Call Center Sales Pitch Examples

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Call pitch, or calling script is an extremely vital tool for call center agents who have to tackle a huge volume of calls and guarantee identical high-quality service for every customer. As it is vital to not be caught off guard during conversations and to show no doubt about what the sales representative talks about, developers have initiated finding the instrument that will help the sales team keep the dialogue on the correct path and be totally set for all potential questions - that is a short history of how the call pitching has born. 

But what is the call pitching, exactly? In short, call center sales script creation is a contact center operation that includes all necessary steps to create call center sales pitch examples, both cold calling scripts, and an inbound call script example. 

Anyhow, you may say that experienced and well-trained agents have enough skill and qualifications to act without scripts, as each potential customer requires a personalized approach and every conversation has its own specified characteristics and needs, so no perfect scripts can cover all potential aspects of customer communication. 

It’s true that differing from the script isn’t a crime, and real pros perform in this way when talking to customers, as all of them have different communication styles, needs, expectations, mentality, and so on. On the other hand, some customers may ask the same questions, but expect distinct answers or dissimilar resolution models. 

Contrastingly, a phone conversation script doesn’t bear a purpose to be utilized with absolute precision. It is operated to ease the dialogue, and hold an ace up the sleeve in the subject of refusal. 

So why is the call center call script so vital? 

Let’s find out all factors that make an incoming call or cold call script an irreplaceable part of your call center strategy and the must-have tool in your arsenal. 

Firstly, the call scripts assist agents to stay concentrated on the purpose and main points of the conversation. Operators see how they should guide the conversation, which stages it must contain, how should it end, and the main tip - what they have to say during the call. Let’s be honest, it is really hard to keep concentration during some dialogues, especially if we talk about cold calls or talky prospective buyers who say many unnecessary things. 

Secondly, sales scripts help to collect customer data directly during the conversation. By using a sales call notes template, sales reps can track customer reactions, wishes, refusals, complaints, and expectations. 

Thirdly, it boosts your conversion rate. Even though a cold calling campaign while you attempt to find new and keep current customers and make new deals, it is vital to deliver the proposal for a brief span. People rarely want to attend to long stories, and when you face two complicated tasks - to interest the buyer and to say everything you want without going out of compressed time frames, calling script is the most reasonable way to avoid losing composure. 

Finally, call scripts ease agents' life and assist in training newbies who are definitely not ready for performing complicated tasks without some assistance. We bet that you will not let new hires take part in real customer service calls without ensuring that they know what to do - and the pitch is the flawless solution as your hires can just say what is written down in it. 

Call script naming

You may guess why have we included this obvious part in the article. Well, it is not as omissible as you may think. Selecting a name is a crucial step in constructing calling scripts as it guarantees that they are effortless to find and that no confusion or misuse will happen. Actually, if you bear diverse call scripts, and in numerous circumstances, you will have numerous scripts, this task becomes even more crucial. 

If you bear only one script, anoint it as you want, focusing on business requirements and understandability. For a sample, it may be anointed “universal”, “ultimate”, or “versatile”. 

If you retain various pitches, call them depending on their purpose and area of use - “incoming sales”, “inbound assistance”, “outbound calls”, “for the mortgage”, “for high-net-worth customers”, ‘follow-up call” and so on. This approach keeps you assured that no agent would confuse one with others and cause trouble. 

How to construct a perfect pitch

Firstly, it should be clear and obey a golden rule “everything that is unnecessary ought to be cleared”. It has to cover all main phases of the discussion and sales techniques, such as greeting, saying customer problems and how the offering resolves them, naming main features, call-to-action, overcoming objections, and the suitable ending of the dialogue.

If we move to script length, let’s say it ought to be not too long, but not too short. Sounds foolish? Then if more precisely, you must try to make it as short as possible but include all necessary phases of the sales process. 

It must be comprehensive both for experienced employees and newbies who will use it too. Design it by taking into consideration that new agents always sound like robots(if they aren’t born to be client support representatives), so the pitch ought to be empathetic and evade being too stereotyped. 

You ought to pick two distinct strategies: constructing call scripts that relate to the exact offering, or more widespread ones that would cover various situations. Nonetheless, you may try to assemble a symbiosis between these two methods. 

Call scripts also should sound alive, like real dialogues. Take into consideration that they must never contain outdated and annoying selling techniques and phrases that may cause only customers to facepalm. 

Where to start? Write down the main aspects you desire to cover by operating this pitch. Then add details, but avoid exaggeration. Leave the area for maneuver and improv. 

The last stage is to consider where should the script end and agents' own improvisation and ideas begin. Improvisation should be considered in every script, but you have to determine precise instructions of where and when it should be used. 

Sales script builder

Greeting - agent’s name, organization title, and the cause for contacting

Customer problem - name it to provide a weight for the contact and hold a reason that can convince the customer to continue a dialogue

Offering- how the firm can resolve the concern and why solely you ought to do so

Exhortation - what should the client do

Overwhelm the objection - how will you tackle potential refusals

Making a pact- the ending of the discussion 

Sales talk track examples 

Script#1. Business Introduction

Hi, Josh! I’m Michael from {firm}. I’m calling to state that I’ve discovered you have some assignments open for two months, and it looks like we can assist you to close them in less than two weeks, as we guarantee successful hiring in contract and carry all responsibility for the hiring process on ourselves.  We bear nearly ten years of experience, so you may check reviews that are all positive to prove what I’m saying. We also take responsibility for hiring the most promising employees with proven experience and skills. 

