Top 10 Sales Closing Techniques

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No matter how well you designed the solutions for the customers, how well your prospect and qualify and how hard you worked, if you do not know how to apply the effective closing techniques, your career will suffer. Some people have the natural skill of closing the sales and other have to learn it by understanding the techniques and the top strategies given by the experts.

We can understand that you are keen to know about the sales closing techniques however, it is important that you learn about sales closing and its importance. Just like learning about the benefits and features of the products you are selling, sales closing also required knowledge, practice, trust, and patience. Here we have everything you need to learn about sales closing and some real techniques that might help you out.

What is Sales Closing

The processes of making sales are referred to sales closing. The term has been taking from the real estate market where closing means that the deal has been finalized and now the transactions will take place. In terms of sales closing, it can means anything from selling your products and making money or getting the signature from the top authority for the next big project.

The salesperson is trained to think of their target as the customers they have been dealing with for many years. They have to think that customers are not a stranger but a person who needs their products and services. This type of prospects has to be closed.

The sales closing is completely different from the other ordinary practices like explaining the benefits of the products and justifying the high cost of the services. It would not be wrong to say that sales closing is an artful means of persuasion. All it needs is the tricks of confidence and some training. We all know that people love to follow the trends so to grab the attention of the potential customer's salesperson only has to tell them that his brand is popular. However, closing is the key element of any sales procedure.

The performance of the salesperson is based on their capability of closing the sales. However, there are many other factors as well but for evaluation, sales closing ability is the most important. The goal of every salesperson is to provide the organization with continuous profitable sales volume.

There is a unique role for the people who pursue the career of the salesperson. They have to consider themselves as the only employees of the company who will increase the profit and bring in more customers.

During a presentation, a salesperson will get several opportunities to close the sale or there might be only a single chance. Most of the time the opportunities are not available and you will have to look for the chance to make the opportunities yourself. Some of the important situations where you can make the closing attempts include.

  • Once you have completed the presentation without mentioning the objectives for the prospects
  • Once you have answered the objects and the questions after the completion of the presentations
  • When the prospects show the interest in your products and services by giving the signals, it might be a nod or a smile when you mention the benefits or price.

Why sale closing techniques

A common question most of the people ask is why they should use the sales closing and how it would be beneficial for them. The reason that sales closing strategies exist is to help people avoid losing the potential sales. It protects the organizations from damage done due to inflations and other situations.

Remember that, there is no foolproof way of closing the sales, you can only learn the techniques and apply them in the best possible way to get the best outcomes. It is a common saying that salesperson is born however, the techniques are what they learn from experience and practice and it is up to them and how sharp and smart they can get with the passage of time.

It took decades to develop the strategies and techniques sales closing. All the methodologies have well-placed intelligence. If you are sure that you and your team will benefits from the strategies and techniques then stay tuned because we have about to explain everything you have been waiting for.

Types of sales closing techniques

It is important that you properly understand the closing techniques to apply them properly. Remember that there are no shortcuts and magic words that will guarantee you the sales.

You have to begin by make your customers understand the benefits of your products and how it would be affordable for them in the long run. You have to provide them with the cost-effective and long-lasting situations that will address their issues. With determination, you will be able to make your clients understand how you are the best and close the deal to grow your business. While this list of the types of closing techniques in sales might not be complete but we have for you the top 10 techniques that have been proved most effective.

1. Opinions Count

Opinion is a very strong word when it comes to closing the sales. All you have to do is include the words in your opinion when you are about to end the presentation. The biggest benefit of the word is that the response of your customer will automatically soften. The objections he might have will fade away or he will change the objection into a question that would be easier for you to answer. It will make your customer interested in your products and the chances of closing the sale will increase. Always ask your prospect that “In your opinion will my products solve your issues?”

2. Sharp Angle Close

Most of the time customers will ask for the following benefits before closing the sales

  • Concession in the price
  • Free shipping
  • Delivery at their doorstep

You might have to agree to most of their demands. The best possible way to tackle such kinds of situations is you ask your customers to sign the purchasing order once you agree to the concession. It will provide you with the chance to close the deal and your customers would know that they would not get the benefits without a payment. In case you agree to all their demands without anything in return will make your customers ask for more and you might lose your chance of closing a profitable deal.

3. Assumptive Close

Once you have established a healthy relationship with the customers, it is the time that you move on to the next step. You have to discuss his requirements and jot down all the possible assumptions that you have made. Ensure that your prospect agrees with your terms and he respects your policies. Now you have to wait for the right time and place the list in front of your customers with an X on the signature line. Do not say anything because the response of your customer will be positive.

4. Ben Franklin

When you are in the market, there are many analytical personalities you might have to deal with. The best way to grab the attention of such customers is that you make a list.

  • Your list should have two columns
  • Mentions benefits of the products in one column and disadvantages in the other
  • It will provide your customer the chance to evaluate the product with his own knowledge
  • Ensure that you have more benefits as compared to the drawbacks of the items
  • Most of the customers will prefer buying the products once they know the benefits and drawbacks.

5. The Porcupine

We all know that you have to stroke the porcupine very carefully the same is the case is when you have to answer the questions by your customers. In case that one of your potential prospects have asked that of your particular product is available in red color, instead of answering in yes or no, you should ask her would she like her in red.

The way she responds to your questions will give you the insight about her likes and dislikes. In this way, you will get the chance to offer more products to her, which you think she would defiantly buy.

