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This is more than just an online sales software for cold calls. Use this powerful call center solution to organize the workload of your sales, call center, sales operations and customer support departments.
Inside Sales


Automate the workflow of your sales team with sales acceleration software and let them concentrate more on sales deals rather than routine data entry. With easily accessible data, it is simpler for every member of the sales team to quickly share information and provide updates. Our sales CRM greatly facilitates cooperation between sales and marketing and helps to generate a flood of data as well as secure more deals closed.

Inside Sales Software

Lead capture

Website leads are always considered high priority. All data from website forms are automatically submitted to the built-in sales CRM, so sales representatives can start working with new prospects right away.

Data import

Easily import your existing contact database into our call center software using a CSV file. Assign the appropriate sales representative during the import process.

Lead distribution process

Assign the most qualified representative to a project and achieve the necessary level of confidentiality in your company.

Inside Sales


Our software solution manages each and every interaction with leads and provides the sales representatives with all necessary customer information. With built-in CRM you have a clear overview of all of the client’s data: communication history, call recording, what issues they are facing, what documents and emails are sent, etc. At the same time, sales managers have the ability to monitor who is working on each lead, how long each client has been in the pipeline, and at which stage in the process each lead is at any given time.

Inside Sales Software

Lead management

Automate the entire sales process, manage leads and convert them into customers. Use flexible filters for everyday work and for easy call campaign creation.

Custom client card settings

View all lead data and contact history in the client card. You can store all related offers and agreements there.

Call recording

Find your team's call records on the Call records tab for later review and analysis. Check the previous communication with the lead due to call records attached to theeach client card.

Increase the sales productivity of your inbound
and outbound contact center teams

Inside Sales

Connect and engage

Call center software from Voiptime Cloud optimizes the sales process, increases connect rates and helps to track performance indicators. No more wasting time cold calling using manual dialing which decreases overall performance. Our dialer easily solves this issue, as it automatically dials the phone number and connects the sales representative with live calls only. Organize a successful contact center in your company and improve the customer experience dramatically.

Inside Sales Software


Triple the number of sales conversations per hour. Keep calls rolling and minimize agent's idle time.

Call campaign management

Create a call campaign with minimum settings from the contact filtration results. Check the status of each call attempt and restart campaign if required.

Intelligent call routing for inbound calls

Provide excellent customer service and support. Connect each client with their personal manager automatically to give them the best experience.

Call transfer

Easily transfer callers to colleagues or even other departments. Check the whole call flow in the call report.

Inside Sales


Thanks to the sales acceleration software solution from Voiptime Cloud you can monitor sales representatives’ productivity to understand whether or not they are on the right track to reach established goals: see not only the number of completed calls but also the status of each call attempt and the status of each campaign. Analyze pipeline reporting and assist each member of your team in finding out their weak points and improving sales skills. Ensure compliance improvement and quality assurance by listening to call recordings.

Inside Sales Software

Real-time activity

See the status of a campaign as well as the number of completed calls. The ability to view call center metrics is essential for sales management in order to track analytics of the sales team.


Monitor the performance of your sales representatives, check the number of inbound, outbound, and transferred calls anytime.

Users’ activity

Monitor the overall activity of any user in detail (leads assigned, calls, tasks etc.).

Sales pipeline

View the movement of leads between pipeline stages and control the conversion rate for every sales representative.

Build a new future
of inbound and outbound sales
with our innovative call center software


Inside Sales Software CRM for Your Business | Voiptime Cloud Olha Polyakova

“We compared dozens of contact center products a year ago. We discovered Voiptime Cloud has the most call center and lead management features that we need right now. Besides, they constantly develop new ones.

This cloud-based sales solution helps to increase the workflow of my team and automate the call center and sales operations departments. Thanks to outbound campaigns as well as inbound sales calls we reach more prospects now, constantly increasing our revenue and providing better customer support.”

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