5 Ways to Generate Leads and Build a Successful Sales Marketing Campaign

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Successful marketing campaign is a blending of ways and techniques of leads generation, inspiration to become customers, and brand recognizing. Today we are going to show you some ideas for better lead prospecting.

1. It is awesome if you don’t send SPAM to your subscribers. Maybe you’d like to state it in your forms and ensure your leads that all content they are going to receive is relevant. How is it easy to do? You might think that the most better way is to say everything as it is: “You won’t get any spam from us”, but it is not the best choice. If you use word SPAM into your web forms, you get 18% less conversations.

2. Call to action should play contrast. Check your page and investigate the extend your CTA is outstanding and catchy. Use software for sales forecasting if needed. According to case study written by Stefanie Grieser for Unbounce, for better lead management you should not confuse the guests of your site by making less options and pages to escape from your CTA. Give them just one way to behave: click Start free trial. No This approach will strengthen your lead generation strategy and facilitates the conversation rate on 25%.less choice lead gen3. By the way, you are free to double the organic traffic simply by posting the unique content regularly and often. Pay attention to not only to the quality of content you are sending. Suggest the equal exchange: the lead gives you an e-mail address and you send the lead needed post or case study in convenient format. E.g. PDF. The top-readers of your blog will be pleased to get free book on one hand and leave their contact on other hand.

4. First try to ask yourself a couple of questions: What materials will suit this campaign? What sources for promotion can you choose: social media, content marketing or else? Try not to forget about the basic point for lead inspiration - a video. Think of adding email opt-in forms to the videos you make.

Here we have three options for you. The first includes not only email address, but also some contact information for better lead qualification. The second form can appear on the screen in the middle of watching and include additional gift for the one who will subscribe. The third web form is the simplest one. There is only an email to add for further video playing. You are free to select the web form that will suit your style and will become the integral part of your sales marketing campaign ideas.

Anyway, engaging video work for you and can make the conversation rates 11%

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5. Let’s move toward social media and choose the social media that suits your business the best. Try Twitter and promote your posts there. According to study of New Kellogg multiple exposure tweets can bring you more leads. Don’t hesitate to fill LinkedIn with content too, because it is much more productive and easily invaded into sales marketing campaign templates.lead gen examples linkedin

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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