The Relevance of Cold Calling in 2017

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When you saw Mr. Cold Calling the last time? Is he still as popular as before? Definitely, yes!

And if you have already forgotten about this type of searching for potential clients, you should change your mind and see how, when and why cold calling should become an important part of your company's operations.

What is cold calling today?

Let’s remember the basics: cold calling today is a tool that helps to find potential clients and to discover whether the leads are interested or not interested in things you sell.


Top 5 businesses for cold calling

Cold calling is especially effective for:

- Logistics services providers

- Food services (the number of the restaurant representatives to dial is always huge)

- HR managers (the quickest way to reach interested and interesting workers)

- Industrial marketing companies

- Startups (the quickest way to create the base of prospects for further dialing and selling)


How to give a good cold call?

We already know why cold calling in many cases is better than so-called social selling, emails exchange, or chatting online. But how can you do it today and do it right? Let’s figure it out.

● Choose your technique for cold calling (prepare your mood, mind, team; find out the key words for introducing yourself and explaining the reason of your call; find right questions; keep in mind the goal of your call: you are not selling; listen; give the information; give the lead the reason to be involved; make notes and keep everything in mind)
● Check up some tips and advice (write a script or make some notes; attend master classes; train with your colleagues to solve different issues on the phone; learn to handle rejects)
● Set the goal to call up to X companies per week. Put a realistic number instead of X and initiate the calling campaign via software with different dialing modes (Preview, Power, Predictive).
● Enter received data into the client card in your Lead Management System. Work with the dashboard, attachments, calendar, meetings, and email integration.The  Lead Management System can ease and help you with the life cycle of the cold call.

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Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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