Virtual Phone Numbers: How to Use and Where to Get?

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It may look like that if you have heard something about virtual numbers. But what are the exact benefits of virtual numbers, where are they used, and how to get them for business or even for individual use? What about legal regulations and prices? Are there any geographical or other limitations?

Do you remember the old gold times, when telephony existed in the elementary development stage? Age, when a telephone talk has been a challenging procedure and we had no option to talk during a walk? 

After beating old landlines, we have moved to the era of mobile devices, so most of the personal calls were operated by mobile operators with high pricing policies and limited opportunities to have foreign customer calls.

Thanks to modern technologies and the fantastic speed of development of new solutions, the mentioned age has ended. But what has the hitch been? What is the name of the method that allowed us to stay in touch anywhere on the globe at a cheap cost?

The technology that surely changed the world and brought us closer together is called a virtual phone number and it has much more advantages than you could guess.

Even considering what powerful influence on easing communications across the Earth virtual phone numbers have, a virtual phone number bears outstanding opportunities for enterprises, and honestly, it is a more interesting part both for you and us. 

Numerous companies still avoid virtual phone numbers - no matter the arguments. The trouble is that this approach causes rather problems than benefits, and our goal is to explain why virtual phone numbers remain the only way to swap to digital communications.

There are many queries to be answered. What is the virtual phone number? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using virtual phone numbers? What technologies are utilized to make virtual phone numbers work? Does the virtual phone number have any competitors? Where to get virtual phone numbers? How do you get a phone number that is a virtual phone number? 

Stay patient so we will provide you with all the info about virtual phone number technology.

The definition of the virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers (also Internet phone number or phone numbers virtual phones use) sometimes named DID numbers, are phone numbers that are untied to any traditional phone lines, mobile device, or other physical objects. In short, these virtual phone numbers exist in digital environments, so they might redirect calls from any line to any device, no matter if it is a PC, laptop, smartphone, or virtual phone. 

Why does a virtual phone number have unbeatable advantages over a regular phone number? Firstly, when you are operating a traditional cellular connection, it links the signal based on the cellular points that are set on altitudes to improve the connection. This creates a problem when going away from such points and the linkage becomes unstable. Another issue is that every gadget that operates a cellular link for calling is linked with a single telephone number. So, if the gadget isn’t in someone’s hands, you would bear no chance to come in contact with him. The identical thing happens when voyaging abroad or to a zone with dissimilar regulations of cellular coverage - as you bear linkage to an existing number, you can’t change the regional or national number, and the tariffs raise extremely when staying out of the operator’s coverage. 

Virtual phone numbers bear two powerful advantages over traditional telephone numbers. Firstly, virtual phone numbers for business need no cell towers or specified devices to be in service. Secondly, a virtual phone number is available to operate on any device, no matter if it is a smartphone or laptop. Finally, as virtual phone numbers are utilized via the Internet, they don’t face any limitations when we come to switching the geographical locations or the continent - the code stays identical, but the connection doesn’t change the price. Isn’t it brilliant to pay less and get more? But it is better to deal with everything in order.

How is the virtual phone number utilized?

Where lies the secret of keeping the same talk quality when utilizing a virtual phone number for business as it works when calling operating a classic digit? Well, even though you see no difference in using a virtual phone number or a classic one, the essence lies in the processes that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Virtual phone numbers operate two essential technologies that assemble the entire system work - a cloud operating and the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) model, which sometimes makes people call them “VoIP phone numbers”.  These two techniques replace cellular towers and other old-fashioned solutions that we have told you about earlier. To finish the short version of the description of the virtual phone number essence, let’s state that the virtual phone number needs the only factor to be in service - the Internet linkage. 

From the inside, the techniques that make virtual phone numbers work and link you with different people without losses in connection quality are way more complicated than can be imagined. We will try to describe it below. 

