Text Transformed Into Sounds: How Text to Speech May Serve Your Business

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Text to Speech solution converts data into sounds.

“Your balance is one-hundred-dollars-fifty-cents” – if you have checked your bank account through phone, you’ve heard how Text to Speech works. Customer reaches a voice menu via phone and the system vocalizes this information.

The system understands text and converts it into voice output. Besides banks it is often used by retail to provide information about order status, airlines to access flight information etc.

Text to Speech is a valuable addition to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and allows to serve your customers better and also to reduce contact center operations spending.

How it works

With Text to Speech solution any data can be vocalized. The system analyzes the text and divides each word into sound combination. After this the prior recorded by artists sounds are combined together to create words and sentences.

A challenge is to customize appropriate pronunciation, intonation and expressivity to make data sound smooth and naturally.

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Speech Recognition

Since computers are able to respond to us, it is nice to talk to them. For this purpose, Speech Recognition option is often used along with Text to Speech in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

For a computer to understand voice, it must convert sounds into a digital format. This is not easy, as the computer analyzes all sounds it hears, including background noise, car beeping etc.

Additionally, the quality of sounds, received through a telephone, is usually of low quality and thus a computer has less information to analyze.

However, speech recognition solutions are part of success of IVRs and help to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

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IVR and Text to Speech to be developed by Voiptime

Voiptime team is currently working on modern innovative IVR and Text to Speech solutions development. They will be customized specifically for call centers.

These solutions will be able to gather data about the client through voice and touch-tone keypad selection and then rout the client to appropriate voice answer or agent.

IVR and Text to Speech solutions will help to manage the call center more efficiently and to serve clients 24/7.

Please click on the button below if this solution may be interesting to you.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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