Key Features of Lead Management Software

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Previously, we discussed hints which help you to manage leads. Now let’s consider key features of Lead Management Software.

These will help facilitate the level of the customer service and make the lead nurturing as easy as 1-2-3!

Call Routing

No matter where your lead comes from, it should be handled as quickly as possible. In this case Call Routing will help you. It can prioritize channels and distribute calls according to the service type. Would you like to route clients to an idle line or an agent? Or perhaps pass the call to the more qualified agent? This system is capable of doing that. IVR helps, using intelligent routing, to pass the call to the most qualified agent. Skills-based Routing can significantly help to increase such KPI as First Call Resolution (FCR).

Email Integration

You can integrate the system with your private Email. You select the corresponding Email service and it will be synchronized with Voiptime solution. All email history will be loaded to the lead card, and be easily accessible.
When further communicating with the client, you simply need to click on his/her profile to get an update on all purchases or negotiations made with him/her. Knowing client preferences, your agents will be able to offer him/her relevant products or solutions.


Activity Tracking

This feature allows you to monitor full range of activities within the system:

1. How many leads have been contacted by your team
2. How many deals have been closed
3. Call statistics

Campaign Management

This type of automation is essential for managing call campaigns and getting new prospects. Voiptime Cloud online lead management system will enable you to:

● Create a new marketing campaign easily (click the Add Campaign button).

● Choose the suitable for your task and facility dialing mode and speed.

● Edit the campaign, help agents, listen to conversations etc.


Call Recording

All phone calls made by your agents will be recorded and stored in the client card. This feature gives the supervisor and/or manager the ability to check the way basic KPIs are determined.

Other ways to utelize Call Recording:

  • The best or/and worst dialogs might be utilized as part of a training program. Play the recorded call to new employees as an example of the way they should or should not act in tricky situations.
  • Gather statistics and explore strengths and weaknesses of your agents as well as of the product you sell. Analyze information and constantly improve. Would you like to know how your contact center works? Listen to it.
  • The recordings are evidence, and therefore necessary in case of a lawsuit. Hold onto them.

Lead Segmentation

Voiptime Cloud enables you to do lead segmentation and lead filtering. The system takes into account the lead data, founded on other servers.

Other Voiptime Cloud lead management system features:

  • Lead Distribution

  • LMS Tools

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Lead Verification


Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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