How to Use Contact Management Software

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Sales managers desire to optimize this process and get 100% revenue. There are many ways how to use contact management software for achieving the best results.

Try all methods and services Voiptime Cloud provides you and work with leads, contacts, and information about clients easily. Don’t miss any tips and algorithms and gain success with Raising Star 2017 software according to FinancesOnline.

3 ways to call with Voiptime Cloud

The main purpose why to use contact management software is to shorten the distance between you and your lead. The ability to call your leads immediately after adding the SIP-number will save your time and will make the KPIs of your agents easier to reach. You can dial leads from three places in our system:

1. Client Card. Call your leads directly from the client card and check contact information, previously added tasks, notes, and other changes in interaction history feed, look through received and sent emails, relevant documents etc. This way is perfect for Preview dialing mode.


2. Notifications. Never forget to call you lead by setting Callback tasks from the client card or directly in the Calendar. The system will remind you about the upcoming call in 5, 10 or 30 minutes (according to your settings) before the call. First time the notification pops out it will stay on the screen for a couple of seconds and then will be shown on the right side of the screen and will dim after you call the prospect. To initiate a call you just need to click on client's phone number in a notification.

3. Softphone. There is a blue button in the right lower corner with the icon of the phone. Click on it to enter customer’s phone number manually and hit the CALL button.


Create your team

You can add your sales team members to your Voiptime Cloud account as users. Find the Users tab, click on it and add new user information. Your colleagues will receive an email message with the invitation to start using Voiptime Cloud, login and password. There are some obligatory fields in User information you need to fill in, they are marked with an asterisk:

● Name*
● Last name*
● Email*
● Position
● Country
● Role (choose one option from the dropdown)
● User picture (you can upload a new avatar or delete the current one)
● Send login info to email (if you put the checkbox here, the user you add will receive the notification with Login and passwords, as well as the button Sign in)


Remind your team about upcoming tasks!

What is contact management software by Voiptime? It is not only a tool for organizing your prospects and leading them through sales stages, for catching new opportunities and making customers happier. The software helps to structure the workflow of your team: to set calls and meetings in the calendar and to monitor team schedule. And you can always check your personal and team performance at the real-time dashboard.

It is easy not to miss any important sales actions with Voiptime LMS!


The person with the rights of administrator can set the fields the other users can see and actions they can make (e.g. you can assign agents to VIP clients). The administrator can delete, edit, change settings of current users and add as many new agents or managers as is needed. Give your team with an access to valuable client information with cloud based contact management software while they are nurturing leads and working with prospects and automate the pipeline!

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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