The Evolution of Sales Intelligence

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When you think what is sales intelligence and try to find out the purpose of it for your business, pay attention to the practices it may include. Today focus is on the better ways for collecting important data for better lead nurturing.

Practices for collection of information about leads

We’ve already touched on the topic of web forms and their importance for your business. Today we’ll give you the points for better sales intelligence.

Above the fold

The form should be viewable. No scrolling to see it the visibility is vital and helps to focus the lead’s attention. Don’t hide your forms and make the visitors of your site stalker them in purpose to leave feedback or contact you. Place your web forms on all pages and get maximum leads.


Less is more (more or less)

To fill in or not to fill in; that is the question… Especially if the form is extremely large and contains the maximum possible quantity of fields. This question is tightly connected to the quality of the leads. Would you like to get more data about your potential clients? If yes give them a detailed form with as many fields as you need. Your task, in this case, is to make these fields attractive to the audience.

More leads leass quality

All and now

Even though the maximum relevant number of the fields in the form can bring you quality try not to overdo it. Ask the Internet user only needed for nurturing data and leave other questions and surveys for the future. Think of conversion rates and common sense while building the forms on your sites.

No submit button

Try something new and more innovative. Let your clients hit the button that means the fascinating conversion rates: Go or Click here.

The reasons of sales intelligence existence

Why and when is sales intelligence important? It does matter for having the perfect picture of the sales funnel and the place of each lead in it. The advantages of it are:

  • You obtain the freshest data about your customers.
  • You have a basket full of quality leads.
  • You can gain success in data prospecting.
  • You facilitate your up-sell and cross-sell levels.
  • You get the engine for your business.
  • You make the sales cycle shorter.

The other thing that will help you to sell smarter is software for sales forecasting. Check Voiptime Lead Management System to see all tools

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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