The Anatomy of a Bank Call Center

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In this article we talked about the services and functionality of call centers in financial institutions.

In Why do Banks Need Call Centers article we talked about the services and functionality of the financial institution call centers.

Today we’ll take a closer look at the way a bank call center could be organized.
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Call Center Director

is an expert with innovative strategic thinking, who operates the contact center and manages several teams. This person establishes contacts within the organization and all departments (e.g. IT, HR, Training). The director's efforts are targeted toward the improvement of customer service and inquiry processing.

Responsibilities: The bank call center Director should set goals, insight, and create a strategic plan. His/her task is to motivate and inspire the team (or several teams, as on the chart above) to do their best and meet customer expectations. The Director is also responsible for operational efficiency, service measurements, and the achievement of all KPIs.

Key traits:

• call center supervisory experience
• relevant work experience in Financial or Retirement Services
• leadership, organizational, and communication skills

Team Managers

manage teams of agents on a daily basis. Team Managers decide what services to improve on or develop, as well as set and meet customer service targets. They set the direction of improvement or development. Managers coordinate and motivate employees.

Responsibilities: Execution of call center operations and strategies. Team Managers work in collaboration with other departments and cooperate with Mentors, Agents, and third parties. Managers handle the most complicated customer complaints and demands. They monitor random calls and all aspects of staff performance.

Key traits:

• supervisory experience in call center coordination and team management
• the ability to set, meet, and exceed targets
• self-motivated, strong time/task manager, organized, and with exceptional business communication skills
• ability to coordinate different projects (Outbound, Inbound)

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Bank Captain

is a liaison between the client and management. This person understands all policies and procedures, as well as state regulations. The main challenge is assigning the security service for different banking centers.

Responsibilities: Bank Captains need to patrol the security and safety of the organization. They are constantly monitoring and reporting.

Key traits:

• supervisory experience
• experience supervising security teams
• military service
• Security Officer License by BSIS


engages agents and improves their performance.
Preparation and delivery of training to the agents are key duties of Mentors. There are different types of mentoring. For instance, peer mentoring for new agents. This type of mentoring typically involves pairing the mentee agent with a veteran for some period of time, from 7 days to 4 weeks, after the initial training is finished. New agents practice what they have learned and obtain feedback and tips from their experienced colleagues. This position involves strategic planning skills, performance reporting, and participation in cross-departmental meetings to improve service.

Responsibilities: Teach agents to make inbound or/and outbound calls, chat on-line and answer emails. Mentor should make sure that all issues are resolved in the least amount of calls and time possible. Mentor also assists HR in interviewing new candidates.

Key traits:
• customer service and training experience
• strong mentoring skills

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makes and receives telephone calls on behalf of a bank in order to meet customer requirements. Agents may have diverse skills and handle different roles. They can work with inbound calls (provide information to the customers calling the bank), or outbound calls (calling a customer to sell goods or services e.g. credit cards). Blended agents can handle both incoming and outgoing calls.

Responsibilities: Agents represent different bank units (e.g. credit department) in a positive and professional manner. Agents perform transactions and complete applicable forms and documentation, send transfers, process applications, activate cards, and maintain other essential functions in banks and other financial institutions.

Key traits:

• excellent computer skills
• outstanding verbal and written communication skills
• customer service experience
• ability to handle bank accounts


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