LMS and CRM provide many ways to create leads and successfully pass them through the sales pipeline.

Before managing leads, your task is to identify your ideal customer (location, needs, behavior, aims etc). With this data, your LMS will work flawlessly and give high-quality results. What kind of benefits do we mean? Let’s see the key advantages of Voiptime LMS:

  • Optimizes sales strategy.
  • Maintains contact with prospective clients.
  • Prevents lost leads.
  • Manages relationships.
  • Speeds up the lead capturing.

You can find out how the lead management system works in this article.

Capture leads’ attention

Lead generation is a hot topic. One of the best ways to capture leads is to make web-to-lead forms and add tracking URLs to your social media posts and emails. They will direct traffic in the right direction as well as show you leads’ opinions of your content and how they prefer to interact with it. Don’t hesitate to dig into marketing analytics. The process will help you to answer two of the most fundamental questions: “What is lead management”? “How do users come to your page?” and “Where do they click?” It will help your marketing department identify and understand your ideal customers. After you capture this information, you will have a deep understanding of the interests and desires of your leads.

Anything can be filtered

With the Voiptime products, you can create leads, import and export them, sort them by validity, and group relevant clients together. We know the importance for sales reps of working exclusively with valid leads, so our system filters and organizes your leads during the import process. Our Lead Management System is the perfect tool for matching and cleansing leads and cloud sales forecasting too. You can create your own flexible filters, filter leads within a selected group, and sort them according to static and dynamic fields. Since flexibility is key, your marketing department is free to adjust filters and rename them at any time.

If you want to become even more acquainted with lead management and our services, just check the advantages of Voiptime Cloud Client Card.

5 Adjectives to describe our client card

As soon as the system creates a client card for your lead, you are free to work with it. Our cards are:

  • flexible (add extra fields)
  • integrated (combine card fields with your CRM)
  • thorough (create notes about actions, status changes, callback)
  • clear (listen to the call records)
  • convenient (drag a document from your computer and drop it onto the card)

But don’t take our word for it. Try Voiptime LMS today for the highest sales rates and to see the power of Voiptime for yourself.