Inside sales software

Make your phone sales more effective and organized. Qualify and assign leads, make online calls and record conversations with Voiptime software for inside sales.
Use powerful tools to smartly nurture your prospects
Sell remotely faster and easier with Voiptime Cloud inside sales CRM software. Access the system online and use helpful features for lead calling and organizing. Our sales calls management software provides automatized workflow allowing sales agents to concentrate more on sales deals rather than on routine data entry. With our reasonable pricing receive simple-to-use yet powerful software that will boost your sales.

Lead Qualifying

Qualified leads are more likely to become opportunities. Give your lead a status according to their stage in the sales process. Choose one out of five default statuses: new, open, potential, customer, or unqualified. Change lead’s status when they move to a different pipeline stage. Filter leads according to their status and organize your work accordingly with sales call management software.

Leads statistics based on statuses will be shown in the ‘Contacts by Lifecycle Stage’ chart in the dashboard, so you can analyze your pipeline and make sales forecasts with inside sales perceptive software.

Lead Assigning

With this best software for sales management you will bring your team to success. The lead is automatically assigned to the sales rep who added the lead to the system. However, a manager can pass the prospect to a different employee. This is particularly useful when a member of the team goes on vacation or is out of the office. Managers can assign certain clients or even projects to other team members to organize the workflow in sales conversation software. As the system stores all customer communication history inside the client card, it is easy to catch up and proceed with the client without losing any information or important details.

So, when the lead is reassigned to another sales agent with Voiptime Cloud inside sales representative software, the new person can access all client details, documents, email communication and phone conversation recordings. Voiptime best inside sales software ensures no client is lost with the change of an account manager.

Call Recording and Email Tracking

After you connect your email to the inside sales call center software, all e-communication with the lead is uploaded to the client card. To see sent and received emails, simply click the email tab. The client card also contains contact information, documents, notes and callback records. By clicking the call history tab of the inside sales call tracking software, you can see all calls made to the client and even listen to or download them.

Improve customer service and experience by not missing any details and keeping all your information in sales call tracking solution. Use our best app for sales call tracking and be able to listen to call recordings for further training, quality assurance and improvement of phone selling skills of your agents. Make constant progress with Voiptime inside sales lead tracking software.

"Awesome for this price! Easy-to-use, effective software for inside sales. It has all features needed for sales acceleration: lead organizing and qualifying, calendar, callbacks, scenarios, and a dialer that allows you to make a call from the client card while having all client information in front of your eyes (emails, notes, and phone call notes). Filter options and call recordings. It’s the best lead management option on the market at this price".
Jil, Biz Stock, South Carolina
"Our customer database became more organized; it is easier to manage accounts, check how they are run or assign an account from one agent to another. Clients are happier as they get much more attention. More deals are closed as more sales opportunities are discovered with this inside sales representative management software".
Chris, 7Up Communications, Florida
"Best lead generation management system Voiptime Cloud helped us to bring sales all across the company to one standard. The system allows us to organize the possibility of lead tracking for sales agent and to nurture leads more persistently and thus to close more deals and to receive more profit. We use calendar, task reminders (for callbacks and meetings) to schedule interaction with clients properly, and the team manager can always track and oversee all activities. The time zone feature of phone sales software helps us to contact leads at the most appropriate and effective time."
Gabriel, AXA, Georgia
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