Predictive Dialer – How to Choose the Best Option?

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There are 4 basic dialing modes used in most USA contact centers: Preview, Progressive, Power, and Predictive. Let’s talk about the differences between them.

Feel the difference!

In Preview mode the agent has time to preview the information about the customer before the call, which starts right after the agent selects the client’s number. This mode is essential if the case is complicated. Examples: debt collection, complex sales, etc. Progressive regime is similar to Preview, but with more features (thus the name!). It observes the agent status and determines the timing of the call attempt. If the agent is ready for calling, Progressive mode dials the customer!

The Power dialer initiates a new call after the previous call is finished and the agent is available to proceed. This system considers the priority, but it is not as intelligent as predictive dialers, which uses special algorithms to count the quantity of calls that can be accepted by ready-to-work agents. So, it is eager to “learn”, and predict the quantity of calls that must be made to keep them fully occupied.


How does it work?

Predictive Dialer enables your agent to communicate with 200 customers per shift. If you have 10 agents, they will reach 2000 people. If your call center shift consists of 50 agents, they can easily contact 10,000 clients, and so on. It is possible because predictive dialer dials out multiple clients. It filters out non-answered calls and routes the valid call to any available agent.


Reduce or maximize? Both!

How to choose a predictive dialer? Find the one with the next advantages:

Predictive dialer reduces

Predictive dialer maximizes

Campaign duration

Get-through rates

Waiting time for subsequent call


Agent idle time

Calls volume within an hour

Voiptime Cloud Call Center Predictive Dialer

The release of our Predictive Dialer system is planned for the end of 2016. It includes a dashboard where you can utilize the Online Monitoring service. It shows call center statistics, where you can obtain reporting and control everything from agents to lead status.


You can create campaigns, initiate, or change dialing modes. One more positive feature of the Predictive Dialer is the ability to create scenarios. Observe the list of existing scenarios, then try the constructor. Voiptime Scenarios Constructor enables you to create the script within 15 minutes or less.

There is a Blacklist service in our system. You can observe, add clients, and edit it easily. And, last but not least, we have Call Records, which are available within the Predictive Dialer System too. They will help you estimate the main call center KPIs.

Voiptime Predictive Dialer cost depends on a number of users from your company. Monthly payment is very cost-effective as you pay only for service you use. No additional IT maintenance required.

Do you have any suggestions as for the services we make for you? You are welcome to contact us and discuss the best predictive dialer system for you.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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