New Real-Time Dashboard for Call Center Manager

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We can’t believe it’s autumn already! Time flies so fast when you work hard. We keep doing our best to make your call center more efficient. Today, we are pleased to let you know that with the launch of the latest Voiptime Cloud updates you’ll be able to control the work of your teams and performance of outbound campaigns processed by your agents.

Meet the new productivity boosting feature - the real-time dashboard. Call center manager can easily view statuses of any team selected from the filter. This allows to quickly understand the parameters of workload and the use of resources by a call center at a given moment. 

new real-time dashboard from Voiptime Cloud

Users table enables you to control ongoing statuses of team members, tasks that are being processed at the moment, and an average talk time for each agent.

Tasks widget group shows status of dialing attempts for active outbound campaigns in the real time. Data filtering is available for a certain period (for the past 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day). Also you can turn on/off the display of dialing statuses in the graph. The widgets allow to quickly understand the status of each dialing attempt, obtain information about the quality of dialing base and an approximate progress of a campaign.

Tasks widget Voiptime Cloud

The following parameters are also displayed under the graphs (they also update according to the selected period from the filter):

  • In queue - displays situation in queue at the moment
  • Abandon rate % - shows the percentage of calls lost in queue
  • Maximum waiting time - displays maximum time of waiting in queue
  • Average talking time - calculates an average length of a conversation

We’ve also complemented the list of campaigns in Campaigns tab with extra columns that show statuses of entries and enable you to forecast the time of their closing.

new campaign page from Voiptime Cloud


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Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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