How Does the Cloud Center Work

Before we proceed with discovering advantages of the most popular and fresh type of contact centers let’s find out information about Cloud.

According to the The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions report of ContactBabel:


Cloud is the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service to different business, organizations and individuals over a network.

It consist of servers (IaaS), operating systems (PaaS), and software (SaaS). Then let’s answer the easy question: what is a cloud contact center? This is an environment in which you can perform a wide range of tasks (incoming and outcoming calls processing, partners and customers relationships extention, customers loyalty increasing etc.).

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Why cloud call center?

It suits e-shops, outsourcers, seasonal contact centers, Internet providers and other businesses because of the following benefits:

How does cloud call center work?


You can not only boost your revenue but also save 6-8 weeks of your life. The CPE (customer premises equipment) requires the settlement of technical task, supplier control, numerous checks, tests, and control. The installation and integration of cloud contact center lasts less than 2 business days.

Quick start
Obtain rapid return on investment and pay for only what you use. Cloud contact center functionalities eliminate support costs and reduce expenses for updates. It’s your perfect chance to make welcome shift from Capital Expense to Operating Expense.

Quick deployment
Rely on experts while implementing contact center. They will make everything for your business. If you rely on team of experienced IT-developers, your agents and supervisors will administer cloud contact center easier with less installation. Third-party professionals are always ready to reduce mistakes and deploy core infrastructure.

With service provider’s expertise you obtain 24/7 active system with multiple levels of firewall protection and other intruder detection functions. One more fact about cloud contact centers that speaks for them: multiple layers of user authentication. You can easily set the agents roles and show them as much client information as you want.

No limits
You are free to change the quantity of workstations at any time. This is the perfect bonus for contact centers with seasonal peaks. This approach is essential for travelling agencies, tourism organizations, retail stores, insurance and other companies with increased workload during holidays.

One more cloud contact center bonus: it suits every OS and browser.

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