The Benefits of Inside Sales Positions

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In the last few years, the shift from Outside Sales to Inside Sales has grown rapidly due to the changes in the selling practice. Since technology revolutionized sales and the interaction between clients and sellers has completely undergone changes, it forced companies to search new ways of communication with leads for generating high revenue.

Therefore, inside sales have become a priority for many businesses as they are carried out mainly through remote and technology-driven communication. Owing to this fact, employers tend to hire more inside sales professionals, since the possibility to cover bigger amount of clients per day as well as to lower costs associated with inside sales force, than outside ones.  As a result, the position of inside sales representative is nowadays among the most popular and commonly requested. So, let’s find out what are the main benefits of inside sales rep position.

  • Detailed analytics. As figures are life-essential for any Inside Sales reps, access to analytics of client engagement obtained from software for operating calls helps reps to adjust their actions according to their prospect’s interest, to shorten the sales cycle and save time. This analytics makes a sales cycle more predictable and adds clarity to sale process for agents. As a result, deals are closed quicker and agents have more time to spend on other potentials and, thus, achieve goals.
  • Less travels. The main advantage of inside sales for an agent is that there are no outside meetings with prospects involved. Thanks to the digital revolution, inside sales representatives can work either from office or their homes and communicate with clients from their country or all over the world. This saves not only their and companies travel costs, but also time lost during travel. Moreover, it is very important to interact with prospect in motivating and enthusiastic way. Yet, travels require a lot of energy, so an exhausted sales rep will influence a prospect less than an energized one. In addition, thanks to advances in communication tools, it is easier for sales representatives to effectively and productively conduct demos, give presentations and perform other functions for following up with potential prospect.
  • More convenient work environment. Sales positions always involve high level of stress and that can result in decreasing sales and staff turnover. Thus, for overcoming these negative factors, most employers try to provide casual work environment for sales representatives, that is, a relaxed dress code, an equipped gym, restrooms, etc. for increasing employees’ positive state of mind and, as a result, high rates of sales.
  • Immediate feedbacks and effective teamwork. Nowadays advanced technologies give sales managers great possibility to listen to calls of their employees, learn what their strong and weak points are and provide them with direct feedback. This not only helps sales reps to improve their skills, but also serves as a significant contribution to their professional development. Another advantage of inside sales for agents is working in a team. One of the main benefits of inside sales team is that newcomers can learn from professionals (how to conduct demo, to overcome objections, etc.) and, thus, not only improve their skills, but also together with the entire team reach top results.
  • More outreach in less time. With new sales automation software, many of sales and outreach related tasks are becoming automated giving inside sales representatives a possibility to reach out bigger number of contacts per day spending less time. This allows agents to close deals without any hassle, increase company’s revenue and, thus, receive higher incomes and bonuses.

There are many reasons why people choose a career in inside sales. But one thing is definitely clear, with the growth of the Inside Sales industry and all the benefits like high incomes, better working conditions, etc., sales career certainly has a lot to offer.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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