Why Call Center Is Important in the Insurance Industry

The call center is one of the first points of contact between customers and your company. It can have both positive and negative impacts on their decision. Why is the call center so important in the insurance industry and how can you benefit from it?

1.It allows customers to make buying decisions easier

People don’t buy insurance policies every day, like groceries in a supermarket. Such a purchase requires some research and you need time to weigh all pros and cons. That’s when your insurance call center comes in handy. It becomes a place where your prospects can get professional advice and make an informed decision. The more qualified your agents are, the more likely your prospects become customers.

2. Customers get more personalized service

Using insurance call center software, you can make customer service more personalized. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu can be configured in such a way that allows your customers to solve their queries as quickly as possible. Voiptime Cloud call center solution enables you to identify callers using information from the CRM system and route them to the appropriate agent based on their previous experience. CRM integration is useful for the agents as well because they can get more information about customers without switching between different apps. And last but not least, a personalized IVR menu provides your policyholders with top-notch self-service, giving them the information they might be looking for. As for prospective customers, IVR allows them to get answers to the most important questions without involving your agents.

3. More cross-selling and upselling opportunities

The call center expands your cross-selling and upselling opportunities as well. Your agents can offer complimentary insurance products to existing customers or upsell something to prospects. Our all-in-one-solution enables doing it not only via voice calls but also through your company’s website, using a web chat module. This feature allows you to increase your agents’ productivity because they will be able to handle several chats at once.

4.Outbound campaigns can become more productive

Manual dialing is a real time-eater. It kills your salespeople’s motivation because they have to do many repetitive call attempts every day, listening to beeps, voicemail, and busy calls. With an insurance call center software, they can use a predictive dialer that helps increase the number of live calls 3-4 times. The system starts dialing one entry for each available agent. It connects them only with live calls, filtering out all the answer machines. Based on each agent’s collected statistics it calculates the approximate time when they are about to finish the call and dials the next number. The most obvious benefit of the dialer is that it allows your employees to close more insurance leads during the work shift and keeps them motivated.

Another useful feature is script construction. With our call center solution, you can create different call scripts for every campaign, using your own criteria. Your agents can see this script on the screen during the conversation and use it as guidance.

5. It provides analytics for valuable business insights

Reporting tools are one of the must-have call center software features. When you are able to see if your agents meet KPIs, how successful your outbound campaigns are, how long callers stay on your IVR menu etc - it may give you food for valuable business insights. For instance, the increased number of lost inbound calls may mean that you need to test your IVR and change its script - for example, adding a callback option. Or to check if your agents adhere to the schedule. With Voiptime Cloud call center solution, you will be able to get different types of reports on any period of time both for incoming and outgoing calls that allow you to make informed decisions.


Your insurance company can significantly benefit from a call center when using efficient software. It can boost your agents’ performance and improve your customer service as well as become a source of valuable information about your business.

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