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Virtual Call Center Software Solutions | Voiptime Cloud

What Is a Virtual Call Center?

Virtual Call Center means that your call center employees don’t have to work from a single location and can handle inbound and outbound calls, as well as other types of requests from anywhere, even from different geographic locations. It is an excellent option for providing customer service across different time zones. The implementation of virtual call center software solutions increases your business’ flexibility and makes it more resistant to any unpredictable situations.

How Does a Virtual
Call Center Work?

All remote call center agents have access to a virtual call center platform that is hosted on the cloud. Therefore, you can easily connect multiple distributed offices and remote employees into one system.
Voiptime cloud-based call center solution provides powerful tools for remote team performance monitoring, quality assurance, and tracking main KPIs. It enables your managers to stay connected with all team members and gain visibility of all call center operations.

Virtual Call Center Software Solutions | Voiptime Cloud

How Your Business Can Benefit
From a Remote Call Center?

Larger Pool of Talents

You are not bound to your city or region when hiring high-skilled agents. Combine agent teams from different time zones to ensure your business is accessible 24/7. All they need (aside from skills) to work with your remote call center software is a headset, computer, and Internet connection (preferably wired).

No Maintenance Costs

You do not need to spend money on bulky hardware and its maintenance. With a cloud-based virtual contact center, upfront costs are significantly lower, you pay only for user subscriptions.

One Bundle
from the Single Vendor

Get the modern call center solution with the full set of productivity, agent effectiveness, quality assistance tools from one vendor.

Quicker Interaction
With Customers

Your customers won’t have to wait on hold for ages. With virtual call center solutions, they can create a callback and have a conversation when it is suitable for them. Extend the number of ways to contact you with multichannel contact center software. Your agents will be able to process web-chats, send follow-up emails and SMS without switching to another software.

Team Management

Your team might be scattered across the world but a virtual call center software program enables you to track its performance in real time and make informed decisions. You can also get valuable business insights thanks to the detailed reporting.

Business Continuity

Stay in touсh with your customers no matter what interruptions your business faces. Migrate to the cloud call center and succeed with remote offices whatever happens. Our remote call center software enables you to handle calls seamlessly, regardless of any local problems.

Are You Ready to Set up a Virtual Call Center?

Contact us and describe your needs.

How to Setup a Virtual Call Center
with Voiptime Cloud?

Virtual Call Center Software Solutions | Voiptime Cloud

Step 1. Describe Your Business Tasks

Provide your personal manager with all the necessary information. Get a training session on our cloud call center software features.

Step 2. Prepare Remote Agents’ Workplaces

Prepare remote agents’ workplaces. All they need to work is a headset, computer, and stable Internet connection (preferably wired).

Step 3. Get a Cloud-based Solution Adjusted to Your Workflow

Get customized remote call center software up and running within 2 business days. We will adjust it to your business processes.

Step 4. Launch Your Call Center Operations

Start your virtual call center and analyze the first results with your personal manager.

Step 5. Monitor Your Agents’ Performance in Real-time Mode

Track your agents’ performance with our reporting tools in real-time mode. Make informed decisions based on detailed statistics.

Why Voiptime Cloud Contact Center Solution?

See Our Benefits


Voiptime solutions are created and supported by VoIP & telecommunication professionals with huge experience in the industry. Rely on our team and get guaranteed 99.5% uptime, top-notch customer service, and the best technical support to help you solve all contact center software-related problems.


We ensure your business and customer data are always secure by aligning with rigorous security frameworks and privacy laws. The entire system is virtualized and redundant, with an extensive backup system.


Your call centers can be seamlessly adjusted to seasonal demand changes. Run new call center locations, reduce or increase the number of agents whenever you need it. It is especially useful for seasonal businesses or remote offices.


We are constantly developing our solution and adding various improvements to it. Get our call center software updates automatically at no extra cost.


Reduce costs on hardware and on-premise phone system purchase and maintenance. Implement full-featured cloud call center software in 48 hours. Save time and use it for organizing the work of your remote agents. Simply plug and play!


We partner with the top-class VoIP carriers to provide the highest level of call quality. If you need professional advice regarding your IT infrastructure, our experts are ready to help you.


You get a fully customized call center solution from the start, with call routing, blended queues, Predictive dialer, call center monitoring tools, etc. Your manager can perform daily tasks on their own, without the IT staff’s involvement. An intuitive and user-friendly interface will allow your agents to start working quickly and easily.

Do You Want to Know More About
the Voiptime Virtual Call Center Solution?

Contact us and request a demo.

Make Your Remote Work Easier
With Virtual Contact Center Features

  • Unified agent interface (voice, web chat, email)
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • CRM Integration
  • Call script construction
  • Predictive, Progressive & Preview dialers
  • Agentless campaigns and chatbots
  • Multichannel communication (email, webchat)
  • Blacklist numbers
  • Call monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Quality management
  • Real-time dashboards and historical reporting
  • Workforce management
  • Local & toll-free numbers
  • BYOC option (bring your own carrier)

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