Reliable Cold Calling Software For Teams With 5 or More Agents

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In these jittery times, you need to furnish the entire team with automated cold calling software with strong features.

Source: The Statista Research: Customers’ preferences on contacting

If you’re serious about accountable and automated cold calling software, now you can get the scalability, reliability, and security in one bundle for reaching customers around the globe.

They claim that for cold calling the game is over

The experts, gurus, and so-to-say seers casting stones towards cold calling. Those critics claim that the days of successful cold calling are numbered. In the majority, because customers refuse to pick up the phone… And this makes selling via phone too hard or even impossible.

Really? So, from their perspective customers started to travel to the company’s offices, branches, production sites, and so on. And they do it every time they need goods and services.

We’ve researched their skepticism by looking at the wide range of facts

Basically, if cold calling is gone, then who are those armies of customers that constantly purchase a lot of stuff via phone, and what are those mythical companies in manufacturing, real estate, insurance, and the list goes on … that make a big deal of money year in and year out?

Statistic: What are the annual net revenues of your organization? | Statista

Source: The Statista Research: Revenue generated by contact centers

Of course, these companies are not mythical or chosen. They just use cold calling as one of the main sources for contacting, persuading, and selling.

And let’s never forget the fact that in the real world, there’s nearly zero percentage of serious customers that will make an expensive purchase, a sign of a contract, previously not having a chat via phone with the sales rep or customer service agent.

Gurus stop arguing when seeing the real figures and facts about cold calling selling

Just in a second, we’ll show you the evidence regarding cold calling and its effectiveness.

Let's presume you hit the switch and there are no cold calling options anymore in the world, whether mobile or VoIP (Voice over internet protocol). There's just no tech to contact any kind of person through a cold call on a short or long distance. And of course, you can't achieve the inbound call.

And if that were true, in order to make an outbound sale, you were forced to talk somehow with the customers.

Thus the only way to sell something is face-to-face. Well, this perspective is not even close to a profitable business.

Why? Because closing the one sale at a time is a tense way for a small or middle-size company to operate. Evenly in the case of the enterprise-size company, door-to-door selling is the fastest and shortest way to bankruptcy.

These days, companies must close tens, hundreds, or even thousands of sales during the shift. Of course, an outbound call or outbound campaign with manual dialing is ineffective and tires the sales team with non-profitable calling results in the end.

Thus cold calling is the only way to make a purchasing decision by convincing each potential customer. If you're not calling anyone, no one knows about you.

Moreover, cold calling is an intelligent way to make a purchase because the agent has a comfortable place and has to click-to-contact with the live person.

Is there the best cold calling software for SMBs?

Considering any kind of economy shaking, it’s not only the life raft, yet it's the sales consistency year in and year out. And we’ll tell you exactly why. The economy cyclically perpetuates so-called earthquakes triggered by macroeconomics, geopolitics, and so on and so forth.

And none of the experts can tell with the precision how long these disruptions will last. But you know what? Selling, during these disruptions, operates almost with infinitive potential. Because despite everything, people still need goods and services, no matter what.

During the economical disruptions or not, it’s the time when small and mid-sized businesses take their chances by finding the fastest and surest ways to sell. And cold calling is one of the ways.

These cloud call center software solutions are the fortress-like safest tools for cold calling

The protection of confidential or financial data is the top priority of every business owner that wishes to use the cloud or any other kind of cold calling software solution in the business.

And that’s why the Voiptime Cloud has dynamic security features such as storing and transmitting voice or text through certified data centers.

Interception, bypassing, or penetration of this kind of data is nearly impossible because requires a direct hacking attack on the data center itself.

The connection with the speed of the internet with no sacrifice in the voice quality

A few decades ago, the low internet connection was the case for the quality of the speed and voice using the VoIP connection for cold calling.

But today, the world wide web erased these problems tied with the cause of the youth of the internet and cloud call center software. In other words, the connection with customers using the cloud call center software is equal to the speed of the sunlight. The geographical location doesn’t matter.

Let’s also mention voice quality, which is very important for any kind of phone conversation.

Today you have a voice quality equal to the mobile phone or above. Moreover, there’s no noise added during the transmission of the voice, and the natural sound is recreated at the other end.