I comprehend that now you can have a narrow while to attend to me, but what about scheduling a free consultation with our sales managers at the time of day that is the most satisfactory for you? 

If you bear any inquiries, I can respond to them now or when it would be appropriate. Say when I should contact you again.

Hope you’ll have a pleasant day.  

Script#2. Product Introduction

Hi, Liam! It’s Jinnie calling from {firm}. 

I have discovered that your enterprise can perform up to 20% more conversions if you will operate an omnichannel call center solution to cover all communication channels of your target audience. We propose such an offering, and it will not simply boost your conversion rate but also client satisfaction and retention.

We have product demo mode to prove our effectiveness and real cases of implementation, where our solution has brought additional sales to our clients. We also offer a refund policy and free onboarding, as well as all-around-the-clock support provided by managers. 

If you allocate me some additional moments, we can plan a meeting to show you everything.

Just tell me the time limit that would be fitting for you.

Bye and have a nice evening!

Script#3. Cold call script

Hi Ben! It’s Jimmie from {firm}.

Allocate just a moment to present you some assistance for the speedy resolution of your {client problem}. Our solution is appreciated by hundreds of satisfied clients, just check their reviews.

We also offer a great discount for new buyers, so I believed it would be a fine thought to contact you. 

If you are inquisitive, say me the time we can discuss all details. 

Script#4.  Cross-Sell script

Hi, John! It's Tom from {firm}.

I’m calling because I desire to ensure that you have already tested the {...} you’ve bought from us at {date}. Have you enjoyed it? 

I’m pleased that you appreciate it. 

To sweeten the deal, we have a new offer that would boost your {...} and perfectly suit it. As you are already our client, we can propose to you a discount for it, and this is the offering personally to you.

If you want to move further, let me present you with the proposition or say when we can organize a detailed discussion.

Wish you a nice weekend! 

Script#5. Up-Sell script

Hi, Garry! It’s Bob from {firm}.

I contact you to check if you relish {...} you have bought at {date}.

Great to know you love it!

You are our consumer, and we are pleased by your trust, so we reach out with a personalized offer of our new product that has unique product features that haven’t been already offered in the target market. What’s more, we are willing to make all to please our clients, so you can order it for a discounted price. 

If you are engaged, we can plan a sales presentation call at your convenience. 

Wish you all the best!

Scipt#6. Inbound sales

Hi, Kevin! Gratitude for contacting us, my name is Melinda and I’m your advisor and furnish you with the best service possible. 

I’ve caught that you have already found our website and looked for {...}. Tell me, what do you expect from purchasing it? What needs do you desire to cover? Do you bear any personal wishes about the characteristics? 

{Listen and respond to queries}

Great. I’m sure that this offer covers your expectations and necessities, but I have a little surprise - to reward you we would like to propose to you a markdown on this position. 

Please, confirm that everything is alright, and we can move further to confirm the purchase. 

Thank you for preferring us. If something else is necessary from our side, call again without any hesitation.  

Script#7. Objection overcoming script

Hi, Anthony! It’s Ann from {firm}.

Is it comfortable for you to talk a bit at the moment? I simply desired to prove you remember our conversation at {date} to check whether have you any questions about the offer I’ve provided you with.

I comprehend that you may doubt because of some things, like {objection}. I guarantee that I‘m not trying to convince you to buy something, I just enjoy assisting you with discovering answers to your inquiries. 

If you’re doubting something, or some things worry you, I can link you with our specialist from the technical unit. 

Anyhow, thanks for your attention and time. 

Scipt#8. Finishing a sale script

Hi, Melany! It’s Rosa from {firm}.

Do you remember our talk at {date}? You told me that the offer interested you. 

From my experience, this proposal is what you strictly require, and you carry no risks as we guarantee the growth of your rates in the first three months. 

I don’t have in mind to hurry you with the final decision, but if you order it now, I ought to propose a lower price to you. 

Thanks for your trust. If you leave us your mailbox, we will mail you new personal offers directly to it.

Best tips for sales pitches and sales processes at all

If you want to make real deals and achieve high conversion rates, you have to not only design great scripts but follow some general guidelines that would boost potential buyer trust, and loyalty, help overcome objections, overplay competitors and avoid popular mistakes. 

  • Personalize the communication - at least try to find out the lead’s name before you call him, and use all opportunities to collect as much information as possible by operating active listening.
  • Ask more questions - as we have mentioned before, you have to gather information, so ask more, especially open-ended questions to find out buyer personas, their wishes, problems, and even communication styles.
  • Build trust - people who don’t trust you won’t buy from you, so adapt to their wishes to construct it.
  • Ask about needs - every client buys something because he needs it. Ask directly what is his need and offer the product that covers it. 
  • Overcome objections - almost every client has a barrier that stops them from closing a deal. Destroy this barrier with social proofs and real statements, but don’t be too aggressive.
  • Accurately hurry clients - people sometimes love to put things on hold, so use all opportunities to convince them to act faster. Nonetheless, don’t overuse this method. 
  • Shorten the talks - people will never listen to your business’s history or other unnecessary stories. Keep it short and related to the topic.
  • Be unobtrusive - salesy language and annoying phrases such as “one-time offer” or “only today you can…” push people to never talk to you again. Communicate in a positive and natural way, and don’t be one of those dull salesmen.
  • Stay ready - before calling, make sure you are ready for any changes in a call flow. If a customer catches you off guard, a deal will never be closed. 
  • Call clients to action - this is important because you make them understand what they should do further. Callback, demo version, email with policy, and so on - show them what they must ask you for. 


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