The Forecast and Report On The Call Center’s Agent's Wages Around The Globe

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This forecast and report will interest the head of call centers because it asks questions and promptly gives answers on how to monitor, provide, and forecast wages for call center workers. The report also has figures, charts, and statistical data as evidence.  Of course, this data implies the consonance of your budget and motivation. The other benefit of the information you’ll discover is that: managers float in the info that is irrelevant to their current and future call centers. 

Entrepreneurs, we believe that the call center’s manager is one of them, too frequently become a victim of so-called gurus and seers. Because of them, a hefty portion of managers walked and continue to walk astray from the big picture. So a little bit of clarification on the most painful issues will be helpful to all managers. 

Frankly, the other important reason why the info in the report is relevant is that many managers struggle with the decision on setting the proper wage for particular roles. 

Those agents in customer service or sales, if disappointed. And if think treated unfairly, become discouraged and ready for leaving the job.

Now, you’ll find out not only the wage rates across the globe yet fertile fields of information on how exactly to evaluate and set call center wages. And the up-to-date forecast for the call center’s industry ranges in the long haul. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Today, in the Forecast and Report on wages you’ll find out:

  • The countries with the highest and lowest payment rates in a call center industry around the globe;
  • The most payable positions in the call center industry in the US, Canada, UK, and around the globe;
  • Today’s economy affects the salaries of most managers and call center agents don’t understand;
  • The most important info to know before you tend to work in the call center industry and achieve a decent wage;
  • The call center’s industry perspectives for the predictable future;
  • Is the education relevant for the call center's reps?
  • How to forecast which of the industries currently work better than others?

The Statista Research Department: Call Center Industry from 2020 with the forecast to 2027

The countries with the highest and lowest payment rates in a call center industry around the globe

Of course, the major countries currently paying the highest wages in the industry are the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy. Other, less developed countries are driven to reach the same payment rates as the developed countries. The current global economy says – yes, they can and are qualified!

For instance, here are the wages in the telemarketing niche, in the US by state:

Statista Research Wages in the Telemarketing on 2020

The most payable positions in the call center industry

The sales and customer service niches are both profitable positions. The only difference is that the sales are the direct earnings and the customer service is the indirect one. And we’ll tell you exactly why. 

If considering the sales as direct revenue growth for a company, then the rule – the more you tell, the more you sell is working. The sales rule is also applicable to the promotion where you attract leads through conversation. Further, the more prospects you’ll capable to persuade to make a purchasing decision – the better.

On the other hand, in customer service, the company earns indirectly by assisting customers, solving inquiries, etc. Professional customer service in terms of indirect sales earns even more because satisfied customers will promote your product. And people nearly in 100% of cases make a purchasing decision based on what peers are saying. 

What are call center agents’ salaries currently in the US? 

Of course, there’s the bottom line, middle and high rates in the call center industry. And here they are. 

The entry-level of earning for the agent equals around 20 thousand dollars:


Call Center Agent Salary according to the

  • The middle level equals $27.765, which is slightly better;
  • And the high rate is considered $36.000 of dollars+ annually;
  • The average hourly wage equals $13.35 per hour; 

You can also notice that different companies provide different wages. Thus Fidelity Investments would pay $24.000 - 30.000 annually; The Philip Charles Group – pay $14-16 dollars hourly, And Eclerx would give $12.3 - 13.3 dollars hourly;

Now you may notice that Fidelity Investments have a bigger budget thus the option to pay higher wages. And this is applicable to all companies with big budgets and resources. 

While The Philip Charles Group has an annual revenue of fewer than 5 million dollars and can’t pay too much in salaries, Eclerx has the 15 million plus. 

It’s also true that different US states pay different salaries. These wages may range from several dollars to 20-50 cents per hour. For instance, if we take North Dakota with the annual average salary: of $29.311 and hourly – $14.04. We compare it with the sun-shining state of California. And there we see the annual avg salary - $34.032 and hourly $16.36.

Here's something important to consider. The fact that different call center’s working positions promise different salaries. 

Salary rates for different titles in the call center industry, US

If you are interested in the question of which companies are paying the highest rates, here’s what they are.

Top 10 companies currently paying the salaries in the US

According to Zippia the national average salary seems to constantly increase.

The national average rate of salaries according to Zippia in the US

The only flaw we must admit is this. If you want to hire professional call center agents and fast – you need to raise your salary. Our agents will feel nothing important if you give them the average. 

