Power dialer

Less dialing - more sales
CRM + Inbound + Power dialer only for $46   (per user/month)
How to use
Power dialer
  • 1
    Quick analytics
    With the help of flexible filters, select the leads you want to call to.
  • 2
    Creating a campaign
    You can run a campaign with minimum settings or set up advanced option for specific needs.
  • 3
    Campaign management
    Manage outgoing campaign and easily restart it to redial the client base.
  • 4
    Detailed reporting
    Track the status of the campaign and productivity of each agent in a convenient dashboard.
Key features
of our software
Real-time dashboard

On the dashboard agents can see the status of a campaign as well as statistics of completed calls. At the same time, owner can track statistics of all agents groups.


Power dialer solution is a module of our LMS so you don’t need to integrate it with any system. You could view the whole interaction history during the call and to create new notes in the client card.

Automatic callbacks

You can create callback to any date and time, the system will dial it at set period and send it to any person who is assigned to the same campaign.


You can use your own number or purchase the IDI of any needed country or region from us and, thus, increase the number of answered calls.

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power dialer sofware
What is it

A Power Dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that connects prospects with agents. To understand the mechanism, here is how it works: power dialer makes a call to a specific number fetched from the system, as soon as the call is answered it is routed directly to the salesperson or, if it reached to the voicemail, it moves to the next number in a list and dials it so that the process goes on.

Power dialer app is easy to use since only the calls attended by people are transferred to the salespeople or agents. It also effective as it saves time from checking and dialing each number and waiting for respond of actual callee. Moreover, the quality of connection is very high as, with the help of power dialer software, callers get instant response and information because it places calls only when an agent is available and can handle a call. Thus, there is no risk of dropped calls or irritated customers. Power dialer is suitable for all campaigns, from customer care follow-up calls to telesales.

between Predictive and Power

Criteria Predictive dialer Power dialer
Call logic predicts the number of calls to be dialed at once calls numbers one by one
Avaliability of agent dials when agent is about to become available dials only when agent is available

The size of the agents group 5+ 1+
Risk of call drops minimal risk if you have enough agents no risk
Recommendations for use is extremely effective for cold calls is effective for warm contacts
Why and when
shoud you use Power dialer

Your agents still dial hundreds leads list day after day but it is still too large and you don’t want to waste any of the leads. This is where a power dialer app comes to the assistance. The main advantages of Power dialer are:

  • increase efficiency (up to 300%);
  • maximize productivity (up to 400%);
  • increase talk time per hour (from 30 minutes to 45 minutes);
  • increase calls per agent (up to 300 per day );
  • increase contact rations (dial up above 80 contacts per hour);
  • increase sales per day.
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