Why we’re claiming this technology guarantees a remarkable cold calling quality?

You must be aware that the software is using the “packages” of the information to deliver them to the end-user.

Now, in cold calling, the Voiptime Cloud software’s voice packets achieve priority over the data packets. And, we’re working with the providers and data centers that use the highly capable fiber-optic lines to transmit our voice packages around the world. Here’s how to get this software.

The significantly lower total cost of ownership in comparison with the traditional telephony providers

That’s true because the cloud software for cold calling has zero necessity in the physical infrastructure, binding to a certain location, physical IP desk phones, and office rent expenses.

Traditional telephony providers recognize that some of their cold calling features require shutting down. Why? Because of the ongoing and excess expenses on the maintenance of the physical infrastructure of these cold calling features.

However, everything you need for a successful operation is the PC or laptop, internet connection (wired is preferred due to connection stability), headphones with the micro, and that’s it. That's why the expense to the user per month is drastically lower than in conventional, non-cloud telephony business systems.

That’s regarding the technical side. And when we’re talking about the expenses on salaries, the cloud software allows you to hire sales reps inside or outside your country.

Statistic: Where are your contact centers located? | Statista

Source: The Statista Research: Location of your contact center?

The flexibility, reliability, and uptime

The SaaS is easy to launch and can achieve the necessary improvements, and updates through the internet. Having zero physical infrastructure that directly involves the quality and stability of calls, makes the software works as one of the most reliable systems.

Plus, the IT engineers are constantly monitoring the client’s working conditions, and evenly, if glitches occur, they already have the blueprint on how to fix them and prevent future cases.

For some of our clients, we have a special 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical support agreement that allows us to rapidly make adjustments and decisions regarding the client's cold calling software system. And to ensure maximum accessibility of their environment.

Cloud cold calling software has a high-speed deployment

That takes only 24 hours or so to achieve a fully-functional calling tool for initiating inbound and outbound cold calling campaigns.

In some cases, deployment time can take 48 hours or so, this is the case when our clients have special requirements regarding their server location, complex adjustments, or CRM integrations.

And we know that today, it’s extremely important to quickly launch the software, implement CRM software integration, and hit the ground running by closing sales, providing customer support, conducting surveys, etc. That’s what the speed of the deployment in the Voiptime Cloud contact center software company is all about.

So, if you’re a small, mid-sized, or even an enterprise-sized team, you can easily start reaching customers within the 2 business days at max.

Source: The Gartner Research: Why do buyers go silent?

The main cold calling tools you achieve

The power dialer allows you to exploit the necessary talking time for the desirable results

The power dialer literally automates the dialing process by connecting you only with live customers or prospects. Every failed dialing attempt can be used in the future for callback or not. It's your choice. Now, the agent works with minimal downtime, as long as the base is alive, the numbers are valid, or people are inclined to pick up the phone.

The fastest cold call processing of the telemarketing list with call monitoring features

In the vast majority of cases, the area of the predictive dialer is cold calling, which includes collection, promotion, lead generation, surveys, and other outbound campaigns. Basically, every time you need the maximum number of contacts in a minimum time with the relevant prospect lists. You also have a fancy cold calling workflow dashboard that allows you to control the campaign.

The popular auto-dialing feature of this dialer is that it utilizes a machine-learning algorithm that calculates the most comfortable speed of the dialing. And allows optimization of the rep's workload when working with a cold base.

Machine learning, in real-time, with high precision, determines the rep's availability, calculates wrap-up time, and controls the necessary dialing rate to reduce the abandoned contact rate.

If you want intelligence-like auto dialing software for cold calling with the option to choose

When you need to nail the sales call by preparation, whether you're talking with the VIP or a highly accountable customer. And the preview dialer will easily accomplish this task, which is simple.

A rep opens the client's cards one by one and reads the info for the preset time. Then rep utilizes the option for reading or canceling.

Then you make a decision to call this number. Or choose another phone number from the list to call.

The talking time using the preview isn’t tightening and an agent is free to speak as much as necessary. Try to compare cold calling efforts using auto-dialing software and manual attempts. And you'll see that the situation is different as day and night. Moreover, the call analytics for each of the auto-dialers serves as your qualitative data source.