Now, there’s another thing to consider. Which among the companies are dependent higher on speaking with customers directly or through the phone? 

The answer is that more dependencies on the conversation with customers, whether it’s sales or customer service the higher demand for call center workers and consequently the necessity to pay higher wages. 

Let’s take a deep view on the call center salaries in Canada

The Voiptime Cloud company is sure that we can something valuable to find and present to you.

The salaries rates according to the

Looking at the figures, our attention was immediately grabbed by the DHL company's wages proposals. We see that the salary is drastically different from other salaries in the region.

Then, however, we decided not to stop but deepen our research into the reviews. And here’s what we’ve found.

As you see, the unhappy and happy workers will likely share their opinion about the company. And of course, the rule – the unhappy worker will share more than the happy one - works. 

However, there were also positive reviews regarding the DHL company.

So, we also invite you to check the reviews about the companies you’re inclined to start business relationships with or see as a place for future work. 

The interesting figures and data you can achieve by viewing the info which of the cities are the highest paid in Canada.

Another evaluation tab can give you a lot of info for consideration. Here’s, for instance, the average evaluation of call center workers in different positions. How much do similar professions get paid in Canada?

The United Kingdom call center worker's salaries 

According to glassdoor the scale from entry-level through the middle and to the high-paying position looks as follows. Wages are ranges from (14 to 19 and 25 thousand pounds accordingly).

You can also notice that here are the so-called “Cash Compensations”. Indeed, a couple and even thousands of pounds in a commission would be pretty good to earn. 

And when you’re looking for a job, it’s a good idea to ask questions about the cash compensations. Some of the workers in the sales would be delighted to work deliberately on the commissions from the sales. 

You also may notice that some companies in the UK are deliberately willing to pay on an annual or hourly basis.


Germany and the call center agent salaries

Let’s take a look at the wages in Germany.

Statista Research Earning by industries in Germany, 3rd quarter, 2021 by niche.


Now, the situation with the call center salaries seems better than in other countries. Let’s take a look. 

From 21 through 28 and much higher 44 is the range of the salaries in Germany. 

We also must admit that according to, the entry-level shows a decline in payment and there are the reasons for it:

  • According to the chart the entry-level agents has a decline in wages up to 7% because these workers always require a time and consequently money investment from the manager;

  • So, in the period company prepare agents, they lose a certain fraction of their revenue; And it’s a normal process;

  • The risk that the newbie will quit the job is very high. Because until there’s on the average 3 months of the hard work is proving the opposite;

  • There’re a lot of newbies that want to achieve the job yet have no experience or skills. That’s how the number of applicants for the job in every country influences the final salary they achieve. And they can’t be promoted at least for the first 3 months of the work. 

The chart also describes that middle-career agents achieve a better salary of up to 20%. The reasons why:

  • These agents know everything regarding working with prospective consumers and are good enough to provide companies with sustainable revenue growth;
  • If a company spends a certain fraction on the time of the middle-career agent preparation, it’s only a small fraction and drastically increases their revenue velocity in the long haul;

  • Companies really achieve the complex positive effect when they have more middle-career agents at their disposal; 
  • The option to promote the agents of the middle-career is also improving their facets for the increase of the salary. Once they were promoted and sustained, they very fast start to increase the company revenue by thousands;

The late-career agents have also increased their salaries by up to 10% because of:

  • There's the necessity to have in the call center the most experienced person;

  •  This person knows how to quickly teach newbies and forecast their career;

  •  They can tackle the most challenging issues;

  •  They can be promoted and thus increase the company’s owner's personal time;


Here’s how the promotion scale in Germany is working.

 And here’s what the promotion and salaries are, on average.

What about the wage for the call center agent in France?

The situation with the salaries in France is looking good in comparison with other countries. Take a look:

  • The newbies achieve roughly – 1663 Euros per month;

  • The middle-level agents – 3000 Euros;

  • And the top agents achieve up-to 6 000 Euros and more.

Some companies are providing from 50 to 61 000 Euros per year to call center employees.

The situation with the wages ranges as following the bigger cities and moreover the capital cities like Paris always pay the higher wage no matter what. It occurs because, in the big cities and capitals, the vast businesses are concentrating on one play around the population.

