Short Description of What Dialer Software Is for Dummies

It is a well-known fact that most of sales are made over the phone and the more calls you make the better chances for increasing the revenue are. Therefore, agents time must be used wisely to keep the calls rolling and minimize idle time. In order to maintain a high level of efficiency, businesses need flexible, fully integrated yet simple to manage tool so that sales reps could easily access customer data and create the positive customer experience. This absolutely indispensable tool is dialer software.

We are going to have a closer look at what a dialer software is, what main characteristics it should have to be effective for your call center and how it helps to call leads more productively.

What is dialer software?

Dialer software is a tool used to automate the process of outbound dialing. The efficient time of sales reps who dial manually is very low as some calls are not picked, busy, etc. Besides, sales reps spend more time on dialing than on talking. Therefore, most of call centers aimed to increase the efficiency of their reps and decreasing their idle time choose dialer software. Depending on the kind of a dialer, the most popular ones (the Power or Predictive mode) can:

  • dial several numbers simultaneously and when the client answers, it automatically delivers the call to the available agent (predictive dialer);

  • dial a number only when a sales rep becomes available (power dialer).


In addition to the ability to quickly start outbound call campaigns, an effective dialer should have next features:

  • Customer relationship management. CRM is considered to be one of the most essential features as it provides sales reps with all client’s information and interactions. Thanks to it, sales reps can easily manage leads, interact with them by phone/email, etc.

  • Click-to-call. It allows sales reps to make outbound calls directly from their CRM while seeing all the information about the prospect. Besides, they can change data and enter notes in client’s card during or after the call.

  • Campaign management. The best dialer solutions allow manager easily configure call campaigns and start them without the help of IT staff. In addition, you have a possibility to monitor campaigns and to change dialing mode if needed.

  • Call recording. This feature is helpful for reps to refer to previous calls for refreshing in mind all the deals’ details before calling the client as well as for managers to monitor their performance for further training, quality assurance and compliance improvement. All call records are automatically attached to the client’s card.

  • Real-time dashboard. Every sales rep can see the number of new leads and tasks planned for a day. It also shows the movement of contacts through the pipeline.

  • Detailed reporting. With the help of this tool, a manager can see not only the number of completed calls but also the status of each call attempt and the status of each campaign. It is essential (for managers) as it shows call center metrics (customer holding time, agent idle time, etc.).

  • Web-to-lead API. As website leads are always of the highest priority, it is very important that all the data submitted by website visitor be collected and automatically submitted to the system, so sales reps can start working with new prospects right away.

According to recent studies, dialer software can increase rep’s talking time from 15 minutes per hour up to near 48 minutes (that is almost by 300%). Therefore, it is vitally important to implement dialer for increasing sales and better lead management. The above-mentioned characteristics will help you to choose better call dialer and, thus, enhance your sales reps’ TTH (Talk Time per Hour) as well as boost the revenue.  


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