Forget about faulty calling attempts and talk only with the live people

Telemarketing lists consist of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of phone numbers. Some of these numbers are off-line, others return busy signals, and another has a voice message on the record.

And sooner or later (actually sooner), your agent will have to meet the same annoying signal or pre-recorded voicemail that for one of the reasons listed above the person is unable to talk. In addition, any follow-up call will connect you with the live person.

But, it’s not the case for the embedded system that identifies this kind of call. Actually, the Voiptime Cloud has this kind of auto dialing system to identify, mark, and schedule the next dialing attempt on such numbers according to redialing rules

The avoiding machine system saves you tens of minutes each day and reduces the stress from the employees that are convinced of one thing. Once they click to call, they will speak with the real person.

Sooner than later you'll reach the busy customer

You’ve made the attempt to reach a customer, yet for some reason, you haven’t talked. It’s not a problem because you’ll make a notice on the customer card or customer relationship management section, concrete results. Yet you need to talk with the customer anyway.

Thus an agent creates the task of the work, and the system reminds about it or dials the number at the appointed time, depending on the type. You can schedule the callback in your working diary, let’s say the next hour, day, or week, so you can call back later.

Both newbies and experienced agents profit from this feature

The cold calling script is one of the assistant's agents in the sales and especially in the customer support teams incline to see on a regular basis. And this is not because it has the magical feature. It’s because the right information agent achieves from the script is working like magic.

Think about it for a second. The agent processes tens of calls each day, and they have to keep all the information inside on the high alert. But what if the information they needed will be acceptable from the accurate call script that appears when needed and tells what to say and what to do?

Plus, every manager or authorized person has the access to rapid constructing and changing of the script's texts. That’s why Voiptime Cloud designed this kind of tool for fast and effective assistance to call center employees.

Intellectual dashboard of the auto dialer software

As a manager, you constantly achieve insights about agents and their calling and working routines. For instance, through the software’s dashboard, you observe insights like employees logging in, logging out, talking time, and more.

Thus all of the employee’s activities are accurately noticed in the software’s database. And remember that you have full access to the agent's previous calling activities that have the time and date marks. You can observe them whenever you want. The data is accessible throughout the 365 days of the year.

Managers will like the remote control solutions for the sales team

There was arguing about whether the remote control over the employees has the same quality as personal control in the office. Well, the remote team is controlled with the software as good as you’d have it in your office.

The dynamic dashboard allows you to watch the real-time insight about each of your employees. While the manager’s control provides you with options to the actual call to the live people, assist agents by whispering, and finally take over the phone conversation on your demand.

Time zone compliance is one of your best cold calling software features

You want to call at the exact time to catch the customer with an open wallet if you're in the retail sales team or to talk with him at the best time possible. If you're in any kind of business, achieve top-notch time compliance in niches such as insurance, real estate, collection, fundraising, or whatever business you are.

And also you want to make secure calls to escape fines. And that means you can call only at certain hours during the day. For instance, in the US, you can call from 8 A.M. till 9 P.M.

Here's where the software come to assist you in calling, precisely in the necessary time frame and prohibits accidental calls that can hurt your business or reputation.

How to listen to previous conversations using this cold calling tool?

The call center software has call recording capacities that provide your company with options to record every single conversation. Your cloud initially serves as the main storage. Naturally, it’s pretty handy to listen to the previous conversations that have date and time marks. And build your cold calling strategy.

Voiptime Cloud offers the transparent cooperation model that you'll like

As a cloud call center software company, we’ve taken the opposite approach that the traditional telephony providers usually use. You’re paying for the necessary number of subscriptions (that equals the number of agents working simultaneously in the same shift) and a setup fee.

The reason why we’re working in this fashion is that we know that small and middle-sized business owners just have no time. They need the cold calling tool and they need it fast.

Every client achieves their software for conducting an inbound as well as the outbound campaign. And all this with the capacity for short and long-distance calls within 2 business days or 48 hours.

By the way, the Voiptime Cloud delivers independent counsel on various topics regarding the call center’s activities and software. So keep in touch with us and see you soon.

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