Italy’s call center’s representative's wages

Salaries in Italy range from 750 for newcomers to 1440 for the middle and to 2,200 Euros for a top level. 

Here are the customer service salaries in Australia

Despite the fact that the Australian dollars are 0,68 US dollars, the salaries seem higher than in most countries around the globe. Let’s look at the figures. 

Here’s how education influences the level of salary in Australia:

Today’s economy affects the salaries of most managers and call center agents don’t understand.

Everyone in the call center industry wants to earn more. Now, the effect on the salaries almost nobody understands is triggered by the urgent or seasoned demand of customers.

And whether companies understand this effect or not, they immediately reflect on changes in the customer’s activity.

Thus customers are willing to purchase frequently their urgent necessities such as food, dress, health, etc. And there’s the effect of seasons, such as purchasing air conditioners during the summer period and early autumn. Or purchasing the heaters during the late autumn, winter, and early spring periods.

Your company, no matter what kind of niche you represent, whether you’re satisfying the urgent or seasoned necessities, reflects on these changes. So if you forecast the growth in sales, for instance in the air-conditioners, or other products, you’d likely satisfy the demand.

Your action would be always to have more sales representatives in a call center, with a small surplus when the active purchasing period is coming. The same with customer service.

The more customers actively purchase goods and services, the more sales and customer service reps you need to have at your contact center. With the small amount of the surplus, plus 2-5 agents that are ready to work.

The additional surplus of agents is the issue because you never know who among agents can fail ill, unexpectedly quit, or even have matters when they’re unable to work.

Plus the surplus is necessary to satisfy the expected inbound or outbound calling flow that satisfies prospects and customers’ needs.

And of course, remember that fast hiring, the first person you see, is never the best option. You need a hiring policy because unless the agent is tested and vetted, fast hiring is the very narrow way.

How do companies react to these spikes of demands regarding salaries?

Companies are always willing to pay higher salaries when consumer demands are on the rise. It’s obvious because the situation requires the fast satisfying of these demands. Our customers will choose another brand once they understand it’s hard or impossible to achieve fast satisfaction from a particular company.

Thus companies are forced to pay higher wages when the demand is rising or high to attract more professional agents. The agents are also naturally reacting to the rising wages and are willing to work with companies, which are ready to pay.

Investopedia, the law of the demand and price that affects salary growth

And this law is working in both sales and customer service industries.

The most important info to know before you tend to new hire agents and sustain your business.

Those, who wish to work in the call center industry, specifically in customer service or sales, must know the simple takeaways:

  • Money is not the primary motivator for employees. Of course, everyone needs to make the living;

  • However, in the long haul, it’s a scientifically proven fact that employees around the globe seek tangible items as well as intangible ones. Here’s the huge explanation of what is tangible and intangible stuff in your business from McKinsey research;

  • The company can attract more professionals by raising the average salary on the market. Thus if you wish to have a lot of agents in a short period, consider raising the average salary, both annually and hourly.

Agent’s productivity and professionalism reached by the great management practices. Managers really need to do their job better in hiring new employees. And perhaps reshape internal policy if it triggers turnover and low productivity. Thus it's necessary to:

  • Establishing new relationships matters. In these jittery times, the more business and personal connections you have in your orbit, the better for your future business;

  • The vast heads of call centers tend to reach the mere results and stop the progress. Yes, they established business connections, but it’s too hard for them to maintain the level;

  • Instead of decreasing the workload, these managers choose to never establish new relationships. At least, they refuse to put good-enough effort into this direction;

  • That’s the mistake that cost them enormous efforts in the future not only breaking even but scratching the surface with new business relationships and a great call center team.

    While smart managers step on their heels. And guess what? These newcomers win if capable to maintain a high level of motivation with constant developing practice;

  • The analysis of the market is the mistake the vast managers commit. They really, don’t understand where the market is going and the real causes of changes.

    For instance, instead of constant monitoring for the innovations in goods and services, they’re presenting. And instead of looking and analyzing how much the market satisfies consumers' needs, and how much it serves them;

  • As smart managers and knowers of things they, are based on the real economical situation. Plus, what exactly is necessary for the consumers to improve their lives.

    For instance, in the customer service niche – the frequent report about technical troubles must not only be rooted down, yet managers must constantly improve the solution to reduce and then never have these troubles in the future.

They can give a call to the manufacturers and clarify the situation on how exactly they can make services better.