6. Impending Events

Sometimes you have to deal with the deadlines when it comes to closing the sales. In this situation, you would like to make the maximum sales in limited time, which means that you would like your customers to respond quickly.

To make this possible impending event is the best techniques you can use. You should simply ask your customers that I am in the town for next week, so can I meet you for the presentation. You have to be very careful to assure that your customers feel like he has the authority to select the time and deadline. In case you have kept the deadline in your favor, it will ruin your chance of closing the sales with the client.

7. Solicit Objections

Once you have gained the trust of your customers and you are confident that they understand what your products are offering. How you have the perfect solution for their issues it is the time that your raise objections.

Once you notice that your customer is interested but he is not closing the sale you should ask him if he has any issues due to which he cannot proceed with the sales. You have to play safe and assure that there are no chances your customer will say no to the sale. Clear their objections in the best way so you can finalize the deal as soon as possible.

8. Level with Me

Once you know that you have reached the end of the selling procedure and your customer is not finalizing the sales you have to be straight with them. In case that your customers say that he needs to think about your products and services, you need to ask one thing.

Be polite with them and ask if you have not been able to deliver the value they have been looking for in your products. Now you have to stay quiet and wait for their response. The answer of your customer will give you the perfect idea whether you need to wait for them to move towards the next prospect.

9. Direct Close

Once you have cleared all the objections of your customers and you are confident that they understand the value of your products it is the time that you make the direct sales. You have to ask them that are they ready to place the order. It is a straight question with a simple yes or no for an answer.

It is a very risky strategy and most of the time salespersons get the positive response. So you have to assure that you only ask the question once you are sure that you will get a yes for the answer.

10. Duke Of Wellington close

It is a very interesting technique that will increase your chances of making the sale.

  • You have to make a table or list that mentions all the positive and negative points of your products or services
  • Take all the negative points of the products and convert them into positive one showing your customers that in any case, they will benefit from the investment
  • It will help you to easily gain the trust of your clients and they will be satisfied by doing business with you

For example, if your customer is concerned about the cost of the product, simply let him know how reliable it is. They will have to buy your product one and enjoy the benefits for a long time as compared to the cheap products that will damage quickly. Select the technique you are most comfortable with.

The right and wrong method of sales closing.

Top sales closing strategies:

Once you have understood the techniques, it is the time that you pay attention to the strategies. Remember that the way customers are making the purchasing decisions are continuously changing. It is important that you regularly reevaluate and update your sales strategy after discussing it with the staff.

You can make selling the services and products a fine line to walk but it is important that you find the balance and it is the hardest part. The first thing you have to assure is that you persuasions are not annoying or arrogant.

You have to plan everything carefully. If you know where to begin and what strategies to apply you can make your company stay consistent, have more deals and increase the revenue. An important thing to remember is that to make the sale you will need the customer. Here are some of the effective strategies that will help you to grab the attention of more customers and close the sales faster.

1. Know decision maker

The first and the most important thing to consider is that you should know about the decision maker. Remember that most of the time your customer will send someone else to collect the information about your company, brand, and products.

So you have to assure that you present your best self to the decision maker. You have to get into his head in a positive manner so that he will appreciate your product in front of the decision maker. You have to find out about the main prospect so you can customize your sales pitch regarding the interest of your client before he can ask for it.

2. Be Realistic

It is important that you are prepared before the meeting but you have to assure that you are real with your clients.

  • Remember that your clients will know when you are being real and when you are faking it
  • Show your customers that you really care about their business and not just about the deal
  • When you are too calculated it will turn your customers away
  • You have to be prepared for every question that comes your way but your tone of voice should be humble and not arrogant
  • Always show your customers that you care about their best interests

3. Create a sense of urgency and call to action

It is important that you always give your customers the upper hand when it comes to closing the sales. You should never rush your customers and if you want a quick response, you can create a deadline for the special offers and discounts that will make your customers commit as soon as possible.

Having a deadline will give your customers the idea that why your product is the best. if you have no deals you can create the call to action statements at the end of the posts or meetings that will keep your customers engaged.

4. Deal with the objections

When you are preparing for your presentation you should never be overconfident because the customers will always have some confusing objections and questions for you. It is important that you deal with the objections in the best possible way, so the customers will get the idea that you know your products properly. Never get confused while answering the question and justifying your products.

5. Know your rivals

Knowing what your rivals are doing is one of the most important rules to remember when you are ready to close the sales. It is important that you make a list of everything that you are doing differently from your competitors. It will give you the best idea about the strategies and techniques you need to focus on that will make your stand out from your rivals and the customers will prefer to do business with you.

6. Check what you say to customers

You should be very careful about what you are saying to your customers. Remember to never put your foot in your mouth, always stay to the point while focusing on your areas of expertise. Even if you are personable and real, you have to stay professional to show your customer that you are serious about the sales.

Bottom line

All the techniques and strategies mentioned above are tested and tried by the professionals and they will help you in every situation. If you are able to utilize the strategies properly over the period of time, the applications will benefit in the meetings, presentations, and sales calls have been utilized to enhance the sales for the people and the companies you might have been working with.

In order to become the expert, you have to master every one of the techniques, apply it while closing the sales to make a profit out of it and, definitely, don't forget about tools that will help to effectively organize your day-to-day performance. To your selling career, you will have to make a difference to stay ahead of your competition.

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