About us

Meet the Voiptime Team

The rise of Voiptime is intertwined with the expansion of U.S. call centers in 2009, when over new 60 call centers were established in one year and another 72 contact centers grew significantly. The Voiptime founders decided to make their own contribution to the newly developing industry and, before the company celebrated its first anniversary, this top new cloud based product was commercially available.

In 2010, Voiptime decided to take part in ICCE (the International Contact Center Expo and Conference), held in Miami. For 3 days, conference participants attended 65 sessions on different trends and analytics. While the industry overall was dealing with a tough economy, ICCE 2010 provided every participant with strategies for rewarding and productive work.

The exhibitors at the event inspired Voiptime to release an innovative solution with IVR. It helped to strengthen control of call centers with an adjustable system. The Voiptime team was driven by a passion for solution-creation, seeking to help business to search clients in more powerful and effective ways while remaining customer-friendly.

Voiptime’s goal is to help contact centers and phone-based sales departments to provide higher-quality service and establish better connections with customers. For instance, banks had the largest call centers in the United States in 2014, and the Voiptime team created additional functionality for them. The new product release included reminders, notifications and debt collecting tools via SMS, voice, or email.

Voiptime is one of the top experts in IP telephony and contact centre solutions, constantly striving to improve products to meet demands of fast-growing contact center market as well as their customers. The Voiptime team is enthusiastic about connecting you with your perfect clients and making the process as efficient as possible. After all, our best traits are our sincerity, clarity, and productivity.