Cloud-based virtual phone number technology 

The cloud solution has been chosen as a fundament for virtual phone number operation because of several reasons. It has an optimal price and doesn’t need any costs for additional hardware, placing, or another spending that may strongly influence the final cost of virtual phone numbers. 

The second purpose of operating the cloud model is to speed up data sharing. According to the essence of cloud computing, all information is based on info carriers that are located on the web, so the data is kept in one place and might be shared, sent, replaced, or changed at an outstanding speed. There ought to be no questions about why it is an unappealing resolution for virtual phone numbers - as they should keep the same quality and speed of link as their old brothers do, no other technology can offer the same conditions as the cloud one does.

VoIP technology

The VoIP model has been developed to replace classic landlines that are utilized to perform virtual calls and use virtual phone numbers. The technology uses the Internet as the source of the connection between the ringer and the receiver, so the capability to assemble rings leans on the web linkage only. As you could guess, according to the VoIP system calls aren’t more obliged to be assembled from a gadget with the SIM card, so it is no matter what gadget is utilized to call - you just need to hold a microphone and dynamic, or ability to connect headphones. 

In pair with cloud technology, VoIP numbers are utilized to call any physical location and any device all across the globe if it has a web connection. VoIP numbers are linked with a preexisting telephony line, IP, or the selected device. This approach offers great flexibility, and comfort while its ability to link more than two devices in one call opens new possibilities for the business. 

Now you comprehend how virtual phone numbers may connect calls from two distinct zones avoiding an additional fee. Till the web link is stable, you may contact anywhere and anybody. Such calls may be directed to apps, other VoIP solutions or CRM systems, or even send voicemail transcriptions! 

The list of the edges

We explained the essence, definition, and technological elements of the virtual phone number model. But still, it has numerous advantages to describe as it is the foremost option that presents the same connection quality and speed as the classic phone does, but for a lower price and with higher flexibility. It is time to discover its edges further!

  1. New horizons for the commercial operating

It is not clickbait that virtual phone numbers are irreplaceable for any enterprise that is scrutinizing for new opportunities to boost their outcomes, customer service level, client satisfaction, and overall image without paying a fortune. How may it assist in reaching these pretentious objectives? 

Firstly, as the USA virtual phone number doesn’t lean on the local presence and has no geographic locations’ bounds, your clients may now achieve calls marked as regional ones. How is it possible? Well, thanks to VoIP service providers, virtual digits can use the existing local codes to be shown during outgoing calls. Have you comprehended that consumers are more than four hundred percent more willing to obtain rings from firms that share the same location as the clients? Now you do.

Another opportunity window opens when customers are peeking for reaching a firm that is located in another part of the fatherland. Can you imagine the cost for a minute of such a call? And this argument might be a powerful reason to avoid such a call and never get you - so the firm will never get a deal. A virtual phone number is a resolution for this case because when you operate it, a person who is calling from another state links to a gadget in the exact territory - and the fee is no more needed to pay. 

Now let’s move further - can you say how much money you might save on avoiding purchasing and maintaining telephony hardware? And the virtual numbers let you do so as they work on mobile phones (cell phones or on single phone), VoIP phones, softphones, desk phones, and laptops - gadgets, that are owned by anyone. In this case, you rescue not only the client’s finances but also yours. 

USA virtual phone numbers also have a strong feature that can link several digits to one line or gadget - so the sales team or customer support team members or agents may contact distinct groups of customers from one number. The same thing works with foreign prospects - they pay no additional price for contacting the firm thanks to VoIP providers. Staff members can also see the location of a caller, so link him to a more relevant agent or provide personalized service directly.

For remote employees and remote teams or in emergency situations, a virtual phone number is an unappealable option. If the client has a personal assistant who is abroad at the moment, but the case needs his participation, the virtual phone number may solve the issue and link the client to an agent even if they have thousands of miles between them. 

In summary, virtual numbers are cheaper, more adorable for clients, easier to use, suitable for marketing campaigns, and more flexible for any occasion. As a result, they have no competitors if we are talking about comfort, speed, and accessibility. 

