
99% uptime
Our hosted predictive dialer is a cloud-based solution with a guaranteed 99% uptime. Thus, you don’t need IT staff to ensure its stable work.
What is a hosted dialer
A hosted dialer is a cloud-based predictive dialer or auto-dialer. Hosted dialer solutions are used to decrease dialing time and increase agent’s talking time.
The main advantages of a hosted dialer are as follows:
A predictive hosted dialer connects agents only to the calls that are answered by people freeing them from busy signals, disconnected lines, unanswered calls, answers from fax machines or other automatic services. Besides, all unanswered calls will be automatically dialed again later so no lead will be lost.
This software monitors each agent’s performance during calls. Therefore, it helps to coach and direct agents into better supervision and provides the best working relations between the workforce and administration.
As a hosted dialer is able to predict when a call is about to end and dials the next number for the agent, it increases talking time up to 50 minutes in an hour increasing in sales and saving time for both agents and a call center.
Hosted dialer software reduces IT costs as well as hardware costs since it is easier to set up than traditional dialing solutions.
It can maximize agent’s productivity as it provides reminders and callbacks.
Hosted predictive dialer solutions are often used by telemarketers, inside sales representatives and customer service agents.
Transform your sales process - less handy work, more conversations
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