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Higher productivity at a lower cost or how to make your call center more cost-effective? A call center can bring a number of benefits to your business, but oftentimes, with all the advantages come significant investments. If you’ve been running a call center for a while now, you’re probably looking for the ways to cut down on the cost of running this facility. It’s totally possible to make a call center more cost-effective. All you need it to optimize call center resources, staffing and customer service quality. And you can achieve this by implementing a few smart changes in your call center department. What are those changes? Let’s find out!

Move to the cloud

The benefits of a transition to the cloud solution are immense. As opposed to on-premise call centers, the cloud ones are much cheaper and easier to set up. They have a significantly smaller upfront cost and can be upgraded relatively inexpensively. Cloud solutions also enable you to integrate third-party software for greater efficiency and productivity. Apart from that, most cloud call centers offer various pricing plans and pay-as-you-go options, which means that you’ll have more control over your expenses.

If implemented smartly, they can increase agent productivity tremendously by automating routine tasks and providing them with an ideal environment for greater versatility. Also, the features like IVR and ACD save agents a great deal of time and ensure better customer service.

Unlike on-premise call centers, cloud-based solutions offer better security and reliability. They ensure stronger disaster recovery capabilities and can handle any disruptive event without having a significant impact on the workflow. Cloud solutions can be accessed across various devices, which gives agents extra mobility. In case of any connectivity damage, agents can keep providing excellent customer service simply by logging into the system from another device.

When organizations make the leaps like this, the overall quality of service grows naturally. Agents process customer queries much faster and resolve their cases with higher efficiency. People feel the difference immediately, which results in greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, and appreciation.

Implement call center software with all the right features

Cloud solutions with a number of dedicated features will have a direct impact on reducing cost per call. Here’s what you need to look for.  

Efficient outbound dialing

Automated dialing is a cost-effective feature by definition as it minimizes agent waiting time and allows them to focus on conversations. But you can make calls even more productive by choosing the most suitable dialing mode for each of your campaigns.

Depending on the goal of your campaign, you can make use of:

  • Predictive dialer to reach a massive amount of leads with minimum agent idle time;
  • Power dialer to quickly process databases of existing clients;
  • Preview dialer to help agents prepare for each incoming call by showing them each client’s information, etc.

The ability to choose business logic based on the needs of your campaign can make a day and night difference for your sales and customer service.  

Call monitoring and reporting

Choose the cloud call center software that provides managers with various reporting capabilities and enables them to monitor some critical metrics, such as:

  • Live calls (the status of each call/ the number of completed calls/ the last call date, etc.);
  • Agent productivity (Logged in time, Not ready time, Talking time, User occupancy, etc);
  • Key call center KPIs (Abandoned Call Ratio/ Average Waiting Time/ Average call duration, etc), and more.

Providing managers with the ability to oversee all the processes within the call center is an important condition for greater productivity.

Callback from the queue (for inbound calls)

This feature is great money- and time-saver. Not only it reduces the cost per call, but it also improves customer satisfaction. Callback from the queue decreases the number of people waiting in a queue, which allows you to cut down on telephony and trunk costs. At the same time, customers don’t have to stay on the line. They can hang up the phone knowing that their position in the queue is saved. This is an invaluable advantage for any call center.

Intelligent call routing

The algorithm of this feature takes into account the communication history, the project the caller is added into, and what sales representative is assigned to that person. Based on this knowledge, it connects customers with the most appropriate agent. Another great mechanism is skill-based routing, when the agents are assigned based on the department, availability, skill, specialized training, spoken language, etc. This eliminates the frustrating bouncing among the departments and makes handling customer issues possible from the start. Not to mention, it saves the time of your agents by providing them with a meaningful and effective workload.

Sales pipeline reporting

Numbers matter and this feature will help you oversee all the sales-related processes that have an impact on your revenue. Sales pipeline reporting will enable you to monitor the conversion rate for every agent and view the movement of leads through the funnel. If your prospects freeze at some stage, you’ll be able to quickly find out where it happens.

Optimize the hiring and onboarding of agents

The better the customer service that your agents provide, the more cost-effective your call center becomes. Cloud solutions give you a wide variety of hiring options and training/coaching capabilities. When it comes to hiring, you can simply outsource the remote team and automatically save on lease and basic office equipment. In terms of training and coaching, some cloud solutions include a live call monitoring feature, which allows you to listen to active calls in real-time, and silent call monitoring, which is perfect call whispering and call barging ‒ effective call center coaching/ training techniques. Some vendors even don’t mind conducting small software acquisition training for your agents.   

Integrate call center software with other business apps

The last but not least condition for cost-effectiveness and performance efficiency is the ability to integrate your call center with other business solutions and smooth import/export all the necessary business data. Cloud software provides easy integration capabilities with third-party apps, which simplifies the work of your agents even more as they don’t need to move back and forth between several applications to access all the necessary information. This ensures a seamless, intuitive experience for your team, helps you save costs, and makes your customers happy at the same time.

Make your call center more cost-effective in a few clicks!

“If only it was that easy!”

If that’s what you think, we are happy to tell you that it actually is really easy and you can get all those benefits for your call center in a few clicks of a mouse.

Voiptime Cloud call center software has all the benefits that you have just read about and even more. This is an all-in-one inbound and outbound contact center solution with:

  • three dialing modes (Predictive, Power, Preview),
  • a built-in CRM system,
  • all the necessary features for reducing cost per call,
  • the best tools for boosting agent efficiency,
  • easy data import and integration capabilities,
  • FCC compliance, and
  • top-notch customer support.

Contact us to set up the cloud solution for you, add a few agents, and start a campaign. Simple as that!

Interested in ultimate call center software?

Contact us to discuss your needs and see Voiptime Contact Center in action!

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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