8 Hints How to Attract and Manage Leads

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Lead management is one of the keystones of your business. Here are some hints on how to nurture leads effectively.

1. Give the definition

We believe that your sales department knows what does lead means, but what about the rest of the company? If you want to generate lead successfully, you need to put dots on its definition.

2. Create quality content for inbound marketing

Pay attention to bloggers and social media. Yes, it seems to be not so serious, but the selfie of the happy guest blogger with your enterprise against the background will bring you not only likes but leads.

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3. Don’t forget about ad

What kind of advertisement is perfect for lead management? First of all, we advise you to capture the qualified leads with banners. Don’t forget about native advertising, direct e-mails, printing and all the rest types of ad you have.

4. Try Lead Management System

Search for the best variant of LMS for you. It should be a powerful system with helpful skills such as: email tracking, calendar, call recording, etc. For instance, Voiptime LMS enables you to record all phone calls. This option is perfect, if you want to access lead communication history 24/7 from anywhere.

5. No life without CRM

Give your employees customer relationship management tool that stores and segments data about all interactions with your customers. Good lead software gives you extraordinary power to increase loyalty of your clients, upsell and to boost revenue. It can be integrated with your website and other communication channels.

6. Regular meetings with your sales reps

Oops, this is the meeting only for sales department and restricted area for all the rest. The purpose of this secret meeting is: revision of lead quality, research of loss/win records, and tracking CRM systems so you can continue to optimize your sales effectiveness.

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7. Don’t stop nurturing your leads

Everything depends on the things or services you offer. Sad but true, the majority could not be ready to buy right after the first interaction with you. The best approach is to nurture your leads and initiate campaigns that allow you to interact with your prospective customer more than once. This approach will help you to put them at the start of sales cycle and give them the idea to purchase from you.

8. Track the source

How do people hear about the goods you are selling? They do it through online banners, referrals, or other form of advertising. So, your task is to track the source and then determine the ads that works better. Without capturing the source, your company has no chance to figure out what's working.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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