  1. Self-service and customer satisfaction opportunities

Virtual phone numbers can integrate some functions that can powerfully boost customer satisfaction and provide an excellent customer experience. First of such instruments is an auto attendant - the option similar to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, whose main function is to link the caller with the right operator or assist in solving elementary troubles that don’t require hands-on support.

Clients hate to repeat their queries, and most of them prefer to swap the service provider if they have not been satisfied with the assistance. So, to avoid these occasions, an auto attendant will connect the customers with advisors who are acknowledged of the issue - financial queries will go to agents of the relevant unit, while technicians will receive requests from those who need such support. 

  1. Voicemail to email

Another powerful feature of the virtual phone number is voicemail transcription - when a client tries to reach the agent but fails, his voicemail message will be transcripted in a few seconds and sent to the email address of the agent. This feature eases the work with the voicemail and allows to set the feedback, which is often difficult for voicemail messages. 

Even though most researchers state that customers hate voicemail and have no willingness to call again if the previous call faced the voicemail, this option brings hope. 

Another positive aspect of the issue is that with virtual business phone numbers the chance of missing the call decreases almost to zero. Yes, it could be missed with a physical phone that stays in the office, and if you leave for a minute, you can’t take the call. But a virtual number links the call to your mobile phone, so if there is an emergency ring during a break, you still can answer it. 

  1. Find the balance between work and own life

What annoys employees more than job-related calls on a personal mobile phone? Surely, nothing. And how noisy may it be in non-business hours…But let’s come back to the topic.

Virtual business phone numbers have been designed to provide comfort and effectiveness, as well as avoid invasion of privacy. In the era of non-office jobs, when almost half of the market operates a particularly remote workforce management model, saving private data during work is essential for anyone.

Have you thought that virtual numbers are used for incoming calls only? That’s not true. What sweetens the deal is your agents who may hide their ID during both inbound calls and outbound calls, so clients won’t break into their private life - they will not have access to their personal digits, and that is all you need!

Modern reality makes you care not about the client’s satisfaction, but agent satisfaction is also vital. Save their private info and you’ll avoid any misunderstandings in the future. 

How to get a virtual number

It’s simpler than you could guess. The only thing you have to do is select the adored virtual phone services provided, purchase a subscription, and sign up. After signing in, you’ll have to choose the virtual phone number - a local one or a national virtual phone number. Another option is to connect to the existing line. Other functions depend on the business plan you have purchased, so it is important to determine your needs before starting the buying process. Various virtual phone service providers offer dissimilar features, such as virtual receptionist or auto attendant, so allocate time to find out what suits you the most. 

To start using opportunities of a virtual number, you have to create an account too. At this phase, you open the options for toll-free, local, and national numbers. 

Remember about the stability of the Internet connection, because it is the only factor that can have negative effects on your communications. Check it before calling.

Let’s also clarify another issue and answer such extremely popular questions as “Is it possible to get free online phone numbers or free virtual phone numbers?”. First of all, no, it isn’t possible to get free phone numbers online if we talk about the full functionality of those virtual phone numbers. Free internet phone number and online free numbers you can find will never have the needed functionality and capability as a business virtual phone number has to have. Such free options are very limited and may be used mostly as a “demo version” of a real virtual business phone number. So, when you see an offer like “free VoIP phone number”, it is not a virtual phone number business is looking for - it is either a demo of virtual phone services or even a harmful file. Thus, you can buy virtual phone numbers, and it is wise to buy virtual phone numbers only from trusted vendors. 


Concerns before buying a virtual number

Even though it is not tough to purchase and start operating the virtual number, you must keep in mind some influential tips. They are also essential if you want to take the most from the virtual model. 

