Top 4 Predictive Dialer Must-Haves

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We have already introduced you to the basic dialing modes used in US contact centers. Today Voiptime team would like to move further and discuss features necessary for a Predictive Dialer solution.

1. Adjustable Scripts

According to Hello Operator research, 69% of customers do not like when agents sound like they are reading from the script. It just means that your clients prefer live communication to talking to a robot. So, your script should be prepared carefully and contain empathy. The best tool for making your customer satisfied is a script constructor. It is necessary for the Predictive Dialer mode solution. Try flexible script constructor within Voiptime Cloud and feel all benefits. You don’t need any IT skills to set and use it.

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2. Perfect Integration

Pay attention to the cloud contact center that includes a lead management system (LMS) or gives you the opportunity to add CRM or LMS. The most convenient system allows you to add your CRM as a part of the scenario block. So, it will appear right before your agent receives the call from the next customer. There will be relevant information about your lead. A combination of the LMS and Predictive Dialer is a powerful tool for your sales. Choose the contact center solution that is not only the fastest to dial but the smartest to prepare your agent for the call.

3. The History is Saved

The goal of a contact center is not only to enable you agents or sales reps to call the prospects or customers but also to record all the information about these actions. The modern call center solution can offer structuring, accommodating, and storing the lead interaction history. This Predictive Dialer feature is especially valuable for companies focused on sales.


4. Smart Retry

There are many advantages of Predictive Dialer mode and among them - adjustable retry strategies which allow your agents to try reaching customers again if the first call has been not answered. This kind of must-have will open many opportunities to you. One of them is the ability to set the time after which the system will conduct a new call:

● The unanswered call
● The busy call
● The hung-up call etc.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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