Top-5 Famous Chat Bots

Explore the most interesting chat bots of all times.

Explore the most interesting chat bots of all times.

#1 The very first one

Name: ELIZA 
Year of development: 1966 
Author: Joseph Weizenbaum 

In January, CSE Professor Emeritus at MIT became the author of the first chatbot in the history. This chatterbox got the name ELIZA in honor of My Fair Lady heroine. It was a unique program because it established the first communication between human and machine.

#2 The most awarded

Name: A.L.I.C.E. 
Year of development: 1995 
Author: Richard Wallace 

The abbreviation A.L.I.C.E. stands for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. It is one of the most famous smart bots in the world. A.L.I.C.E. won approximately 19 honors and awards related to natural language processing evaluation. There are Loebner Prize contest and Chatterbox competition among them. 

#3 The first with face & voice

Name: Verbot 
Year of deployment: 2000 
Author: Dr. Mauldin 

There were 3 versions of this chatterbot: Julia (1994), Sylvie (1997), and finally Verbally Enhanced Software Robot (2000). Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Mauldin and Peter Plantec the smart bot got a face of real human and started to talk not only with the help of typing. The 4th version appeared in 2004. The site doesn’t exist anymore, but you still can find Verbot fans. Thus, there were no any product development since v. release in 2012.

Chatbots verbot

#4 The one with the character

Name: Mitsuku 
Year of launching: 2006 
Author: Steve Worswick 

As well as other modern bots, Mitsuku can learn. So, the more she talks, the more she knows. This smart bot can not only talk to you, but entertain you. Playing games, showing web pages, and sharing jokes — that’s all about smart bot with 5 awards from United Kingdom. Though Mitsuku is a young girl, this chatterbox can stand her ground. 

#5 The one that you can teach

Name: Evie 
Year of launching: 2010 
Author: Existor 

Evie talking robot stands for Electronic Virtual Interactive Entity. It is an artificial intelligence avatar that speaks several languages. This bot can not only smile or wink but also to learn. Smart bot Evie memorizes the answers and responds when a corresponding question appears. So, Evie chatbot will catch your vibe. The Existor’s creation is in the list of freely accessible chat bots. 

Chatbots evie

As of 2016, we should mention the combination of a chat bot and an expert Al system, called Ozlo. This bot can tell you about 20 million restaurants in the U.S. Charles Jolley, Ozlo Inc. co-founder mentioned that the usage of masculine pronoun emphasizes bot’s human likeness.

So, there are millions chatterboxes in the WWW and you can choose the one you’d like the most: faceless or smiling, text or speech, entertainment or education.

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