How Our Lead Management System Works

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Whether you are in a small or medium business or even in one of the Fortune-500 companies, it is very important to have a CRM for lead management process, lead distribution and nurturing, tasks scheduling, etc.

Such kind of software can not only greatly simplify sales process, strengthen relationship with clients but also helps to hit sales targets with greater productivity.

Thus, if you are in search of effective and cost-efficient CRM for lead generation, Voiptime Cloud is a perfect match for you. With this tool, your sales reps will not only work flawlessly but also give high-quality results.

Previous article published in 2016 addressed the main features of our solution which we have improved to provide efficient up-to-date Lead Management System. So, let’s find out what benefits make our product stand out from others: 

  • Capture leads directly from your website. Website leads are always of the highest priority, as these are prospects interested in your product and eager to interact with your business. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to contact them as soon as possible. One of the best ways to capture leads is to use the web-to-lead feature of our CRM for lead generation. This feature allows sending all data submitted by the website visitors such as phone, email, or product of interest directly to the required projects in the LeadManagement Cloud. After that, all reps assigned to the project will receive an automatic email about a new lead. As a result, sales reps start working with new contacts right away and miss no sales opportunity.
  • Organize sales data, daily activities in one place for further analysis. Coordinate the activities of your team members: who is responsible for the lead, what their communication history is, how many tasks (callbacks and meetings) are created and completed, etc.
  • Automatize day-to-day routine. Set up callbacks as well as meeting reminders in the calendar and receive notification reminders both in the system interface and your email. Make notes and remarks about the meetings and calls in the client’s card to remember the most important deal points.So, you can focus more on qualifying and following up leads as well as resolving their pain points rather than worrying about forgetting to-dos.
  • Call clients with a single click from a client’s card, callback notifications using built-in call dialer. You can enter notes and change data during or after the call. You don’t need to have any additional software or hardware, as we have already taken care of everything. Enjoy high-quality call, focus on sales and let automation do the rest.
  • Increase productivity by call recording and monitoring. Make constant progress by listening and analyzing sales reps’ calls for further training, compliance improvement and quality assurance. Do not miss any details; keep all company's call records in one place and improve selling skills of your agents.
  • View detailed call reporting. Thanks to a detailed call report (CDR report) you can: view all call data, track call duration and talking time, see how quickly your sales reps respond to the calls as well as the reason of failed call attempts. 

The fundamental aim of our product is to help our clients to open new opportunities in sales, make their work easier as well as less tedious and skyrocket their revenue. Above, we have described only several main features of our CRM for lead management process. Nonetheless, if you want to learn about it in more detail or try it (free forever) check our site or contact us. 

Don’t waste time in vain, open new horizons of sales already today.


Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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