Voiptime Cloud is a winner at SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2021

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Once again Voiptime Cloud achieved recognition from SoftwareSuggest. This is the fourth award in a row and we’re looking for more.

Voiptime Cloud achieved recognition from SoftwareSuggest - 'Fastest implementation' at SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2021.

Rising Star
Rising Star
Best Usability Software
Best Usability Software
User Recommended Software
User Recommended Software
Fastest Implementation Award
Fastest Implementation

Who is SoftwareSuggest?

SoftwareSuggest is a company that compares and evaluates the products and services of companies to define the most suitable and usable software for them. The process of evaluation includes such features of the software as effectiveness, efficiency, profitability, usability, customer experience, and user experience. 

This company already helped over 600 000 businesses all over the world, to find their unique software solutions.

How do we achieve this award?

When there is a time to change strategy for inbound or outbound calling campaigns, your call center needs to find a fast and effective solution. Most of the call centers are losing too much time, effort, and money because of the need to move to the cloud. Voiptime Cloud provides timely consultation and the quickest configuration of cloud-based call center software.

The vast majority of our clients are small and medium-sized businesses with staff from 3 to 1000 agents. We also have regular clients in the US, West Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.

Why is Voiptime Cloud the winner in 2021?

Voiptime Cloud company provides call center software (both cloud-based and dedicated) for more than a decade, and to this day we have helped dozens of call centers to improve their ROI. Our company gives and delivers constant software support to call centers 24/7 and does it in a timely and professional fashion.

We are proud to be recognized for the fastest implementation of cloud-based call center solutions. In less than 24 hours you will get access to the ready-to-go virtual contact center solution, already configured according to your needs. The easy-to-use interface allows you to perform all daily operations without the necessity to involve IT specialists. At the same time, the training for agents takes minutes, they can easily start working almost immediately.

The key assets of Voiptime Cloud company are: 

  • Cloud-based call center solution (voice, web chat, SMS, e-mail);
  • Professional services (feature development, integration of CRM systems, audits of the client's network infrastructure);
  • Working worldwide;
  • Timely and effective software support with the highest SLA.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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