3 Reasons to Deploy Dialer Software for Inside Sales

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Inside sales are a very popular trend of today. It is a trend often adopted by many companies and is associated more with banks for promoting loans, insurance companies to sell policies and mobile network companies to advertise their schemes. Such a massive use of inside sales also known as cold-calling usually gives out the perception that these companies must be knowing all about these methods.

 You would be surprised to know how that is not often the case. For an effective process of inside sales, the right technology is of utmost importance but entrepreneurs seldom understand that. It is because even today when the technology has gone sky high to create ease for its consumers, companies are still stuck with manual dialing which might have been effective in the yesteryears but not anymore. Manual dialing requires the representatives to literally dial every number, waste their time on listening caller tunes and they are finally directed to an answering machine. Even if the call is received, there are fewer chances of the conversation being a successful one and actually the one which serves the purpose.

What a Dialer Software actually is.

The latest technology is basically a dialer software which successfully eliminates all the drawbacks of manual dialing and is the latest trend in the inside sales world. Though the software has been on the market for some time, companies give less attention to the benefits it has and hesitate getting it installed. A dialer software is an automated dialing system which has an entire database installed in itself which is responsible for the selection of the number dialed by the software. The software itself assigns numbers to the representatives available at that specific moment and seconds before one call is shut down it automatically starts dialing the other one. This increases the efficiency of the inside sales dialer considerably. The best part of this system is that it is smart enough to categorize the calls and predict their success which leaves little room for unsuccessful phone calls. Also, it ensures maximum efficiency and keeps a perfect balance of under or overburdening the employees as it makes the calls keeping in view factors like the number of agents, the time spent on every single call. It can also change the ratios accordingly. Though the software is not that widely used, as mentioned before, the companies which use it have indeed brought a revolution in their dialing systems. These systems have doubled the calls made in a certain time frame than what the representatives achieved previously. Moreover, with the software’s prediction, the number of unproductive calls has stooped very low. The additional time granted due to the dialer software can be utilized in other areas like coming up with a better sales pitch, increasing sales or maximizing profits.

Reason # 1: Optimize

To put the inside sales into maximum effect, it is very important for the sales team to understand how the buying cycle really works. They need to understand every step of customer’s psychology from being aware of the product to considering and finally making the purchase. This can only happen when the process of sales of the previous times are monitored closely. A dialer software ideally lets the representatives view the inside sales against the total sales ratio which helps them to mold their next strategy accordingly. Since consumer patterns keep on changing, changes in the strategy are a must and dialer software actually assist in that greatly. Also, it enables the sales value chain to be set according to the needs of the company and eliminates all the steps that might seem unnecessary.

More importantly, an inside sales power dialer increases the efficiency of the agents. Firstly, by assigning calls to the available agents and not waiting for a specific agent to be present. This makes sure that no time is wasted and all the agents have the same amount of workload and are equally competent to respond to any kind of phone call and are able to handle all kinds of clients.  Secondly, dialer software optimizes the entire process by keeping the past records which eliminates the need to scribbling information down as authentic records can be extracted whenever there is a need to do so and the best part about the software is that it maintains lists of categories of clients who do not want to be called again, who are interested in the product and who couldn’t be reached previously. This streamlines the calling pattern of the agents, minimizing the time wasted to reach the wrong target audience because the software holds all the details of the past call history to the client and the relevant information about the client too.

Reason # 2: Increase in connect rate

It is due to the intelligent selection of the numbers and considering of the past records, dial software that leads to a high rate of inside sale success which is possible only due to a high connecting rate. The connect rate basically defines the overall productive calls made by the team of agents. The simple formula to check the connect rate is by dividing the total dialed calls and the calls connected; the higher the connectivity rate, more chances of the calls being effective. The connect rate is very important because studies suggest that most sales generated due to phone call sales are impulsive and unplanned. This gives the agents a greater chance of hitting the spot during their conversation.

Reason # 3: A check on the key performance indicators

The benefits of a dial software do not limit to increasing the sales only but reach to the internal efficiency of the company as well. The software makes sure that the highest efficiency is extracted from the representatives handling the inside sales. What usually happens is that the inside sales team often lacks the drive thus focuses merely on fulfilling the target of a specific number of calls which is useless if maximum calls are unproductive. The software helps the authorities to make sure that the agents are not just adding quantity but also quality to their targets and maintaining a conversation with the potential clients. The detailed report generated, keep a check on the performance of the agents and can monitor everything from the response time to the conversation quality. This indicates if the team overall has shown a better performance and stoped in comparison. Moreover, it gives an equal chance to each agent to prove themselves in terms of challenges and helps the authority to be fair to all agents as the software delegates equal amount of workload to all. This helps the managers and the agent team build a healthy relationship and help the agents have a high morale to show at work.

Along with immense advantages of having a dialer software installed, it is cost effective as well as it eradicates the need of having operators that maintain call records. If you haven’t installed a dialer software yet, we assure you that it’s not too late and it can still be effective for the future sales. A return on the investment is guaranteed as in the form of increased sales and an efficient team of call representatives.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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