Why do Banks Need Call Centers?

Call centers serve various purposes for a bank: provide information, conduct transactions, or submit enquiries.

What associations do you have with bank call center? The first one is 24x7x365 because it should give your clients the secure and uninterrupted services. Surprisingly, these numbers are the first reason why financial institutions make investments in call center. Without contact center banks won’t be able to provide services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The next major reason is operating costs reducement. So, let’s look with what bank call centers do this.

What do bank call centers need?

Open lines of communication is basic requirement for institutions that handle someone’s money. Customers need the feeling of control and financial security. So, operators of a bank should give the customer care.

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Bank call center should call potential customers, conduct surveys, review products, and launch advertising campaigns. The call center managers initiate these services, their job is to decide the way agents call to customers. These calls are used to promote a new product or service. One more outbound calls purpose: is the customer's education. The agents need to tell the customers the importance of accounts security, and what to do in case of fraudulent activities etc.


It is not the secret that modern banks use not only human interface, but also Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Calls can be taken by the IVR in several languages. It provides certain banking services without requiring them to speak to an agent.

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IVR helps financial sphere to automate the handling up to 85% of all inquiries.


Workforce management software predicts the volume of calls. Call center managers schedule the relevant and suitable number of agents to meet needs with its help. WFM is enough smart to take into account different breaks, training, vacations and sickness. Its software establishes the number of agents to cope with calls at a needed service level.

Your bank needs all this functionality to give the services we’ll give you in the next chapter.

Bank call center services

  • Inquires (financing programs, account balance, banking services, transactions, general product information)
  • Transfers (send and receive, issue in local or foreign currencies)
  • Payments (credit card bills, other bills)
  • Reporting (complaint, about lost card, cheque book request, receipt note)
  • Processing (mortgage, loan applications, PIN Authentication, PIN Change)
  • Informing (branch locations, currency exchange rates)
  • Activation (credit and debit card, account)
  • Other (sales, SMS-banking) etc.

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