Sales Forecasting Software

Organize your leads and analyze sales process, check agent's daily performance and make revenue predictions with our reporting tools.
Evaluate your sales performance based on lead statuses and lifecycle stage

To analyze your team operations and forecast expected revenue, the most important thing is to enter historic business data. Voiptime sales forecast management software enables you to do it easy.

Assign correct statuses to your leads and change them as the client moves through the sales pipeline with the best online sales forecasting software. Study team results and the results of individual reps, set expectations, and check actual sales performance. Analyze dashboard in order to check your agent’s daily statistics: leads contacted, successful calls made, new contacts and customers with the sales forecasting software online.

Best sales forecasting software tool - software for sales forecasting online
Best sales forecasting software tool - software for sales forecasting online
Monitor new leads traffic

In order to proceed with leads and turn them into customers, the business needs to have a constant flow of prospects. These are potential clients who might be interested in your product and whom your sales representatives can contact. You can add these prospects to the system as leads under the ‘New’ status.

Check how many new leads have been uploaded to the sales forecasting and budgeting software tool by your team or by individual sales managers each day, week or month. Make sure this quantity is enough to reach your revenue targets.

Analyze your sales process

Open the dashboard of Voiptime software for sales forecasting and check how many leads need your attention (i.e. have the ‘New’, ‘Open’ or ‘Potential’ status). Change from graphic into list view and immediately start working with these clients.

Depending on your company’s conversion data and average time for turning a lead from one stage to the next, you can make predictions on how many deals will be closed in the near future. Use the leads lifecycle stage chart data for making this forecast. This chart of Voiptime sales tracking and forecasting software for small business shows the quantity of leads with different statuses in every project and in the company database in general.

Best sales forecasting software tool - software for sales forecasting online
Best sales forecasting software tool - software for sales forecasting online
Track team performance

Check the number of calls, meetings and notes made by your team and individual agents during a chosen period with the best online sales software. Click on the call history tab and randomly listen to phone conversation recordings. Analyze communication to understand if your staff needs more training and if any points can be improved.

Get reports with evidence of sales representatives’ productivity and find out who works best. Check data online from anywhere, enjoying all the benefits of a cloud-based solution. Voiptime is a middle-size and small business sales forecasting software that will help your team operate better.

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