  • Operating and monitoring tips: Controlling the virtual number using and entrance is a must-have to be sure that everything is done correctly and all rules and goals are held as they need to be. Most vendors propose enough options to monitor the activities and performance. Select the right tools and ask for advice before purchasing the virtual numbers to assure that you will be ready to track everything. 
  • Costs: There are many proposals on the market, so you can look for what you exactly need. Pricing plans or subscription conditions differ widely depending on the options offered and the entire functionality of the solution. Allocate a bit more time to select the proposal that would cover the needs totally.
  • Free numbers: even though there are offers of free virtual numbers providing, you have to set up the goals you want to reach. Free solutions are often limited in opportunities and features, so if you want to have more impact, look for a better investment.

Solutions that strongly complement the virtual phone system 

Actually, virtual phone services are the cheapest, most flexible, and most comfortable solution for any business to stay in touch and offer personalized contact for every client all over the world. Although there are some instruments that can both replace or complement the virtual phone system, they influence the overall performance of the firm or can work instead of virtual numbers if it is required.

Traditional landline phones

The main competitor, as well as the tool that had to be replaced by virtual phone number service, hasn’t disappeared from the list of instruments used by some businesses. On the one hand, traditional landlines seem to be too old, expensive, and unflexible, but on the contrary, it has some advantages to being chosen to work in pairs with virtual numbers or instead of them in some situations. It has such pros as better call quality and a guarantee of no breaks during the call, even if the Internet connection fails or other occasions take place. It also operates such options as voicemails.

If you worry about some possible breakdowns during very important incoming calls, use the traditional phone systems to stay confident that everything is alright. 


A great tool to complement the virtual telephone model. It may be useful in the situation when you hear that “this number is no longer in service”, or on other occasions when email communication is preferable by the client. It is also more popular and better for professional image than personal phone calls for sending some legal documents or special offers, and some business users like to contact by email and discuss valuable information there as they are too busy to spend time talking by personal phone.

Anyhow, email contact is always adored, and the best option is that it is free to use.

Video calling and video meetings

This solution is great for sales teams to connect the staff, organize meetings and discuss essential things, especially if you work in the remote mode. “Thanks” to the pandemic, most teams have discovered both remote scheduling and video conference calling software that became the only way to see each other and stay in touch even from diverse points on the Earth.

The biggest advantage of video calling solutions is that it offers an opportunity to create an atmosphere of the real presence of every team member, as well as show the screen to present the results of the work, infographics, and other things that are irreplaceable during work discussions.

Video calls are also an excellent choice for firms that propose multicomponent products or services that can’t be comprehended by the customers on their own. During a video call, you can present software additional features or other advantages of your product or service, so the client is involved in this process and can ask questions and get answers in real-time mode. 


Is it secure to operate the virtual numbers?

According to the level of technological development, and thanks to efforts and investments put by the developers into their solutions, modern virtual systems are totally secure to use. Anyway, there is a small risk in using any software that is cloud-based, but this risk belongs to banks, government structures, and other industries too, so it is too low to worry about.

What is a virtual phone number?

It is a high-tech solution that works via the Internet and allows one to perform calls by connecting to an existing contact line and calling from any device to any point in the world. Thanks to advanced features, it can use a national number, local codes, or toll-free numbers. 

Where to get such numbers?

It is quite simple: ask the specified phone system providers for the selected number of phone numbers. After that, you create an account, log in and start calling. All you need to do is find a suitable offer and pay the price. There are also free virtual numbers for an individual user, but they have very limited functionality and can’t offer great performance in use. 

Can I choose or construct the number on my own?

Almost all virtual number providers will provide you with already crafted phone numbers that are ready to operate immediately. The next step is to connect the number provided with an existing one (with the real SIM card), otherwise, you may ask the vendor to sell you the real number additionally. 

What is the best virtual numbers service vendor? 

The great competition between virtual phone number providers caused the huge amount of offers available on the market. Our advice for you is to purchase not single numbers, but the complex solution that is called virtual phone systems, including desktop and mobile apps, with all needed options to track, change, and evaluate the performance in up-to-minute mode. If you want to learn more about this software, go through the link. 

Interested in ultimate call center software?

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