But you’ll find rarely that managers behave in such a way. Quite contrary, provide mere service to people, have zero interest in their troubles with goods, and moreover demand higher payments or quote higher prices.

The danger of this behavior hides not only in the slowing down of the brand image, losing positions on the market labor, etc. It spread the poison of neglecting consumers on the call center’s agent team. The agents literally are trying to copy the manager’s behavior.

Having all these smart manager’s tips in the head allows you to constantly grow like the big companies you now see with the big annual revenue. Further, having constant growth, your company is fairly easily capable to pay higher than average salaries.

Year in and year out. So always keep in mind the big picture, not only the wage you can pay to agents yet the ways to attract the best people and pay them the highest wages.

The call center’s industry perspectives for the predictable future

The perspective is huge because the demand for fast contact with companies of all sizes and businesses is constantly growing. Moreover, you can see that live phone calling remains a primary source of communication while chats, social media, and emails keep up.

The other truth from the perspective of the business in any niche is that – there’s no unprofitable business. There is unwise management.

Managers need to keep up with the innovations and ways to improve the basics of their current situation. They need to study markets, consumers, and first of all how to serve people.

A successful manager in the 21st century is an intelligent individual that constantly read a lot. For example, the successful CEO of the company read at least 4 books per month. If you can’t read 4, read 3 or even 1.

They also seek new business connections by constantly talking with the CEO of other companies, consumers, and their agents. They’re keeping an eye on agents’ performance and seek ways to make them more intelligent, and educate, employees, to reach broad views.

Just move in the direction. And guess what? Only because of their constant movement they’re capable to predict changes, shortages, and opportunities.

Are they broke from time to time and unable to deliver a decent level of performance as managers? Yes. And none of the human beings capable for 20 years straight being the best of the best without showing any signs of strain or lowering in productivity.

But the difference between the – successful one. And those – losers or me-too competitors is this. No matter how the manager’s job is hard or the obstacles on the path. They figure out the troubles – stone by stone, day by day, and then once obstacle becomes just the next step on the ladder to success.

The relevancy of education in the sales or customer service niche

The good question, and here’s the perfect answer. Education, as top marketers report, is sometimes harmful to the agents that work in sales. Because sales are a rather energetic field of conversation than “wise” tricks and pure logic. Both logic and the charming, work ultimately better in consonance.

Thus if it’s true for the sales then the customer service is also sometimes harming agents because they too touch the sensitive strings of the soul when trying to disarm the situation, calm down the aggressiveness or solve the issue.

Moreover, education is so costly these days that hardly a lot of people can afford to achieve a bachelor's degree. And why then they should work as a call center’s agents when they’ve already invested tens of thousands of dollars into education?

So, the answer will be this: education is optional yet not necessary. If the person is capable of negotiating with the prospects and consumers, have a high-stress immunity, and is motivated then it’s not necessary. But it could be optional.

How to forecast which one of the niches currently works better than others and will work?

Of course, the business niches for products or services, with billions of people as users – such as health or finance are very profitable. The only flaw – these niches are highly competitive. So managers need to evaluate the resources and knowledge to try to breach into these markets and sustain in the long haul.

However, there are a lot of niches where the competition is very low or almost does not exist. For instance, renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, and water.

We can give you a dozen of examples of niches that are less competitive, and promise higher revenue growth. You just look at your industry and try to find out where no competitors yet.

Because it’s the fact that sometimes managers wish to compete with the huge companies with 7000 and more employees at their disposal. And they’re positioning themselves as competitors by having 100+ employees.

Of course, they overestimate their capacities to compete with these companies and consequently fail. So wise management means looking at the industries with a clear head and understanding the options to compete with certain companies.

Frankly, competition is a rich thing these days and always was. Because you need always to look for ways to outperform someone. And it’s impossible to do 10 years or 20 years straight. Instead of competition, the less competitive markets are a much better option. 

What every call center manager must know about the call center's rep's wages?

The balance is the best option between the company’s revenues and wages. Thus if your company unexpectedly grows and your revenue is increasing. Make your agents part of this success. Because it’s obvious that they are the part.

Don’t make a big leap in the wages increase, such as additional thousand of dollars or Euros, that’s a too big bite for you. Instead, raise on the hundred, few hundred dollars or Euros their wage.

That’s how they’ll understand you appreciate their efforts and will work even harder to make your business flourish.

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