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Whether you are a one-man company or a company that generates hundreds of leads, phone calls and data around, you need to be able to take leads in from a variety of sources and sort them as fast as possible. To do this, you must have a lead distribution system that will save you endless hours and maximize your revenue on each lead. First thing first, let’s define the term lead distribution.

Lead distribution is a process of sorting and delivering leads in real-time to the sales people, lead buyer or third party software. If you face difficulty in managing all your incoming leads and want the process of distributing potential leads to your sales team to become fast, effortless and fully-automated then lead distribution system is the best ever solution. With this software you will stay on top of all your leads, capture them quickly, convert into incoming prospects and increase the overall image of your company.

How does Lead Distribution Software work?

Lead distribution system uses technology to gather data and insight from each lead and then, based on it, sorts all the prospects and determines which leads should be put into each part of the marketing process. Later, after sorting, such software sends leads to their righteous spots within your lead management system. In addition to managing and sorting your incoming leads it can also perform other tasks:

  • Lead distribution system allows you to create customized web forms which will collect leads from your website, other website services and emails. After that, it sends all the information to your software account. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business which has a limited number of lead generation sources /changes or a large company which uses large amount of channels (websites, telemarketing, search engines optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click marketing (PPC), third-party lead generation distribution software) it is essential to be able to capture leads which are generated online/offline, verify them and distribute to your sales team. To achieve this, you will need lead generated distribution software which will help you to accomplish all these tasks.
  • It gives the ability of instant delivery in order to efficiently keep in touch with all the leads generated from your websites in a timely manner.
  • It is compatible with other software programs, for instance, a customer relationship management system (which is often called CRM system). Such software, working as a part of a CRM, can send emails and alerts to your employees, help them to organize the system or even send leads to other marketing campaign areas with all the documents and notes, containing the necessary information.
  • Lead distribution solution can also track your ROI (return on investment) and estimate your ROI for each lead. Since different leads can have different purchasing possibility, your software helps you to focus firstly on the most important leads and save your marketing efforts. You can also get in-depth data about each incoming lead and have them organized and grouped based on their potential of converting into prospects.
  • In the process of managing the distribution of leads, some companies turn to distributing the leads among their key marketers while others prefer giving priority to employee success and send leads to the ones who are better in converting leads into actual prospects. You can choose the way of distributing leads based on your marketing system and set up your lead distribution system to follow your commands and run the way you want. All you need is just to find the way compatible with your business.

Key qualities every good lead distribution system should have.

  • Reliability. Everyone knows that in business time is money and every second counts. Thus, if you work with the software which can’t provide you with a stable status, you definitely need to review it and use another one. Search such lead distributing system which has been on the market for a long time and steadily provide a highly qualified service.
  • Flexibility. Doesn’t matter whether you sell in real time, ping post or call routing, you should have a possibility to choose the way your system will work. Set it and forget it.
  • Automation. Should work with multiple websites and forms, trace automatically leads back to their sources and sort them out. You have to be sure if all your leads are delivered in a correct format, through the right medium and to the right sales representative.
  • Optimization. You can connect your PPC account to your lead distribution system not only to route your leads around but also to keep vital statistics on the most frequently used keywords, landing pages, etc. Such statistics will help you to understand what really works and what doesn’t.
  • Speed. In order to increase the possibility of converting leads to the actual prospects, it is very important to connect with them as soon as possible after their submission. For that you will need such lead distribution platform which makes the process of accepting a lead, matching him and delivering to the sales team as fast as possible.

Taking into account the aforementioned, it should be noted that instead of handling all the work on your own, installing lead distribution solution will be by far the best solution. It will definitely help you to simplify the process and organize your incoming leads.

If you are looking for an ideal lead distribution system, we have got a perfect offer for you. Get no limits in lead generation and distribution by choosing Voiptime Cloud system. Don’t waste even a minute in distributing, structuring and grouping new leads from your website to your system. All you need is to connect your website forms to Voiptime Cloud with an API key and then just enjoy how fast and successfully your leads are being uploaded right into your account. In addition, you can explore an amazing web to lead feature of our Voiptime Cloud system. Voiptime Web-to-lead feature is useful for sales representatives, who don’t want to lose any prospect. They understand the importance of sales automation and want to receive contacts from lead capture forms on their website. Our feature collects all data which is submitted by website visitor (email, phone, a product of interest, etc.) and distributes it directly to the system, so you can start working with new prospects right away.

Things you can do with your web to lead:

  • Easily define web leads in the Voiptime Lead Management System by setting a Project they will be saved to. All managers assigned to this Project will get an email notification and could easily view client card and assign the lead to themselves.
  • Give leads, captured from different forms, a source indicator to navigate faster through contacts.
  • Upload leads with the same Source into different Projects (e.g. if you want to obtain leads from different websites) and store them in one Project of contacts.
  • Filter your leads in accordance with their Project, Lead status, Source, Created or Last interaction date or other fields.
  • Edit or delete your leads from the Project.
  • Call your leads directly from the client card created automatically after the lead is uploaded into the system
  • Add notes about interaction result to contact.
  • Set callbacks for your leads in Voiptime Cloud calendar and get callback notifications when calls have to be made.

Other benefits of our web to lead system:

  • Unlimited quantity of requests. Some companies give you limited web to lead requests. After you exceed the limit you may get the notification. Unlike such companies, Voiptime Cloud won’t bother you with such letters or else, since we give you the freedom to capture as many leads as you need and distribute them to the system.
  • Urgent notifications. Our system will notify you in case of any problems. If your settings are invalid, you will receive a message about it. So, you will always know whether your leads are gathered correctly or not.
  • Get leads from any types of forms you can integrate with your site. We support both long lead capture forms and short lead capture forms.
  • It provides assistance in supervision and reviews analysis. With our Dashboard functional you can see which leads need attention (they are new or without status), which events are scheduled (callbacks or meetings) and see contacts by lifecycle stage (which lead is open or potential, which one is a customer or unqualified).

Voiptime Cloud system is flexible, reliable, embraces all sites you have whether it is 1 or 100 and provides a qualified service. Although, being on the market not for so long, we have already been prized. FinancesOnline, the experienced and well-known software solutions reviewer, awarded our company with The Rising Star and Great User Experience awards in 2017.

Try Voiptime Clouds system for free during 14 days and enjoy all the benefits of our service.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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